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Makeup. Fragrance. Nails. Skincare Today is Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Last weekend, I attended a Hands-On RMK Workshop with IRIS, which featured the new RMK 2011 SUMMER MAKEUP Collection, led by RMK's Makeup Artist from Japan, Kosuke Wada.

The best part about this workshop was that it was very comprehensive - I found that the skincare and makeup application techniques and tips shared by RMK Singapore Makeup Artist Huiping and Me Wada were extremely useful given how a thorough, step-by-step detailed explanations were delivered.  Also, time was given for participants to try out the application methods in-between the application stages under the watchful eyes of the RMK BAs and Mr Wada.



Before the workshop started, Mr Wada walked around and looked at all the participants complexions, asking us what our areas of concern were and made suggestions on the type of skincare products we could use.

RMK has an extensive set of skincare products, including cleansers and toners which we got to try out.

RMK believes that the cleansing routine is of primary importance to the "future of our beauty" - as such, RMK's cleansing routine consists of several products to thoroughly remove makeup, revive dull skin tone, boost blood circulation via massage and so on.

A key feature I love is how RMK also places importance on natural ingredients - carrots, cucumbers, oranges and raspberries are some of the skin-strengthening ingredients found in RMK's skincare.





The bi-phase eyemakeup remover made a clean swipe (one single swipe) right through a heavy application of gel-eyeliner that I had let set on my hand.


This CLEANSING BALM really had me drooling over it for a moment.  It smelled of powdery roses!  It contains GRAPE SEED OIL, JOJOBA OIL and AVOCADO OILS which are prized for their moisturising properties.

Lauded as an "innovative texture transforming cleanser", the solid, waxy feeling balm breaks down into a silky, emollient emulsion once it's massaged into skin

As you can see from the inset shot, only a small amount is needed to cover my entire back of my hand. The balm can be applied and massaged on dry skin and later emulsified with wet palms for a more thorough cleansing.

We were told that one way to gauge how long we need to massage cleansing oils and balms into our skin for a thorough cleansing is to massage the product in until traction begins to build up (i.e no longer as slick).


Apart from cleansing products, we were also shown how to correctly apply skincare products such as toner, essence and moisturiser.

One tip shared was that after applying skincare products, to ensure penetration of the product into the skin, one should warm the palms by rubbing them together and then gently press the palms on the cheeks, forehead, eyes and chin.


Another skincare product which caught my eye was this RECOVERY GEL which smelled of grapefruit. When applied and massaged in, the micro-beads dissolve and penetrate into skin - the micro-beads is said to target damaged and weakened skin while the gel is said to provide intense hydration while you sleep. Some of the natural ingredients it contains include:

  • Yeast extract (Moisturizing)
  • Kyonin extract(Moisturizing)
  • Diptoassium Glycyrrhizinate (Anti-inflammatory)
  • Grapefruit Extract
  • Aloe Extract
  • Raspberry extract
  • Ceramide D




Mr Wada showcased 3 of RMK's makeup bases.

  • The CREAMY POLISHED BASE (left) has a blend of powder particles in 3 different sizes which helps to absorb more sebum; the creamy texture also glides over skin to help create a seamless base.

  • The MAKEUP BASE (right) is more of a liquid texture and creates a more natural, bare-skin finish.



The third makeup base is a newer offering - SMOOTHING POLISHED BASE (one universal shade). Rather than be applied all over the face like the other 2 makeup bases, this is meant more for areas of concern such as the T-zone, open pores, cheeks or side of nose.

The texture has the slip of a gel-like formula but also feels a little powdery as you can see in the shot below.  It contains powder particles, Macadamia oil and "Super Sealed Oil" which creates a veil over skin to enhance the lasting power of foundation.

The best part? It can be applied OVER FOUNDATION during touch-ups! Just blot, smooth SMOOTHING POLISHED BASE over the area and buff powder over it!

I tried it on my nose and I quite liked it.  The effect dissipated after a while but I must qualify - it was very very very hot and humid that day and I was perspiring like MAD.  I tried it again a couple of days ago and it seemed to work better. I will be trying out again tomorow :)



Then we have CONTROL COLOUR N in Coral (left) and Silver (right)

These liquid highlighters contain super-fine shimmer that lend a gentle translucent, radiance to your complexion. Once blended out (say on cheekbones, nose bridge), skin just looks glowy with a soft-focus effect.



Next, Mr Wada applied SUPER BASIC LIQUID CONCEALER to the model's face, concentrating on the sides of her eyes, her nose bridge and around the sides of her mouth.

