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Haul: MAC Modern Mandarin Blush (Including Comparison Swatches)



I finally decided to pick up Modern Mandarin Blush from MAC's Trés Cheek Collection.


Modern Mandarin is the only warm, orange toned shade in the 6-piece collection which predominantly features varying shades of pink

I can't remember exactly when the Trés Cheek Collection landed in our stores - I remember swatching them at MAC ION and liking Modern Mandarin immediately - it has this sheen about it that is just so pretty. Then I hemmed and hawwwed and my attention was caught by other issues like Mother's Day pressies, Jo Malone fragrance, Dior's Summer Collection, looking for a solution to my spots and crepey undereye - and this somehow landed on the backburner.

You know - "you snooze, you lose"? - I almost lost! Modern Mandarin seems to be out of stock in many many MAC counters. Of all I checked, only Isetan Scotts and ION seemed to have stock. So naturally, I zoomed off and picked it up.


I predominatly use 2 colour families for blushes - pinks and coral / oranges. I tend to choose the warmer tones in both the pinks and coral / oranges as these sit better with my skin tone. With the cooler toned blushes, I can always adjust it to suit my skintone by topping it off slightly with a warm-toned (golden hued) highlighter.


I pulled out most of the orange / coral blushes in my stash and here are the comparison swatches.

MAC describes it as a "red-orange" and I can see why - a true orange is what NARS Taj Mahal would be (incidentally, Taj Mahal is so saturated and pigmented, I'm scared of it. Crazy blush). In the swatch line-up, it becomes obvious that there is something else in Modern Mandarin - it's not quite coral, not quite orange-orange, not peachy, not pink ... it's a melange of some of these shades and the soft sheen the satin finish creates, makes it something great to have in the stash. The sheen is definitely visible but soft and not frosty unlike the overt golden shimmer in Shu Uemura P 571 (love this one; got one for Mom too!) and MAC Foolish Me.



Hope the comparison swatches were useful :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day ahead




Disclaimer: Modern Mandarin was purchased with my own money; all opinions are my own.

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I actually really like how this looks, that it isn't an orange-orange. Somewhat a red orange like you mentioned. Passed on it fro
m other swatches but your comparison swatch is making me rethink that!

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Sara: if you want to check it out, better do so soon - its oos in many places. Ion and Isetan have stock from what I know. :) yeah, it's pretty! I'm still cringing over Taj Mahal's craziness though. Comparison shot reminded me of how I fear it :P

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