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Mmm-Mmm Yums!: All Butter Almond & Vanilla Biscuits by Crabtree & Evelyn

Hola :)

With the holiday season speeding towards us, I thought I'd share this yummy morsel with you - it's an awesome stocking stuffer or perfect to bring along to someone's house if you're popping by for a visit.

The ultra-awesome All Butter Almond and Vanilla Biscuits from Crabtree & Evelyn. This is probably one of the nicest biscuits I've come across in a long long time.

First of all, it's packaged in a lovely illustrated tin - flowers, squirrels, butterflies, nuts - it's very pretty and doesn't quite need a wrapper even. Just stick a ribbon on it! 

Not to worry about the biscuits - it comes wrapped in the tin in a sealed foil wrapper. The tin itself is airtight - my biscuits held up well in the tin (I kept it in the foil in the tin too) without needing to be transferred to a tupperware.

Then we have the taste - that lovely lovely taste .... I'm a chocolate person - if there is an assortment of flavours to choose from, I most often gravitate towards chocolate or chocolate something. But I make a huge exception for this biscuit. In fact, chocolate might be offensively sweet and obtrusive in the face of this quietly scrumptious butter-almond confection.

Perhaps the ingredients list might clue us in on why this is so moreish ...

Instead of SUGAR being the first or first few ingredients on the list, we have wheat flour and salted butter - which gives it that smooth buttery flavour. And then we have a good deal of ground almonds i the mix - 10% to be precise. I will admit - I like almonds in the nut form but detest almond-products like almond jelly or marzipan - I'm one of those who finds the almond essence flavouring very reminiscent of mothballs. But this is not like that - it's like chewing a whole mouthful of real almonds. 

As you can see, the biscuit has a very fine crumb - the almonds are very very finely ground so you don't get them all chunky and clumsy, sticking in between your teeth. In that sense, it's a very elegant biscuit to nom on. 

I love how it's not cloyingly sweet - it has a good rich buttery-almond flavour that makes it perfect with a cup of tea, coffee ... even better with cold, fresh milk. 

I honestly wish that I could have filled that plate with more biscuits - truth be told, these were the last 2 biscuits in the tin :P I actually bought it in a Christmas set of 3 (the other 2 were All Butter Lemon and All Butter Orange) - I gifted the other 2 away and kept this.

This is part of the regular range of biscuits found all-year round in Crabtree & Evelyn. If I remember correctly, these might be SGD$18 per tin of 200gm. The shot below shows you some of the other biscuit varieties in the permanent range of biscuits in Crabtree & Evelyn.


If you're cracking your head of what to bring along while visiting, you might want to check these out - definitely check out the All Butter Almond ones! I'm sure your host will be delighted with these mesmerising moreish munchies.

                       Thanks for stopping by and have a gorgeous week ahead!


Disclaimer: Product featured purchased with my own money. All opinions expressed are my own and  are unbiased.

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