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Ahhhh, the MAC PRIVATE SALE - one of the sales that puts so many in a complete tizzy - the clamouring for tickets, then the need to wake up at unearthly hours to queue, then dealing with the crowd ... wow. Ok, but its quite worth it, if you manage to pick up products you really wanted but somehow never managed to get :D

I really want to thank Kimberley for thinking of me when she had the tickets - I was going to be good and not get into a frenzy, looking for a ticket this year but she just handed it to me on a silver platter! Thanks for being such a doll!


So really, cool stuff at awesome prices, lovely Kimberley who passed me the ticket, an entire morning spent with chums like Amy, Michelle, Kimberley, Jennifer = I feel good!!! :D

I think I was relatively good :D


There was a real frenzy for these LOOK IN A BOX sets that were going for SGD$30 each - MISS VIOLET and MISS FRISKY. I managed to get hold of one set of each initially.  Poor Amy's Miss Violet set unfortunately had an entire pan of the Beauty Powder Blush missing - crazy right? Only the casing was there! Either a total manufacturing default or someone SWIPED it! Argh! Anyways, so I passed Miss Frisky to Amy instead (and she gifted me the mini Zoom Lash!) :D I really wanted Miss Frisky for the Beauty Powder blush and the Mineralised Eyeshadow in MERCURIAL.

And yet, I got hold of MERCURIAL eventually! Yippeeeee! I managed to buy it off Joyce (Forensia) who decided to sell it off during lunch.

And after I got home, I realised that DESERT ROSE is my Mom's fave blush - hers has a giant hole in it already and its been discontinued in Singapore, the last time we checked :( So I'm even all the more glad I picked up the set - Mom practically squealed when she saw the blush :P



I managed to pick up 2 pigments, at SGD$10 each:

LATER was one of the 3 pigments released in the TARTAN TALE Collection - where I had already picked up The Family Crest and Moonlight Night at the collection launch.  I couldn't decide on LATER but boy, am I glad I did - the swatches wowed me :D  I'm not too sure whether REFLECTS RED is from a specific collection - I googled it and some Ebay and online retailers listed it as "rare" but seeing that its in the new pigment packaging, it might be a PRO glitter? But really, does it matter? Its pretttttty! I swatched both pigments over a black eyeliner (L'Oreal HIP Chrome Eyeliner in BLACK SHOCK):



Another Tartan Tale goody - REELERS AND ROCKERS Eyeshadow Palette

I love the colour combination in this palette - I would have bought it during the collection launch but I gagged at the price at little (it was what, $60, $70?). Snagged it for SGD$25 at the sale! What I really like is that most of the shades are either FROST or VELUXE PEARL finishes, with the exception of CARBON (Matte) - which I don't own!



And then GREASEPAINT STICK in OIL SLICK (SGD$12), that was released in both the ART SUPPLIES and the VENOMOUS VILLAINS (Dr Facilier) collections.  I actually do like these very much - I have them in ZINC ZONE, CHARRED MAUVE, FRENCH QUARTER, B and the original black.  I figured I might as well get this seeing how my Paintpot in BLACKGROUND in almost finished (hit jar!)

The original black greasepaint that was released with the STYLE BLACK Collection has a flecks of blue and purple shimmer in it while SLICK BLACK is just pure black (Temptalia has a comparison swatch HERE )


If I had the chance, I'd snap up all the Greasepaint sticks since I really like them as bases - doubt they're anywhere to be found now :(


MAGICALLY COOL LIQUID POWDER in CAJUN, from the Venomous Villains Collection. Ok, I confess - I wanted this purely for novelty sake (which SGD$20 might be too much for just novelty! LOL!) :P But it helps its a nice pale golden bronze, which is totally wearable for me. Its soooooo finely milled, it comes POURING out from the sifter!



BOLD & BRASH Dare to Wear Lipglass - smashing hot red with fuschia pink reflects.  No need to justify, what more at SGD$12. :P



And this, I just had to get - the 188SH. I checked the little plastic casing and I saw the words "MADE IN JAPAN" and immediately dumped it into my shopping bag :P I remember one of the MAC MAs (Benjamin I think) that any of the the brushes, especially the Short Handled ones, that are made in Japan are good buys.  Yaaaaay! Oh, and it was SGD$15. Yaaaaay yaaaaayyyyy!



All in all, I racked up a bill of SGD$148 - in comparison to retail prices, a total steal. So, yeah, it definitely warrants an *oh, yeah, SCORE*

The sale was an adventure alright - and from there, I came up with a new favourite catch-phrase: Ding Dong Ping Pong *wink*



DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated to MAC; all products featured were purchased with my own money.

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lovely haul! awesome buys! :)

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Everybody is going to start singing. "I feel GOOD! Dadadadadadadang...."

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Amyrleex: Wished there was a bit more at the sale though - I thought last year's had more variety but really, I shouldnt be complaining! Very happy to have been there and to have snapped up what I did :D


Michelle: LOL! Yaaaah! Silly song stuck in my head the whole day ... now, lets all break into the chorus on the count of 1, 2, 3! LOL! :flower:

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thank u again for passing over miss frisky set to me! not only that, else i wouldnt have realised the difference in well dressed which i own but is apparently-same-name-but-diff-colored-blusher -.-

buy u bb tea next time i see u! Wheee~

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Ding Dong Ping Pong originated from the sale? Seems like I wasn't there when you said it, that's why I didn't know what it meant...lol..not referring to me right? righhttt??

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Lol Kas, I love how your hauls have a version 2, like an 'upgrade' sort of a thing. haha. The Reelers and Rockers palette is a good deal! Well infact everything is, haha. A very fruitful haul for you indeed! :D

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Oh gosh reelers and rockers looks very NICEEeEeeee!!!

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Super great buys! I love the look in the box sets and that price is really crazy for the products you get. I actually was offered tickets for the sale but decided to pass on it as I'm saving money for a big grad trip and don't really *need* more makeup

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oh my! great haul babe!!! I love half the items that you got!!!

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Amy: You're more than welcome! I could not let you walk away without that set! And I'm so glad that entire episode is over and behind all of us :D


Jen: DDPP query already answered in What's App Grp Chat pls ... LOL!

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