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Hi hi!

Last week, I received a coupon in my goodie bag at TANGS for a complimentary demo and trial of SHU UEMURA's new cleansing oil, FRESH PORE CLARIFYING GENTLE CLEANSING OIL.  I already had a couple of mascara swatches from the MAC FLIGHTY COLLECTION so I decided that those might make a good test of the oil.

I was served by a very nice Shu Uemura BA (I think her name was Ginnie? Geraldine? Oh dear, I can't remember now) who sat me down and asked me a couple of questions about my skin type before determining that I was suited for the new cleansing oil.



The BA used 2 full pumps of oil and massaged it onto my dry skin gently

You can see by this shot, the mascaras are breaking down rapidly and the eyeshadow is totally gone


After a few spritzes of the DEPSEA water to emulsify the oil, she wiped my hand clean and no traces of the mascara was left.  She continued to mist my hand a little more with the DEPSEA water after I commented how nice and refreshing it felt! Told you she was nice!





SAKURA LEAF EXTRACT, LIPO HA and CHERRY EXTRACT combine to create a cleansing oil that removes makeup in a cinch as well as clear impurities from pores.  As such, excess sebum is eliminated and pores are no longer clogged, resulting in clear, smooth skin.



The FRESH PORE CLARIFYING GENTLE CLEANSING OIL was tested for results (immediate and after 4 weeks) and I must say, the results seem pretty impressive.

Usually, I look for 3 main things when purchasing a cleansing oil:

  • efficacy in removing waterproof makeup - there should be no foundation or eye makeup residue on my cotton pad after toning


  • how easily it rinses off  - do I need to SCRUBBBBBBB my face to get rid of the oil?


  • price / quantity - I use copious amounts of cleansing oil so preferably, it should be a good price


So far, I've never realllly paid attention to too much skincare benefits in cleansing oils (like pore tightening or brightening - I leave that to regular skincare products) which explains why I've no issue about trying a gamut of cleansing oils! (Click HERE for all other cleansing oil reviews).  However, the results and the ingredients in this FRESH PORE CLARIFYING GENTLE CLEANSING OIL are making me think twice!



I've also been using this cleansing oil at home - after the demo, the redemption coupon entitled me to 7 days worth of the cleansing oil.  But given the emollient, runny texture of the cleansing oil, each sachet actually gets me 2 uses! So that's 14 days worth! :D

So far, I'm really enjoying using this cleansing oil:

  • unlike the other Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil (A/O) I purchased sometime back, this has a light, fresh texture and has so much slip that I can very easily massage it over my skin


  • like the demo shots show, all the makeup breaks down very fast when the oil is massaged in and emulsified; very little water is needed for emulsification - it even removes gel eyeliner from underneath my lower lashline (which is usually a bit of problem for me)


  • skin feels clean and refreshed post-wash and there is no makeup residue when I apply toner with a cotton pad



And for those of you who always wondered which Shu Uemura cleansing oil might be suited for your skintype or what are the star ingredients, I hope this will help for quick reference



And remember how I told you I really liked the DEPSEA WATER the BA misted on me? I asked her a couple of questions about it and proceeded to mist myself with all the different varieties to get a sense of the fragrances - she clarified that the main ingredient was sea water and the fragrance was only aesthetic (not that Sage has any particular skincare benefit vis-a-vis Rose) ....

So ......

I caved and picked one up! Again, I shall drag MAG's name into this for her positive influence on the benefits of misting the skin!

In this clammy weather, blotting and then misting my skin with this offers me some respite from the heat and the subtle yet refreshing rose scent transport me to nirvana for 2 minutes.

I like.


Thanks for stopping by and have a good week ahead!



DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated to Shu Uemura.  All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced. Depsea water purchased with my own money

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I love the Depsea facial mists too and I have to thank Mag for getting me into them. I wanted to get Rose then but they were out of it so I settled for Bergamot in the end. I like the Shu cleansing oils and am using the whitening one but this seems so enticing because of the Sakura aspect.

posted by

I used to buy lots of the Depsea water. I soak cotton wool & place over closed eyes. It really relaxes the skin around the eye. :)

posted by

I too have been thinking about picking up a Depsea facial mist... but I still have like 4 different mist at home :( (I think I will be able to use them up fast cos we have super humid weather now... lolx)

posted by

Totally agree with Mag about the mist! I'm glad I grab a few mists (not shu brand) the other time from JB without knowing that Singapore is going to be a volcano! Now they are all put to good use. I usually bring a bottle out everywhere I go! =) Its also good in removing cakey makeup!~
Um.. btw how much is the oil cleanser??

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I went to try the cleansing oil & I really love how light it is. I was using the brightening one but in the long dry, I always react to whitening/brightening products so I stop using. I am not sure the pore tightening part does anything but I love this formula enough to want to try.

@miwitch, Cleansing oil is $58 for the smaller bottle.

posted by

Sara: Well now we can use it to our heart's content! *wink*


Chantana: I spritzed some on Choon Mei and she loved it!

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