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Qwic-Pic: China Glaze Make A Spectacle Lives Up To Its Name (Including Comparison Swatches)


Hello :)

If you buy one glitter polish this season, it really must be Make A Spectacle from China Glaze Halloween Collection, Wicked.


I never do this - I never call anything a must-have or must-buy but I think this is one amazingly arresting polish that any glitter polish lover must have in their collection. I think even non-glitter polish lovers will appreciate this.

Make A Spectacle consists of medium-sized flat discs of iridescent glitter that largely flash aqua-blue and golden-orange and some pink; the clear base has a smattering of tiny micro-glitter that flash the same 3 colours. The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw it was iridescent fish scales. I googled that and lo behold, I was right - there is a fish that has a similar golden-orange aqua-blue, pink flash

The Sicydium Punctatum - a variety of the Goby fish in the Caribbean (the Marble Goby is served in Chinese restaurants here by the way - I've eaten it before)

I picked it up at the flea at SCAPE (Dyon International's stall) because it was glistening in the sun. Then I put it back because I thought, hmmm, it looks like something I own already. But it kept glistening and a little voice went "Buy Me Buy Me Buy Me" and so I did.

No regrets.


Depending on the base colour and the way the light hits it, this iridescent glitter topper can look different. After a little experimenting, I found that it looks the best on bright blue - a combination I'm sporting on my feet right now. No feet pics and my fingers are all super short so I've swatched these on a nailwheel. 

All nail swatches are without flash - these were somehow a little difficult to photograph and I had no sun in my balcony today. Flash just makes everything look dark somehow - can't see the gorgeous details at all. I didn't want to adjust the colour so in real life, these are a tad more vibrant.


Note: All swatches are with 2 coats of coloured polish, 1 coat of China Glaze Make A Spectacle and 1 coat of Model's Own Topcoat.

On red and maroon, the glitter in Make A Spectacle flashes more golden orange and green; the aqua blue flash is apparent only in certain angles. It also made Velvet Bow look a little deeper than it actually is.

On white, Make A Spectacle looks lovely and ethereal - it flashes a very subtle pale aqua, lilac and a silvery pink instead, which is more clearly seen in this shot below:

Make A Spectacle looks the best on deeper blues and greens as you can see below

On black and dark navy, the glitter discs in Make A Spectacle behave in a tri-chrome manner - they flash green, gold and aqua depending on the angle the light hits it. 

On green, the glitter is primarily a golden-orange and green-toned flash as you see with the swatch of Bourjois Vert Chlorphylle.

The best effect is on the bright blues - you get this amazing duochrome flash of very bright aqua and gorgeous peachy gold. You can possibly entertain yourself flexing your fingers and toes, I say.


How do these match up to other iridescent topcoats in my stash? I rummaged through and came up with 3 others to compare to.

I'm not comparing these to any of my flakies polishes like Zoya Maisie because the shape of the glitter is totally different.

To be honest, my heart skipped a beat when I saw China Glaze Snow Globe (Holiday 2011) - it looks like a very close contender in the bottle. But once applied ... totally different.

Anna Sui 012 and DL Stairway To Heaven are much less dense than Make A Spectacle.

Anna Sui 012 has octagon-shaped glitter that flashes a deeper green and orange while DL Stairway To Heaven has square and octagon shaped glitter than flash a deep aqua and iridescent orange.

China Glaze Snowglobe is the closest - unlike Make A Spectacle, it actually has 3 different sizes of glitter: medium, small and micro-glitter. The micro-glitter in Snowglobe is still a little larger than the micro-glitter in Make A Spectacle and it also twinkles an iridescent purple-blue. Both have clear bases.

To be honest, I prefer Make A Spectacle to Snow Globe - it just looks ... nicer.



Formula-wise, this polish is great - all the above swatches are just ONE COAT. The polish dries rather smooth and flat (unlike some mylar flakies which stick out of the top coat). The thing is that Make A Spectacle tends to dry a little semi-matte so you need topcoat for a more polished finish. 


It's amazing - I've acquired so many new polishes (some Indie glitter ones even) and I love all of them but Make A Spectacle is really the most alluring of them all. You really have to see it in person ... let it toy with your emotions and play with your mind .. like the siren of a mermaid sitting on a boulder, her mermaid scales glistening .. something like this? 


Thanks for stopping by and have a great week ahead!


Disclaimer: Products featured purchased with my own money.

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