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Haul: Dior Vernis in 072 Metallic Silver



I popped by the Dior counter to compare the Croisette Collection's teal eyeliner to a Chanel one and I got totally distracted - and ended up with Dior Vernis in Metallic Silver.

Practically the same shade as one of my favourite "snake print" pearl necklaces, Metallic Silver is one of 5 polishes released in the Anselm Reyle Collection.

I remember Joey posted the collection details sometime back and it was to have launched in May 2012. I can't remember if I saw it back then but it was prominently displayed at the Takashimaya counter this weekend and the BA told me its new and exclusive to Takashimaya.

Truth be told, the blue (Electric Blue) stole my heart but I swore I have similar blues in my stash and passed. Well, I likely have similar shades to Metallic Silver (off the top of my head, OPI Suzi Skies In The Pyrenees Suede seems to be in the same colour family but the finish is totally different) - but Electric Blue is a creme and Metallic Silver is a foil finish. Foil Finishes Finish First. :)

Even in shaded natural light, the ribbons of metallic silver run through the polish so prominently. It's beautiful!

In terms of finish, this Dior polish reminds me very much of the foil finish of the RMK one I love in Shiny Red (reviewed HERE) - Metallic Silver looks like it has a lot of glitter in it but there is virtually zero grit or roughness. It dries to a smooth, sleek finish, made even smoother by topcoat.

Swatches of Metallic Silver are done with base coat. 2 coats of Metallic Silver and 1 coat of Seche Vite

The gunmetal polish has ribbons of silver micro-glitter accentuated by a generous sprinkling of fine aqua micro-glitter in it. It's only visible if you look really closely at the bottle. However, the aqua micro-glitter gives Metallic Silver a little of a blue flash in some lighting, which is nice, like in the shot below.

I love foil finish polishes - I've come to realise that foil finish polishes are more elegant than glitter polishes and they are often conversation starters - RMK Shiny Red gets a LOT of questions and passes the "Distraction Test" with flying colours. (PS: The Distraction Test is when in mid-conversation, someone cuts you off halfway to ask what polish you are wearing)

I love Metallic Silver for the same reason - it's very shiny and sparkly and the shade straddles the dark and bright spectrums. It's not too deep like a black glitter polish and neither is it too light like a silver. I have some ideas for nail art with this too - I'll be sure to post it when I get it done.


I just hauled me some Chanel over the weekend and now I'm looking forward to seeing the new quints and the nail polish duo from the Dior Golden Jungle Collection. And Guerlain has new blushes out soon.

^$$$^ (see the wings on the $$$?)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!


Disclaimer: Product featured was purchased with my own money.

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oh.. ilove this gray =)

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Rhaindropz: Thank you - I have it on for a pedicure now and it's great! just 2 coats and so even

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