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Just a quick entry on MAKE UP STORE's TWINKLE EYESHADOW.  I have a couple of these from purchases made a long time ago but decided to post a quick entry on them today for 2 reasons: (1) I rather like this product, and (2) while the OnSugarettes swarmed Make Up Store at Vivocity after the Christmas Meet and Greet yesterday, I mentioned this to Diana (Adorebeauty) and wanted to share the info.

The Twinkle Eyeshadows look like tubes of uber-glittery lipgloss; the applicator is also very similar to the doe-foot applicators found in lipglosses.  These come in a gamut of colours (and light and dark shades within each colour) like pink, green, purple, blue, gold, silver, etc.  Essentially, the product is a non-sticky, non-oily, non-goopy sheer coloured bases infused with a ton of glitter.  For instance, the purple one I have, Arabian, is a sheer violet base with loads of blue-purple, aqua and fuschia glitter; the green one, Amazone, is a super sheer green base infused with a ton of green, silver and gold glitter. Strange thing is I remember that the names of ALL the Twinkle Eyeshadows started with the letter "A".  The great thing about these is that once applied on top of any eyeshadow (I know, its an additional step and folks don't quite enjoy additional steps), you get a shimmery / glittery effect on the eyeshadow that really gives it depth - I also use it on my 'meh' eyeshadows to dress them up.  That said, over-application can result in a hot mess which we all want to avoid. 

Of course, if you detest glitter then you should RUN FAR FAR AWAY!

(Can you really? They're so pretty!)

3 Great Things about Twinkle Eyeshadows:

  • Long-wearing with no glitter fall-out: they essentially dry and stick to the eyeshadow; the glitter's not going anywhere until you remove your eyeshadow; they come off easily with eye makeup remover too
  • As a Base to apply other glitter: these can be used as bases for other glitter, like MAC Reflects, to grip onto, which otherwise may end up all over your face
  • Different coloured glitter within the same tube: each tube has at least 2 different complementary colours of glitters infused in the base which really pops on your eye (not to be mistaken for a holographic effect though)


Fuzzy (as usual) but I hope you can see the dimensional effect created by the glitter

Unfortunately, these are no longer available in stores; I can't find it on the Make Up Store webpage either.  So why did I post this? When I got these, they were on offer (I can't remember exactly how much but it was close to a one-for-one deal if I remember correctly) - I was told different things by the SAs: some said that they were being discontinued and reformulated; others (like the SA at the Vivocity outlet yesterday) indicated that these were simply 'out of stock' and the offer was some promotion.  I can't say for sure.  But:

  • If these were indeed discontinued and new Twinkle eyeshadows were being formulated, then you might want to check them out when they are re-released. 
  • Alternatively, if these are simply OOS, then you might want to check them out when they get back in stock. 
  • Or if you get a "twinkle eyeshadow attack" after this, you might want to search for online sellers. 


DISCLAIMER: The products featured in this entry were bought with my money.  I am neither affiliated to, nor is this a paid/sponsored advertisement by, Make Up Store or MAC.




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oh my god! those look so preeetttyyy... I want!!!!

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