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Palettes-A-Plenty: Additions To The Pile Of Palettes


Hi ...

Seriously .. I don't know how long this palette challenge is going to take me (especially since I haven't had a chance to take any LOTDs recently with the ones that are already in the pile). 

And then, I discovered this tucked away this evening .. Clarins, Dior, Shu Uemura, Lancome, Urban Decay and a bunch of Sleek palettes.

A bag that probably could rival Santa Claus' on a bad day. I used to pride myself for never forgetting what I bought but I got a little stunned when I found these. 

And what prompted this find? I was looking at Mag's swatches of the new Sleek Glory I-Divine Palette this afternoon HERE and wanted to get the palette seeing how pretty the pearlescent shades were.

And then I remembered buying a couple of Sleek palettes but don't ever recall posting the pics here or even using them. A little rummaging later, not only did I find the brand new Sleek palettes, I unearthed this bag. Places a new perspective on the term "goodie bag" ya?


And here are the neglected Sleek palettes. I should use them because I love the colours in them and I don't understand how I missed them. I'm a little ashamed of myself and this entry will serve as a reminder.

Let's start off with the biggest shameful revelation of all. The PPQ Me, Myself and Eye palette

I didn't realise I own this. I don't recall ordering it... it appears I have amnesia in the case of this PPQ palette....

... because my account at the Sleek website says I ordered it (for myself and 3 friends) in SEPTEMBER 2011. Almost a (frikking) year ago. That aside, a pretty palette and lots of colour combinations.

Click HERE for Chantana's swatches of the PPQ palette



This one I vividly remember - the Sleek Safari palette. I wanted this SO badly (and yet, I haven't used it!) but it was limited edition and not on the Sleek website by the time I found out about it. 

And then one morning, Iris (who was away at that time I think) sent me a text at 5+ in the morning, excitedly telling me that she found it on eBay. I even remember her text - it started off with a "wake up wake up". And she ordered it and had it shipped to my address. This one didn't have a box but I didn't care - I love greens and this is wowza. I think I shall use it this weekend.

Again, Chantana has swatches of these HERE



Then we have the Oh So Special palette which again, Iris found at the Superdrug in the UK. I remember it was exceptionally hard for her to find, given how neutrals are loved the world over. It's currently available on the Sleek website.

I'll admit. I liked this palette then. But I think I like it more now. I've come to like more neutral shades and I'm comfortable using them now as I've mentioned in some of the more recent posts. In a way, I think it's a good thing this got packed away - I think I'll appreciate this even more and enjoy the shades in this now. I've grown up :P



And finally, the Sleek Curacao Palette from the Carribean Collection.

Another collection I stalked the Sleek website for (I think Iris might have CP-ed this for me also). Sleek released 2 colourful palettes last year and the Monaco palette from the Carribean collection came out first (which I ordered and I have used!). In comparison, I think this Curacao palette is a little more bright and vibrant - the shades in this palette are named after cocktails :) 


Click HERE for swatches on Karla Sugar of both Oh So Special and Curacao



So there we have it - evidence that I pack away stuff too well. Actually I think I need more Muji drawers - the current palette drawer has no space and that's why all these palettes and the rest of the goodies in that bag got packed away. So it's the space-challenged Muji drawer's fault that these got neglected actually.


I'm glad I found these palettes - shopping the stash and these Lost and Found encounters are always fun (unless it unleashes buyer's remorse).

I hope to feature these real soon!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you're having a fabulous week so far!


And one more thing, a big thanks to all you lovely readers and a Hello and Thank You to all the new followers. I really appreciate it 



Disclaimer: All products featured were purchased with my own money. I am not affiliated to Sleek Makeup.  

posted by

Hehee... You néed a lost and found section in your room :)

posted by

Hazel: and I need to be a more Vigilant Officer ... :P

posted by

Weeee.... this just reminds me that I need to dig out all these and start using it again. (I keep using the Au Naturel one!!)

posted by

Chantana: Thank goodness I didn't get that - else there'd be 5 sleek palettes in that bag, all brand new!

posted by makeupmag

Glad my post led you on this happy treasure hunt! Some very beautiful palettes there. Now I want to know what else is in that bag?!?!

posted by

Mag: lots of goodies! :P haha ... mascara and a few other things.

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