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Makeup. Fragrance. Nails. Skincare Today is Thursday, April 17, 2014
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I met up with Iris of Rougedeluxe yesterday and this is what I got up to - taking sneaky pics of whatever I could at new store, ALT @ The Heeren! A few times, I noticed BAs and a Security Guard peering at me because my stupid phone cannot take pics without making a silly "ping" sound. Anyways, here are some not-so-terrific shots (a little washed out) of the Beauty sections, which are spread out over Level 1 and 3. 


Level 1 houses Beauty Counters like I Nuovi, Ettusais, Kiehls and some new brands I've not quite seen before (or maybe I'm suaku? :P) - for instance, Korean brand OSSION and Thai brand PANADDA.  The BA at PANADDA was really nice and gave me a folder of promotional material but I managed to take a sneaky shot while she went away to get me a tissue to clean swatches of my hands (yes, that's bad isn't it?)

I swatched a pearlised gunmental grey eyeshadow and a peachy-pink shimmery blush - both were a little on the soft side (as in my finger made a little indentation on the eyeshadow) but texture and pigmentation-wise, they were pretty good. I'm sorry, I don't think I asked about prices. 



PANADDA also has a quite a big range of false eyelashes.  They have regular-looking lush ones as well as the dramatic, more theatrical ones - I saw some blue and leopard-print feathery ones that reminded me of the Lash Bar offerings at the Shu Uemura counters.  Again, am not terribly sure about pricing but I was told that they start from around SGD$8.50?



Level 3 on the other hand, is like a giant drugstore of numerous beauty brands! Shelves and shelves and shelves of bath and beauty products from brands like SHILLS, JUICE ORGANICS,and other Japanese stuff I'm not familiar with. In addition to this, there was also a whole section devoted to hair accessories.



They also have a good nail products section, stocked with: OPI nail polish (with displays of the OPI Shrek and Summer Flutter Collections), OPI pedicure products, HUGE range of LA Girl Nail Polish and a few other brands I wasn't too familiar with.  The newer range of the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (the green one that Gwen blogged about sometime back?) including a duochrome violet shade that I was very tempted by, as well as a good range of Sally Hansen Xtreme Nail Polish was also available.  And there's also a rather HUGE Orly Collection - which means you can see polish colours in person and then go order online :P - Orly polishes were around SGD$20ish


Orly's Gum Drop Collection! Soo Pretty! Now I want some! :)


The store was surprisingly EMPTY and practically everything looked PRISTINE and UNTOUCHED, like the Panadda eyeshadow I swatched.  Perhaps if there were more people, I would've been able to take more snapshots (then the silly "ping" of the camera phone won't be so obvious?!) Apart from the Beauty stuff, there are clothes, accessories, cutesy stuff like Hello Kitty and so on.  We went through the aisles pretty quickly because we didn't have thaaat much time to browse but I think it might be a nice ALTernative place to go explore for now - I know I wouldn't mind going back there again, just to slowly browse around and properly take a look at what's stocked there, instead of trying to avoid being caught by security guards for indulging in Operation-Covert-Snapshot? :D Unfortunately, I didn't quite see any "Opening" specials or a storewide discount .. not YET perhaps?



 And this is what Iris gifted me yesterday - from UK, with luv!

The SOAP & GLORY SPRAY-ON BODY MOISTURISING MIST in GIRLIGO (I keep calling it girGLIO instead!) smells very familiar but I simply cannot place my finger on it.  So after a really hard time trying to figure out what I thought it smells of, I decided I shall go with ICED MANGOPASSIONFRUIT in a SUGARY SYRUP.  According to Boots.com however, its supposedly a blend of "bergamot, peach, strawberry, jasmine, mandarin and musk" ... uhh, ok, maybe the mandarin I mistook for passionfruit and mango?? LOL! It sprays on milky but once you rub it in, the scent lingers really pleasantly and I didn't detect any stickiness at all!  This is my first Soap & Glory product! Wheeee!



And the LUSH package? It contained a good, heavy wedge of one of the latest offerings from LUSH UK (I couldn't find it on the LUSH USA website) - SUMMER PUDDING SOAP!

I thought it looked like a wedge of cake, and when my mom walked into the room as I was uploading the snapshots, she asked me what CAKE I bought at SUBWAY (without her glasses, she thought that the LUSH wrapper looked like the SUBWAY sandwich wrapper! hee hee!). 


Like all LUSH soaps, Summer Pudding is very strongly scented - it contains glace cherries, ground almonds, almond oil and lemon oil so the predominant scent is cherry-almond.  It was apparently specially created for the Summer season and the creator intentionally wanted it to resemble English pudding (hence the dome shape of the whole soap).  The pink portion of the soap is supposed to produce a real good lather while the other cream-coloured portion has ground almonds for a mild scrub. 




That's all for now!  But what do you think - will you all be heading to ALT soon, to check it out? :)



DISCLAIMER: I am neither affiliated to, nor is this a paid/sponsored advertisement by any entity.



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i wanna check out ALT for sure. tho it seems like mostly jap/korean etc brands?
i thought they have a benefit counter therE?

posted by

I'm going to check out ALT once I pop by Orchard.

posted by

Sarah: Hmm, I don't recall seeing a Benefit counter yesterday .. I think there's a mix of brands, including a bigger range of Jap and Korean stuff as opposed to the smaller Kawaii corners at Watsons or at John Little .. I need to go back and walk around to see the stuff again! :P

Chantana: Yaaay! I'm definitely going back again :)

posted by

i just saw beauterunways blog, she mentioned a PAUL&JOE coutner there too la! LOL

posted by

Sarah: oh ya, think that was near the Kiehls' counter .. see, told you must go back and seeee again! :P

posted by

I didn't know about ALT but thanks for mentioning it! I have have have to go check that place out soon!

posted by

i NEED to check out ALT soon. looks like a new "playground" for me! and your mum is too cute, cake from Subway? LOL!

posted by

ALT seems like a makeup addict heaven (: Shall check it out soon!

posted by

Sara, Blushaphoria and Michelle: Think there are a lot of options at a variety of prices - might be a good place to hunt for gifts even :D

posted by

OHHH I totally wanted to check this place out yesterday but I forgot after getting my blush at MAC, LOL

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