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Haul: How Did I Forget About Bobbi Brown's Rose Gold Collection?


Apparently, I did and I should be ashamed of myself.

16 weeks ago, well according to my Instagram feed at least, I purchased a couple of Bobbi Brown products and then I packed them away somewhere and promptly forgot about it - after taking photos of the products, I had grand plans of wanting to do some overview of the Bobbi Brown eyeshadows and Shimmerbricks I had and together with these new products, I packed my Bobbi Brown customisable palette away too (why, I don't know). I recently bought that jet-black eyeshadow, Charcoal, from Bobbi Brown and wanted to fit it in the palette and of course it wasn't in the eyeshadow drawer - and a massive hunt finally unearthed these. 

The shimmerbrick - Rose Gold - was one of 2 shimmerbricks from the Rose Gold Collection (the other was Wild Rose if I remember correctly).

5 strips of tawny rose shot through with pale gold - overall, it is not the warmest rose gold shade but the glow it creates is amazing. I have a couple of Bobbi Brown Shimmerbricks - Gold, Rose, Apricot, Party (I want Nectar too, actually) and they all create a really lovely glow if used with a light-enough hand. That 10.3gm of product also lasts the longest time - Rose was my first Shimmerbrick and I've used it a great lot but no sign of a dip at all.

Along with the Rose Gold Shimmerbrick, I picked up an old love - eyeshadow in Rose Gold. Rose Gold eyeshadow is not part of the Rose Gold Collection but I purchased it because (1) it's a very soft, pretty colour and (2) it was one of my first Bobbi Brown eyeshadows (when it was in the round packaging!) and I actually FINISHED it way back.

Rose Gold eyeshadow is a soft golden pink - it works well with a lot of colours and I like pairing it with browns, blacks and blues.

I paired Rose Gold and Charcoal Eyeshadow for a similar take on the smoky eye I featured in the MUFE Aqua Shadow entry HERE. Like in that look, I used the MUFE Aqua Shadow in 0E (black) and 28E (coppery peach) as the eyeshadow bases and applied the eyeshadows on top.

Here is the complete look. For the cheeks, I sheered out a little Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral as a base and then swirled the Rose Gold Shimmerbrick on top as a blush.


I'm so glad I picked up the Rose Gold Shimmerbrick and the eyeshadow - I'm not too sure if the Rose Gold Shimmerbrick is still available at the counters since it was sometime ago. But I will say this - if you are a fan of softer shades for the eyes, you should really take a look at Rose Gold Eyeshadow!


Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!



Disclaimer: All products featured were purchased with my own money.

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Rose gold really reminds me of AllThatglitters by MAC when I swatched it but its definitely prettier!!!

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Linn: I don't have All That Glitters - I keep hearing about it! I should really go and take a look!

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