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Ace of Bases: Love For the Everyday Minerals Brushes



A little while ago, I made an online order at Everyday Minerals and got myself 4 brushes. 

Amazing. And I'm so annoyed with myself for not having checked them out earlier. It started off with wanting a brush for contouring and then one thing led to another - it also helped that Chantana is a great fan of the Everyday Minerals brushes so I discussed my order with her too.

I picked up 3 brushes under the Custom Kit where you can pick 3 items at 25% off and then added one more brush 'a la carte' to the order. The only problem with the Custom Kit is that the system allows you to only order one set at a time - so you can't beat the system and save on shipping in that way. Despite that, this was far from a shabby deal - all 4 brushes cost me USD$52.23 inclusive of shipping (works out to be about SGD$68). That averages out to about SGD$17 a brush, which is very decent.

Let's take a closer look at what I hauled:

The Itahake Brush

It fits snugly in the hand - I do wish the edges of the brush handle were a little more rounded but it's not a big issue. The bristles are very smooth and silky feeling and they pick up product well. I use this primarily for contouring around the jawline and sometimes along the cheekbones. It doesn't leave a patch of colour and blends well enough without losing too much definition.


The Kuuki Brush

Don't be fooled by the apparently slender appearance of the paddle-shaped Kuuki brush. It's bristles are actually pretty dense. Again, very smooth feeling. I don't have very many large brushes so in my stash, this is the closest to my MAC 134 which I use to sweep loose powder all over my face. I use the Kuuki brush in the same way. 


Then we have the Tapered Sculpting Face Brush

I have yet to use the Tapered Sculpting Face Brush - the Everyday Minerals website indicates it's good for contouring, highlighting and blending face powders. I've yet to try it but I think I might want to use this with my Guerlain Meteorites and see how it works. 


And finally, the Double Ended Angled Blush and Mineral Brush

I mistakenly used the Mineral Brush end to apply blush and I was wondering why it was so floppy and  big - it's for mineral products! That said, I used this to diffuse blush one day (since it already had a touch of blusher on it) and I must say it worked well. Another one that looks slender but is actually rather dense.

I love the angled blush end ...

It's pretty compact and the width is slim so I can actually use it to contour my cheeks - I've recently been using a deeper matte blush in Bobbi Brown Cranberry to contour the cheek and this does a great job. It doesn't kick up any powder and I just need to dab it gently on the blush pan. I like how it can apply and diffuse the colour well - it's small enough that I can use it on my forehead/temples too (using Larry's method of 3D definition of the face by taking a very very soft blush application at the temples)


I love these brushes - they work great with the products I have and they feel so soft and silky against the skin. A couple of my other brushes (those from Etude House which I used to adore) unfortunately now pale in comparison to the feel of these brushes. 

I've washed them several times with my Make Up Store Brush Cleaning Soap and I've not had these brushes shed at all. No bleeding of colour either. Partly the greatness of the soap - but also partly the good quality of the brushes - these rinsed out fast and easy and dried well; I shaped them with my hands and let them dry and no wonky bristles (touchwood!)


If you haven't already, these brushes are totally worth checking out given how good they are at such an affordable price. These are also well-made and sturdy judging from how my friends Amy and Chantana seem to be using their brushes for years; add to that a Cruelty-Free ethos and you have a winner. 

Everyday Minerals has recently released a new brush, the Angled Face Brush, which looks rather interesting - it looks even more interesting given that it is at an offer price of USD$9.99, down from the regular USD$12.99.


Thanks for stopping by and have a good week.

I'm unwell and have work to finish so I'll be a little quiet these few days.

Hope you do better :)


Disclaimer: All products featured purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own.

posted by

I feel like getting them after reading your post! But i have more than enough brushes already >.<

posted by

Itahake Brush is so cute! hehe!

posted by

The Itahake brush is a lot like the NARS Ita kabuki brush but at a fraction of the price! Looks like a really good buy!

posted by

Michelle: How about the more unique ones like the Itahake? I'm tempted to get more too but will wait out a bit; have been spending too much!

posted by

Eliza and Mabel: I saw a brush similar to the EDM Itahake being used in a Scott Barnes photo and I was taken by it :) It works well for me for now.

Mabel: I'm sure the Nars Ita Kabuki probably has way more luxe bristles or a more sleek handle (does it? Do you have it?)

posted by

I want to own the Kuuki brush just so I can say Kuuki! haha but wow I'm so tempted to pick all these brushes up!

posted by

Sara: lol! Kukoo for Kuuki right? It's v soft; i find it nice for sweeping stuff on and off. I want to get the new angled face brush; perhaps a kabuki also.

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