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Hi hi!

You might think its odd to lump together my haul of the MAKE UP FOR EVER SUPER MATTE LOOSE POWDER and the CAMOFLAGE CREAM together with my review and longevity test of the LANCOME TEINT MIRACLE FOUNDATION and the MULTI-LIGHTS CORRECTOR PEN ... however, I'm placing them together simply because after some experimenting with different setting powders, I decided that I like how the 4 aforementioned products work together. 


I've been consistently using the Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation since I got it and I must confess I really really really like how it wears on me:

  • It applies in a cinch and doesn't feel cakey at all


  • Despite being a lighter fluid texture, I only need 2 pumps and I don't have to thin it out with any primer or moisturiser (which I sometimes do with my MAC Studio Fix Fluid)


  • It wears for a good number of hours and remains mostly intact despite perspiration and the oilies; it even survives blotting although for me, on days when its really hot, I do touch up my powder on my upper lip area (I perspire there the most)


  • I personally think it photographs really well; I feel the complexion looks smooth, healthy and if I may say so, radiant :)


  •  And with the MUFE Super Matte Loose Powder to set it, I notice that even after long hours, I don't look sallow (unlike in the first experiment, where I brushed on some of the Benefit GET EVEN Powder in 03 which is a tad dark for me).  Like I already mentioned in the previous LOTD (in this ENTRY) featuring the TEINT MIRACLE FOUNDATION, it wears incredibly well, even with other setting powders - its just that I find the MUFE Super Matte Loose Powder works very well together with the TEINT MIRACLE foundation for my skintone.  


Here are the 2 MUFE products I picked up that I now use with the Lancome TEINT MIRACLE Foundation and Multi-Lights Corrector


For the 3 looks featured below (taken on different days), I used the same base makeup as listed below; no cheek or face highlighters were used:

Primer: MUFE HD PRIMER in #6 (yellow)

Foundation: LANCOME TEINT MIRACLE in 05 Beige Noisette

Highlight Pen: LANCOME TEINT MIRACLE MULTI-LIGHTS CORRECTOR in 03 (used around the outer corners of eyes, sides of nose, sides of mouth)

Concealer (Under Eyes): MUFE CAMOFLAGE CREAM in #20; MUFE FULL COVER Concealer in #14

Concealer (Acne scars on forehead, cheek): MAC STUDIO FINISH Concealer in NC45






On one of the days, I applied one thin layer of the LANCOME TEINT MIRACLE Foundation with my fingers and then applied the 2nd thin layer using the SIGMA F60 Foundation brush for an even finish.  I think the foundation works well, application-wise, both using fingers and using the brush.  I find that both methods create an even finish which leaves me to conclude that the foundation itself applies smoothly and evenly - I have not experienced any splotches or streaking and sometimes, just for the fun of it, I smoosh the foundation in my hand and apply it like how I would face moisturiser. 


In my first LOTD entry using the TEINT MIRACLE Foundation, I also mentioned about how its NOT cakey and thick, with a thick layer all over my palms? The next shot explains that a little better, I feel.



I use this on the sides of my nose, the sides of my mouth and the outer corners of my eyes. I find that since my undereye circles are pretty bad, using this on top of the MUFE concealers is akin to piling on too much product on the undereye area for now. 




And here's the evidence! The following are some shots taken with using the LANCOME TEINT MIRACLE FOUNDATION, TEINT MIRACLE MULTI-LIGHTS CORRECTOR PEN and set with the MUFE SUPER MATTE Loose Powder.


LIGHTING + LONGEVITY TEST - 2 blots from 1pm to 8pm

(These shots were taken about at about 3pm.  This was 2 hours after I applied my makeup and left the house which allows foundation and base to completely settle.  Shots were taken in a room in ST. REGIS HOTEL (bathroom, on the bed and by the window); [My parents and I had received a voucher for a 1D, 1N stay during the weekend - so these shots were taken after I drove to hotel and checked in])





LOW LIGHTING (room lights were not on; only light was from window some distance away from bed)


BRIGHT SUNLIGHT (at the window)


And here is how the makeup looked like at 8pm (after about 7 hours of wear; I blotted twice the whole day; I resisted blotting more since this was a test!) - this was during dinner at Marriot Hotel; I walked from St. Regis (ard Tanglin area), shopped in ION and walked over to Tangs / Marriot Hotel.  And it was a hot day ...

Stupid expression given that I took this in the Marriot washroom and someone walked in while I was "posing" near the mirror - so embarrasing!!!




And the REAL longevity test? ZERO BLOTTING from 530pm to 1140pm

(Just last Sat, I attended a birthday dinner at Peach Garden Thomson Plaza.  I applied my makeup at about 530pm. I didn't quite have the opportunity to leave the table and go to the washroom and the dinner place was rather cool so I hardly perspired.  Well, except for the time when they locked the whole frikkin building and we had to walk around the whole place, exit the building in order to get to the carpark. I took these following shots AFTER I GOT HOME at about 1140pm, after about 6 hours of wear - I included a shot of my phone which shows the time, but its not the clearest :P.  I did touch up my lipstick though - its the Guerlain Kiss Kiss lippy in Flushy Beige)



Overall Thoughts:

  • Regardless of which setting powder I used, with over 6-7 hours of wear (with either zero blotting or minimal blotting) on an very oily-skinned and perspiration-prone person like me, I think the foundation held up well - it wore off a little on the tip of my nose and upper lip but otherwise, its largely intact.


  • I noticed that the foundation also didn't change colour to look darker or sallow - I really like this combination of the MUFE Super Matte Loose Powder and the Lancome TEINT MIRACLE FOUNDATION. 


  • As for the TEINT MIRACLE MULTI-LIGHTS CORRECTOR, I noticed that it didn't crease, cake or pool around the nose, sides of the mouth and the outer corners of my eyes. And as you can see, it also didn't affect my winged-eyeliner


  • As for re-purchase when I finish this bottle - I would, IF I COULD ... this shade is not available in Singapore so I'm a little crushed.  However, I was also given the opportunity to try the same LANCOME TEINT MIRACLE FOUNDATION in 045 SABLE BEIGE which is the deepest shade that retails in Singapore so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be just as fine!


So, have you tried the LANCOME TEINT MIRACLE range yet?



DISCLAIMER: All products except LANCOME TEINT MIRACLE FOUNDATION and LANCOME TEINT MIRACLE MULTI-LIGHTS CORRECTOR, were purchased with my own money; the 2 Lancome products were provided to me for review.  I am not affiliated to Lancome and all opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced by anyone. 


posted by

I juz got a sample of d Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation but there's so little of it (like one measly pump) that I doubt I'd b able to finish covering d skin on my face. Sad. Then how d heck wld I know if it's gd man. Ugh.

posted by

Jerlaine: Hmmm, try and see if its enough? I use about 2 pumps for whole face and neck :)

posted by

Looks like it is good for our crazy hot weather!!!

posted by

Chocfull: Yes! Even on oily skin, you can see it holds up very well and doesn't look washed or worn out - i think that comes from the fact that it imparts radiance and a dewy look from the very beginning. Have you tried a sample yet?

posted by

Hi, may i know where did you get the MUFE camouflage cream? are they available at all counters? Thanks!

posted by

Nipponwannabe: I purchased mine at MUFE @ Stamford House; I think other MUFE counters at Sephoras may not carry the entire range of shades. I will be featuring the concealer and super matte powder in a separate review / experiment entry later this / or next week.

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