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Thanks to Iris, I managed to contact Tammy of TimTam and Amy, Jerlaine and I trooped to Holland Village to get our grubby little mitts on the new polishes from the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection.  We trudged up a hill and then 3 storeys for this ... by the time we got to Tammy's we were huffin and puffin but then we saw Silver Shatter and life went back to normal :P

And I couldn't resist this alternate manicure of 2 of the shades I picked up, Sparrow Me The Drama and Mermaid's Tears :)


Somehow, without really spreeing, I managed to pick up a couple of new polishes ... ok, rather than dwell on that, let's look at the swatches? :D

(Note: All swatches are 2 coats, no base / top coat; on NC 43-45 skintone)



OPI Mermaid's Tears - a pale creamy pistachio (or mint?) that applies a wee bit streaky.  I used 2 thin and 1 thick coat for the NOTD above.  I really like this shade and somehow don't find it jarring at all.



OPI Sparrow Me The Drama - A bright pink that seems to have a touch of lilac in it.  Probably has been done a million times by OPI but something unique in my collection.  A lot of blogs mentioned that it was thin and streaky and needed 4 coats to be opaque.  In both the swatches and the NOTD above, I only needed 2 coats.



OPI Silver Shatter - What must be the star of the collection? A super shimmery silver that shatters and cracks! Here I have 1 coat of Silver Shatter over 1 coat of my Lancome Indigo nail polish



Here we have 3 Zoyas, which I asked Kimberley (Rainnydays) to help me CP from the Beauty Asia Fair :)

Zoya Freja - A lovely metallic gunmetal.  I love gunmetal shades! This one has a tendency to show up brush-strokes the way I apply it but its not a biggie for me :)



Zoya Sara - A super sparkly red! In real life, you can see it strewn with gold sparkles - but flash photography revealed that what makes it almost glowingly sparkly is a smattering of fuschia sparkles in the formula.



Zoya Veruschka - A matte forest green.  This is amazing - it dries in 5 seconds! I like the shade too .. but I like it even more with a top-coat! I know, it defeats the purpose of having a matte polish but if it makes my world go round ... :P



Illamasqua Viridian - The lone Illamasqua in my entire collection that was gifted to me by Michelle, Kimberley, Joanna and Rusty for my birthday.  A lovely peacock green that positively glows ...


Color Clubs from the latest collection, Alter Ego, which Jennifer (Lillgoddess) helped us purchase

Color Club Total Mystery - I totally failed to capture the beauty of Total Mystery. Its actually a very deep bluple (bluish purple) with multi-coloured micro-glitter. Nothing I did to the camera allowed me an accurate shot :( But its awesome - just believe me pls.



Color Club Alter Ego - Ok, Alter Ego is really awesome. It looks goldeny-pewter in the bottle but its actually purple based with blue, gold, purple shimmer strewn in.  SUPER sparkly, it almost looks like a foil polish.



And finally, 2 Essies (my first Essies!) which Jennifer also helped us purchase :)

Essie In Stitches - Some people might call this a grandma colour but I really like it - a pinked coral creme that was OPAQUE in ONE COAT! And it applies smooth and totally not streaky.


Essie Limited Addiction - They totally got this polish name wrong; it should be Eternal Addiction. There is nothing to dislike about this polish - a deep true red (not those fraudulent wimpy pinky reds) that applies super smoothly .. no streaks, bald spots nothing! And 1 coat is beautiful already .. 2 coats is *gasp*

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the zoya verushka totally grabs me.. i think i'm gonna dupe it in eyeshadow form lol

posted by

i like in stiches! *makes mental list to get it next time*

we all love Essie's Eternal Addiction! hehehe

posted by

I want Zoya Veruschka and CC Alter Ego. I want, i want, i want...you keep making me yearn and pine for so many things!!!

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glad u like that polish! haha

Color Club Alter Ego looks really nice.. i am try hard to resist to start nail polish collection!



I have limited addiction, and I am loving it too.

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Pretty swatches! Silver Shatter looks really nice paired with the Lancome Indigo polish. I guess that's why the polish is called Total Mystery cause the color is a mystery since it's hard to capture until you see it for yourself! ha, okay, lame.

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Farrah: Actually, all the mattes are very pretty with the top-coat - I think Sophia and Amy have the purple one (Savita?) Awesome. What did you use to dupe it for eyeshadow?


Amy: Wheeeee! Yaaay! In Stitches would look great on you!

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Lynn & Joanna: Yeah, Alter Ego is so blingy ... another one that Amy got, "Ulterior Motive" is also SUPER awesome - didnt realise how nice it was till I saw her bottle

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Soph: Limited Addiction might be the best red creme out there :D


Sara: Total Mystery is a pain in the ass to photograph but I layered a blue Canmake glitter on it n it looks pretty - the base colour is real nice :D

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