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So Sophia and I were fortunate enough to have been invited to the ORCHIDS - A CONSERVATION STORY, jointly organised by TANGS, CLARINS, and NPARKS.  It was a corporate event held at the Island Cafe in Tangs Orchard and I was just simply thrilled to be part of what I thought to be such a chi-chi event!


As part of Tangs' ongoing GREEN EFFORT (as seen in the reusable GREEN EFFORT Tote bags available for sale at their cashiers), Tangs joined forces with CLARINS and NPARKs in the latter's project of the conservation of rare native orchid species in Singapore - the highlight of the event today was the planting of a cultivated TIGER ORCHID onto a mature yellow flame tree in front on Tang Plaza as well as a joint donation of SGD$10,000 from Tangs and Clarins to the Orchid Conservation Fund (concerned with the propagation and reintroduction of rare and endangered orchid species in Singapore's cityscape).  Donations of any amount by members of the public are also welcome - donations are accepted at all Tangs cashier points. 


Planting of the Tiger Orchid on the Yellow Flame Tree outside Tangs


Tiger Orchids!


As part of this joint-initiative and in celebration of The Year of Biodiversity (I had no idea about this, really), the upcoming Singapore Garden Festival in Jul 2010 @ Suntec City and the launch of the Orchid Conservation Fund, Tangs has also installed huge orchid displays (of various species) in levels 2 and 3 in Tangs Orchard from now till 3 Jun 2010.  Here is a snap of one of the displays:



I think the planting of the Tiger Orchid on the tree outside Tangs ties in nicely with the current flora-fauna theme in Orchard Rd - the plant displays (introduced late last year), the LED panels decorated with images of plants plus the giant nutmeg scuplture outside ION Orchard all reiterate the Garden City image that Singapore has consistently reflected.  Apart from this, it's really no surprise that a company like Clarins is part of such an effort - from personal experience (I've been a Clarins user since late 2004 - when I started earning my own $$$, that is! heh!) the major ingredients in Clarins' products are both botanical and fair-trade (often).  One of my favourite products from Clarins is the Gentle Facial Peeling (essentially a non-abrasive scrub-mask that gets rid of the nasties!). Here are some images, courtesy of Clarins, that illustrate their fair-trade efforts:

That's Mr Christian Courtin-Clarins - the Chairman of Clarins Groupe.  He was there today and was really friendly - poor chap had no idea who we were but beamed at us and shook hands anyway!





And here are some pics of the event at Island Cafe: 

Delectable munchies - see the tray of bite-sized raspberry and blueberry-topped cheesecakes in the right of the pic? They were delish and seeing how I hadn't eaten anything save for a wedge of focaccia bread and coffee, these were my best friends 


And the generous goodie bag. Confession - I've actually been through 2 tubs of the HydraQuench Cooling Cream-Gel.  I used to use it under my makeup and I found the light gel-cream texture worked well with my oily skin :D The Tangs Green Effort tote bag is HUGE! Perfect for lugging library books around :)




And the part that I'm most excited to talk about - this is not the first time Clarins is featuring Orchids.  If I remember correctly, in 2008 (I hope I got it right!), Clarins had a "garden" feature outside the walkway of Tangs Orchard and ran a few promotions.  As Gift-With-Purchases, Clarins' customers received deluxe-sized products as well as little pots of orchid plants.  I received 2 pots during this promotion and still have the plants! The flowers all dried up and fell off after a few weeks and my mom has been dilligently watering and tending to the orchid plants (putting in chopsticks to help them even!) which sit pretty in our balcony.  They started to bloom again last year but the buds never bloomed (I was sooo sad!). Then, about 2 weeks ago, buds started appearing again and today, I took a snapshot of it.  I hope it blooms soon and I will update this post with the pics!




DISCLAIMER: I am neither affiliated to, nor is this a paid/sponsored feature by, CLARINS or TANGS.  All opinions expressed are my own and have been not been influenced by anyone. 




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omg the food loook yummayy ! * drools *

posted by

The food spread looks good! And it was so nice of the Chairman to be so friendly and hospitable like that.
I never knew that Clarins had given away potted plants as part of a GWP before, that's so cool!

posted by

Hey, Clarins Tangs is giving away the orchid pot again today with purchase of $250! You can add that to your stash :-) I'll be popping by around 5.30pm. Wonder if there'll be any left...

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