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Haul: Blue Illusion de Chanel - Le Vernis in Skyline & Illusion d'Ombre in Apparition


Hello .. hope you are well :)

A little while ago, I popped by Chanel and picked up 2 items from the Blue Illusion de Chanel Collection. The Blue Illusion de Chanel was inspired by Chanel's haute couture show earlier in 2012, which featured 150 variations of blue - the blue palette for eyes and nails is refreshing, contemporary and the deeper shades are this season's take on the traditional smokey hues of blacks and greys.

There was another Illusion d'Ombre in the collection, Destination - a paler silvery blue which I deliberated on, as did I on the Precision Eye Definer in Aérien - I left after deciding I could live without those 2.

I've yet to wear Apparition but I loved how it sparkled and glimmered in my swatch in-store and in the pot (as seen below)

Chanel's Creative Director Peter Phillips describes Apparition as an "intense greyish blue". 

I usually don't wear my Illusion d'Ombres on their own - I prefer using them as a topper for my eyeshadow, for a pop of glimmer and sparkle on the lids or the centre of my lids. So far, my collection of the Illusion d'Ombres include Vision (gold), Graphite (golden-pewter khaki), Fantasme (sparkly silver white), Illusoire (smokey eggplant) and Riviere (pale teal green) .. and now Apparition.

Her World Plus featured some lovely shots of the backstage action of Chanel's 2012 Spring Summer Haute Couture which featured the Blue Illusion de Chanel makeup, of which I share a couple. You can view the rest of the wonderful photos HERE

My favourite photo of the lot!


When I first saw these photos of Le Vernis in Skyline, I knew I would HAVE to check it out - rather than a frosty polish, it seems to have that ethereal glow about it that makes it so pretty.

I wasn't wrong ...

Skyline is a pale, pearlescent blue, with the slightest touch of silvery periwinkle to it. When you inspect the bottle closely, you can see ribbons of pearly shimmer coursing though it. 

At first, I thought it might be a touch pale and stark - however, I think the pearlescent quality gives it such a beautiful lustre, it looks like pearls on the hands.


I find that it can look a little deeper or a little brighter depending on lighting or the angle (as seen in the shot below) - it is not a shade-shifter but I think the lustrous quality of the polish lends itself to this nuance.

Taken against the greying evening sky - you can see how there are no grey tones in Skyline at all

It is relatively easy to apply but there are some visible brushstrokes which can probably be minimised further with real meticulous application. I found that a coat of Seche Vite made the brushstrokes a little less obvious though.

I don't have any other polish remotely similar to Skyline so I can't make any comparisons. However, The Beauty Look Book, as usual, has an amazingly comprehensive comparison swatch photo in her blog entry HERE - do check it out and you'll see how the luminous Skyline leaps out at you from the nail wheel.


Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a beautiful week ahead


Disclaimer: Products purchased with my own money. Official descriptions and photos of the Chanel haute couture show courtesy of Herworldplus.com

posted by

Kashmir you hauled! ;) I want to see Apparition you on pretty please. I thank my lucky stars I'm not into nail varnishes because the hole in my wallet is big enough as it is. But oh my I've been tempted by the Chanel ones. Skyline is gorgeous.

posted by

Oops so sorry Kas was auto corrected (blush) so embarrassing! I'm hiding my head now.

posted by

Jacqueline: lol! This is the first time I'm seeing it corrected to Kashmir! No worries, the Indians often refer to beautiful rosy cheeks as Kashmir apples :P
Ok, will do an LOTD soon w Apparition! My current faves are Graphite and Vision. I'm more careful abt which Chanel polishes I buy - at $37 a pop, I have to be discerning! But Skyline was way to pretty to pass up :)

posted by

Looks really pretty Kas! the glow of the polish... is soooooo... no I'm not gonna pay $37 for a polish... just not... *sits on hands*

posted by

Jo: I know right ... not to mention I cannot eat curry with my fingers else the manicure gets stained (and that is the day, mom will cook prawn or fish curry which requires the deft finger action ...). Then again, there is always a first Jo ... u never know which shade might hook you - if I dare say, I think Graphite was my real undoing - it's so pretty! not all are zomgawesomeimustbuyelsetheheadwillexplode so you can be discerning ... very discerning ... :D

posted by

Hello! Can't wait for your LOTD with Apparition! :p

posted by

Elaine: This weekend if I can! (I can't resist: Onz, steadypompipi! :P)

posted by

Kas, that skyline looks very beautiful on your hands! I swatched it on the counter and I think it's too pale for me so I didn't get it. I loove apparition to the max. The blue looks very deep and sexy, it blends very well too :)

posted by

Meryl: Thank you!!! I think 2 coats give great colour - it's something different in my stash and Mom likes it too. ok, I shall wear Apparition today! :D

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