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Haul: L'Oreal Infallibles - The Cannes Limited Edition Collection



I love the L'Oreal Infallibles - I have a LOT of eyeshadow but I often find myself reaching for the L'Oreal Infallibles. I like using them - in the whole eyelook or paired with other eyeshadows. Everyone compares them to the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill and rightly so - the L'Oreal Infallibles are really fantastic in terms of wear-time, ease of use, texture, pigmentation and finish. So whenever there are new colours out, there is always a little frenzy to get hold of them!

These 3 shades are part of a larger collection - the Cannes Collection. These are Limited Edition and are not available in Singapore - well, perhaps not yet at least but I remember seeing similar looking shades in NylonSG's Instagram feed, only that the collection was called Miss Candy French Delicacies Collection - NylonSG indicated on this photo (which I screen-grabbed off their Instagram feed for your reference) that the collection is slated for an August 2012 release.

I couldn't wait till then and I tried to order these off Feelunique.com only to find out that these products in particular were not allowed to be shipped out of the EU (according to their Customer Service). And Iris was a total darling for helping me order these and mailed them to me :) Thank you so much! *mwah mwah*


Innocent Turquoise is a bright pale aqua with speckles of pale gold.


Sassy Marshmallow is a bright silver that is a little blue-toned; I like how there are little speckles of aqua and pink in the pan and I think these lend it that little blueish tone. It was with this and several other silvers in mind that I skipped the GA Eyes To Kill in #22 Ecailles.


And finally, Metallic Lilac, which is really more of a greyed purple. It is not dull, likely owing to the specks of pink and the iridescent finish.

I think L'Oreal tweaked the formula a little - the first batch of L'Oreal Infallibles which had the iridescent finishes (Black Onyx, Sahara Treasure, Emerald Lame) - they were smooth and glimmery.

These new ones from the Cannes collection - they are EVEN SMOOTHER and CREAMIER. I got a little shock when I swatched them - they totally felt like butter and just glided on my finger. This doesn't affect the wear-time at all - I've worn Metallic Lilac out for dinner and I had no creasing issues at all despite the creamier texture. And Mom was like "What eyeshadow are you wearing?! So nice!".

Here are the swatches of the 3 shades:

Iris has swatches of 2 more shades, Naughty Strawberry (which I now wished I'd gotten) and Magnetic Coral HERE. Let's hope Naughty Strawberry arrives in the Miss Candy French Delicacies Collection here and I manage to get hold of it!


If you can get your hands on these, do get them - they're really lovely and will pair so amazingly with other eyeshadows too. The beautiful texture and the iridescent glimmer make these wonderful additions to any stash.


Many thanks again to Iris for making this haul possible!

Thanks for stopping by and have a day as bright as these Infallibles!


Disclaimer: All products featured were purchased with my own money.

posted by Anonymous

You managed to get the turquoise :D So jealous! It looks great in the swatch.

posted by

Ahhh, I always fall for shades like sassy marshmellow, a pretty mess of colors in a pot yet they swatch on looking like something I may have. Yet I still want it. LOL!

posted by

Monika: There are more new shades in the US line-up - Iris just alerted me to them!

posted by

Sara: These new ones are TDF - very very smooth - you will love Metallic Lilac!

posted by

i want them now!

posted by

OMG I want them too!! ~

posted by

OMG! Nice pretty colours! I wish l can have them all too! Dun know how many colours are there altogether in the collection!

posted by

Sandra: Look out for the L'Oreal Miss Candy French Delicacies collection here - there might be similar colours :)

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