Given the liquid texture of the concealer and the fine tip of the pen-style dispenser, Mr Wada explained that the concealer can also double up as a highlighting pen (much like how I used the Lancome Teint Miracle or the Clarins concealer pens). According to RMK, this lightweight concealer can also be layered on top of makeup during the day to refresh makeup.


Moving on to foundations, Mr Wada explained that LIQUID FOUNDATION (left) creates a more natural, bare skin (translucent) finish, while the GEL EMULSION COMPACT (right) creates a natural finish but provides higher coverage than the LIQUID FOUNDATION.  Containing Sugar Beet extract, this buildable foundation has a dewy finish.

Mr Wada explained that for even, smooth foundation application, the foundation sponge should be tapped on the foundation cake for an even layer of product and then applied on a downward motion (or outward motion on forehead) on the skin.  Mr Wada was also careful not to apply or disturb the areas he had already blended with concealer.


To set the foundation, Mr Wada applied RMK PRESSED POWDER N in 02 (pink combination)

He first swirled the brush over the entire powder compact and applied it to her face.  For highlights, he then applied the pearlescent powder (thinner strip in compact) and then applied some of the pink powder on her cheeks for added radiance





For the eye look on the model that day, Mr Wada wated to create an elegant shimmery, purple-blue eye on the model and used MIX COLOURS FOR EYES (SHINY) in EX-03 PURPLE (swatched below). The shades are meant to create a summery, shimmery wash of colour on the eyes - a very simple and elegant look.

Although I personally prefer the much more pigmented eyeshadows, the glimmery, shimmery effects of these palettes are pretty and I'm sure would pop a little more over a good, coloured eyeshadow base.

To create the shimmery wash of purple-blue, Mr Wada ran his brush over the 4 shades and applied it as a wash over her entire eye and applied a little more heavily around her eye crease to contour the eye slightly. Given the highly shimmery effect created by the gold shade in the palette (which contains pure gold particles for super fine shimmer), Mr Wada applied this to her lower lash line to make her eyes pop.



Mr Wada then demonstrated how eyelashes should be curled - starting from the root of the lashes, gently apply pressure and move down the lash towards the tip for a perfect, eye-opening curl.



I found his macara application method rather unusual but effective! Using the dual-ended EXTRA DEEP W MASCARA (base + mascara), he first applied a coat of the mascara to her lashes and THEN applied a coat of the fibrous mascara base and then sealed the fibres with a 2nd coat of mascara.

Both the eyelash curling and mascara application method are very effective - look at how curled her lashes are!



Eyebrows frame the face so Mr Wada filled in her eyebrows with a flat-shaped eyebrow pencil, EYEBROW PENCIL N.

The flat shape allows one to create both thick and thin lines - holding the pencil flat against the brow fills in the first half of the brow while the thinner side of the pencil helps define the tail of the brow.


For further definition and neat eyebrows, Mr Wada combed through EYEBROW MASCARA N


To define and make her eyes pop further, Mr Wada then lined her upper and lower lashlines with a retractable eyeliner, INGENIOUS WATERPROOF PENCIL EYELINER



For a pop of colour on her cheeks, Mr Wada ran the brush along the MIX COLOURS FOR CHEEKS (SHINY) - EX02 Coral Pink and then applied them to the apples of her cheeks



For a complementing lip, Mr Wada applied a glossy pink lipcolour with LIP CRAYON - these are cool, retractable lip crayons that are glossy and yet are pigmented enough for a bright pop of colour on the lips!

And the whole chic look came together with a slick of shimmery LIP GLOSS N.


The idea behind this look was something glowy, summery yet simple and attractive. And you got to admit, she does look lovely :)



Thanks to the structured of the workshop and the attention paid to details, participants gained a lot of tips and techniques from Mr Wada and the RMK team.

For a newbie to the brand like me, a couple of items caught my eye - the CLEANSING BALM and the SMOOTHING POLISHED BASE! Other things I lust after from RMK (yes, LUST after) would be a silver and gold eyeshadow single that look like crushed molten silver and gold but the $50+ price tag is a little overwhelming.



Many thanks to RMK and Iris for a wonderful morning!



DISCLAIMER: I am not affliated to RMK.


I'm eyeing the pressed powder and both the skincare items shown :)

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Sophia: The pressed powder comes in 5 colour combinations; each compact has 8.5gm of powder and SPF14. I didnt manage to swatch the shade on 05 - which is a deeper bronzey one w an orange cube :)

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