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Showcase: Pretty & Pearlised - Maybelline HyperCosmos Duo Eyeshadows


Hi :)

Many moons ago - I really have no idea - NylonSG posted this photo on their Instagram and I immediately sat up.

Mineralised eyeshadows - the HyperCosmos Duos - from Maybelline looked totally awesome in this photo.

As I've mentioned before, I really have a penchant for pigments and mineralised eyeshadows - I have a pretty tidy stash of the MAC mineralised eyeshadows (I've accumulated a couple more since this overview post HERE) as well as a few from Too Face, PUPA, Laura Mercier to name a few.

I love mineralised eyeshadows - the intense colour pay-off and the beautiful pearlised glimmer many of them have are unparalleled, especially when used foiled. The last MAC mineralised collection, Heavenly Creatures, left me a little disappointed given the colours and payoffs seemed different from the usual bang-on formula of MAC.

Just when I moaned that I didn't get my mineralised fix this year, along come these HyperCosmos Duos from Maybelline. And I can definitely say - these didn't disappoint me at all.

Right now, I'm actually missing one colour - LG-1 - and the moment I get it, I'll update this post with a swatch of that shade, Truth be told, I liked these very much and wanted to show you how they looked as soon as I could.

According to the brand, these are produced with a new technology where the baking process removes excess water pigments for a purer, more intense and saturated colour pay-off. The formula is a combination of crushed pearls and pure pigments for what maybelline calls "not-too-dull-not-too-shiny". 


Let's get the minor grouses out of the way:

  • Packaging-wise, these are a little flimsy. The clear domed-case allows an unfettered view of the pan of baked eyeshadow inside but it feels incredibly light. The clasp on all of my eyeshadows were really tight so I'll be careful opening these - don't want any flying out of my hand.  


  • The other thing is that the pans of the eyeshadows are not glued on very securely to the base - most, if not all of mine sort of wiggled a little when I swatched them.


And that's it ....

I think I can be a little forgiving, given how well these swatch. I've yet to try them on the eyes and will be sure to showcase them soon but let's just take a look at the swatches.

7 duos - each duo consists of a solid section and a marbelised section in complementary shades - they've covered a good number of bright and wearable eyecolours ranging from pink, blue, green, khaki, gold, bronzey-copper and burgundy. 

You know what I love? All the swatches you see below are done on:






Solid: Cornflower Blue

Marbled: Ivory, Light Gold, Light Bronze veining

The marbled half has a bright silvery sheen when swatched; the cornflower blue has the lightest touch of purple and overall, this is one of the lighter and cooler-toned duos. I think the cornflower blue will pop on the lids and I'd love pairing this with a darker purple or blue for contrast too.


Solid: Glimmering slight-olive toned gold

Marbled: Aqua blue, olive and dark green veining

When swatched, the marbled section turns into an iridescent gunmetal with a slight khaki-green overcast. I wasn't expecting that shade which was a pleasant surprise. I think this would be a great duo for a smokey eye; the way that khakied gunmetal glimmers is lovely lovely.



Solid: Milk Chocolate copper

Marbled: Light bronze, Ivory and Copper veining

The marbelised light copper takes on a very pretty pinked tone once swirled. I think a lot of folks will like this duo - seems so easy and wearable. I'd wear it with a lot of black eyeliner for polished bronze-smokey eye. 


Solid: Lavender Pink

Marbled: Dirty Brown, Light Bronze and Gunmetal veining

The lavender pink in this duo pulls more pink than purple on me; I was expecting a more purple-toned shade but the silvery gleam and what seems like pink reflects makes this a rather pretty shade. I quite like the Light Taupe that results out of the marbled half - it has a warm, tan hue that doesn't go muddy on my skintone.


Solid: Salmon Pink

Marbled: Ivory,  Bright Pink veining

I thought this looked like a real pretty blush duo - a corally-salmon and a complementary silver-toned coral for a highlight. This duo has me a little stumped to be honest - the marbled half looks a little stark on my skintone so I'll need to figure out how to incorporate it. I'll probably try the "lightbulb method" or use it in the inner corners (which I rarely ever do!). I'll most likely prefer pairing this salmon with a deeper shade - I think a deep blue, green or pewter will look fab with it.


Solid: Burgundy Purple

Marbled: Bronze, Yellow Gold, Gunmetal Black veining

This duo reminded me a little of another MAC mineralised duo I have - Play On Plums - although I'm fairly certain that they are not dupes. The burgundy purple is very rich and jewel-toned and I love the glistening warm tan that results out of the marbled half.


I think for dry swatches and with no primer, these look great. The only one that needed a little more intense swatch was the cornflower blue in BU-1 but again, it wasn't like I needed to go back 3-4 times to pick up colour. 


These were featured in a makeup demonstration by Makeup Maestro Larry Yeo at the recent launch event for Maybelline's new mascara, Lashionista. Larry used one of these HyperCosmo duos on the model - likely CH-1. The glimmer was apparent from even the large screen; you could also see how smoothly and evenly it went on with the brush. According to Larry, when used foiled (I usually dampen my brush with MAC Fix+, these create a more intense application.

Larry Yeo with the Michelle Chong as Golden Tan (click on the video on my side-bar to watch a hilarious YouTube tutorial)


Unfortunately, I don't have clearer shots of the final look but I hope these chaps who drew wolf whistles from the crowd, will serve as compensation

He actually flexed and posed when we demanded asked him to ...


Set to launch in September 2012, these new HyperCosmos duos will retail at SGD$17.90 for 2.5gm of product. These are worth taking a look at - smooth, pearlised glimmer, good pigmentation and a good colour selection - I'll be greedy and wish for a few more shades like deep mint, rose gold and emerald green. 


I just have one little grouse - I wished Maybelline had given them proper names instead of codes. There was so much potential for lovely names and surely these baked domes of pearlised pleasure deserve far better than Star Wars robot-esque (CP3O anyone?) names like CP-1 and BU-1.


Looks and a review of the new mascara, Lashionista, will be up soon! 

Till then, thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful weekend



Disclaimer: Products featured were provided for consideration. All opinions are my own. 

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Wahahaha! Will never forget about that "HEART" he threw to you! kekekeke~

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Ming: dont remind me! So embarrassing! :P

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