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Hey there!

I remember reading someone's rant on MAKEUPALLEY recently - the poster griped that a SA rudely corrected the poster's pronounciation of a particular brand, making her feel small and embarrassed. 

I'm quite sure we've all come across brands or even product names that we sometimes trip-up pronoucing - I think Bourjois and Guerlain were one of those that I had a some trouble with. Recently, someone told me that Stila should be pronounced STEE-LAH and not STI-LA (emphasis on the EEEE sound) as I had been pronouncing all these years.  I thought it might be interesting to hear your thoughts and experiences, if any. Also, have any of you been rudely corrected by anyone so far?

Image taken from http://www.pixel9.co.uk/images/confused_girl.jpg

Let's take a poll? Imagine this scenario - you're looking for a particular brand but cannot find it on the shelves.  You need to approach the BA / SA to locate it but you're not terribly sure how to pronounce the brand name.  What will you do?

I wonder what the majority answer will be?

Thanks for participating!


I think Guerlain, or Givenchy might give people a little problem too. It depends on whether you want to say it the french accent way...
And what about Shu Uemura (Shu Oo-eh-mu-ra or Shu Oo-mu-ra?)
but singaporeans in general would say sti-LA because of our speech patterns.
Oh well. when you think about it, it's just makeup names.. like who cares? For the BA to even correct the customer is plain patronising and rude.
If you seen the YT videos from the UK or US gurus, they always can't pronounce Shu Uemura, or Shiseido, Lancome etc.

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oh yah, forgot the Shu Uemura and Shiseido - i remember calling it shi-shi-do when i was younger! LOL!
but yes, u're right about it just being a name and is immaterial at the end of it all - but imagine if the SA / BA to correct the customer loudly .. ai, tsk, tsk ...

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Totally agree with what Sophia said about the brand names and how gurus from other countries don't say them right anyway. It boils down to our own language and exposure to the different languages/methods of saying it. At the end of the day, it's a brand name so why do some people need to react so strongly to it being said wrong. But anyway, I sometimes do get conscious when I'm asking about a brand I am not how to pronounce. I don't know why, but I feel it's like you kind of have to say it right?

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Sara: I might be wrong (or, worse, opening a can of worms but shall say it anyway) - I think its got something to do with how we've been socialised into associating certain behaviour / actions with particular defining characteristics? Like if you're "hip", "educated" or "in-the-know", then you should be able to perform certain actions; if you can't, then you're NOT and therefore inferior to others; anyone who calls you out on this is thus superior to you. This of course, is a totally wrong attitude, but unfortunately, is something that loads of people exhibit. Haven't you heard complaints in the media recently (actually, for a long time) about customers not being served by SAs if they don't dress well enough OR SAs / BAs of luxury brands who are snotty to customers?


it is the same or even with fashion brands (I think the sales staff can be even more snobby) like how should people really say Dolce Gabanna, Louis Vuitton, Christian Lacroix, etc , cos the French/ Italian pronounce it in their own accents and if we say it exactly their way sounds so weird, right?


I mean even *worse


Actually Kas, I think that's what happened to me at the chanel counter that day, the BA prolly was sizing me up ~ it's soo what the.... she made no attempt to engage me in the whole trying and buying purchase and an actual smile only came from her after I paid for my stuff.
I wasnt affected by her because I already knew and decided what I wanted - i didn't need her advice nor expertise, and she was just a means to help me retrieve the product from the drawer, write up the invoice and make payment. When you think of it this way, then it really doesn't matter. which is sad for customer service of course, and sadder for people who genuinely really need help and advice from the BAs.

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LOL @ the "just a means to help me retrieve the product from the drawer, write up the invoice and make payment"!
Yes, agreed - then what are they there for actually? If they don't want to engage, help, etc, simply because they came to some pre-conceived notion about someone, then it really says something. Anyways, what's up with the snobby ones? I don't get it - is it an over-reactive defence mechanism?

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I have this problems all the time... some of the brands are so hard to pronounce!!
It's so rude for the BA/SA to treat the customers like this!!!

Kas... I use to pronounce sheseido as shi shi do too!! lolx

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Haha! We're so "one" on that! i don't mind being corrected but i don't have to be treated like an El Stupido.

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Yes, I've heard about the news of people not being served because the BA/MAs kind of judge their customers? Actually I think that's quite lame... because we're the people who are shopping and they are just sales people! To put in a very blunt way. They are working and we are leisurely shopping. Hell, they need to see the difference there. haha. This topic definitely is something a lot of us have something to say about.

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Oh yes - there's loads to rant about!

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