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I've got to credit Iris for this haul on 2 counts - first, she reminded me that I had a couple of vouchers to be spent at PARCO Millenia Walk and she also happened to show me that the OPI LAC BAR at Parco Millenia Walk stocked the NICOLE by OPI Polishes which I had been dying to get my hands on (FYI: only a selected number of Watsons stores stock the NICOLE by OPI series - Suntec City, Vivo City, Clementi Mall and a couple of others)

So with my vouchers, I picked up 2 glitter polishes from the Justin Bieber Collection - there was also an additional $3 off per bottle for polishes in this collection.

STEP 2 THE BEAT OF MY HEART is a beautiful confection of holographic pink and lavender hearts (the holographic nature of the hearts is rather obvious in sunlight and blurred photos) in a clear jelly base. There is also minute holographic glitter strewn throughout the jelly base.


MAKE U SMILE is one of those glitter over-coats I can never get enough of (like China Glaze Techno!). Like STEP 2 THE BEAT OF MY HEART, MAKE U SMILE also has a clear jelly base.  It has 2 sizes of very shiny silver disc-shaped glitter.


I was so excited to use these that I used them both at the same time in one manicure. I think pink, lavender and silver look fabulous against intense turquoise given the contrast so I used 2 coats of COLOR CLUB AGE OF AQUARIUS as my base shade.

(I also brushed on a thin coat of MAKE U SMILE to fill up the empty spaces)

I had a little trouble brushing on the hearts onto my nail - I was only getting the tiny glitter! So I used a toothpick to pick up the hearts from the polish and then place them on the nail. It can be a bit of a messy affair because the clear jelly base will also start pooling and getting gunky on the toothpick so I needed to wipe the stick off as I was painting my nails.

The other trouble with this is that you also have to take note of the curvature of your nail - I wasn't quite paying attention and tried to space out the hearts. Even with a relatively thick topcoat, some of the hearts began to lift off a little (see my pinky finger) and got caught when I washed my hair.


Otherwise, I love the frou-frou, teeny-bopper, cheery vibe this glitter polish gives off!


You can also check out Iris' haul and swatch of STEP 2 THE BEAT OF MY HEART HERE



And because my left hand isn't the steadiest and I foresaw that I would have trouble controlling the placement of hearts, I conveniently painted MAKE U SMILE on my right hand

MAKE U SMILE is much easier to deal with and 2 thin coats gets on enough of both sizes of glitter on my nails.



While I was at the OPI LAC BAR, I was ogling at the rest of the NICOLE by OPI shades - the range is rather extensive with such pretty colours! And I'm really interested in this one particular polish, LET'S GET STAR-TED, after seeing it on SCRANGIE but I couldn't find it :(  *sadness*


If any of you spot it anywhere, pls pls pls pls pls tell me!

Check out Scrangie's blog for all her swatches of the NICOLE by OPI shades HERE



Thanks for stopping by and have a great week ahead!

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OMG! So nice & cute! U got great stuff sweetie! Love it!

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Sandra: thank you :)

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i have "MAKE U SMILE " n LOVE it too!!! kas , 'SHE' was right la, we are SISTERS fiorever! hahahahaha
we lau glitter!

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Sarah: LOL! Yes yes!!! One day, we shd drag out alll our glitter stuff and do a glitter-bomb entry! I didn't realise u had Make U Smile! Shall go look for ur entry! :D

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i didnt blog abt it la. cuz i bought it together with my sallyhansens that i used fr the WATSON facebook campaign. so i only blogged abt the sallyhansen when i did the nail art entry.
i have alot of stuff that i dont always blog abt! :p

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Love the "Step 2 The Beat Of My Heart" ! The colorful hearts makes people happy! (: Nice Swatches.

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Sarah: Tell me about it - I have a couple of "undeclared hauls" sitting pretty in my drawers! :D


Beautconfessions: hello! What's your name? Yeah, I love Step 2 The Beat of my Heart too! And friends of mine also alerted me to a random polish that had holographic stars in them! Will post when I have time :) Thanks!

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