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Qwic-Pic: 5 Lipcolours I Adore - Featuring MUFE, MAC, Maybelline & Revlon



Hope your week has gone well :)

I have this habit - I have loads of lipsticks and lip glosses but I have phases - I'll keep using a couple of shades exclusively for a while and then I'll rotate the shades and use another couple of shades exclusively. Recently, I've been very much in love with these few lipcolours and I thought I'd showcase them before I "move on" to the next batch of shades I'm beginning to reach for.

These 5 shades span a range - mauve-pink, plum, latte-nude and red. In this entry, I feature the swatches of the 5 lipsticks as well as shots from earlier entries in the blog where I'm wearing these lipsticks for an idea as to how it looks when worn.



First up, a staple in my makeup pouch for a looooong time - I love this so much that the lipstick bullet is almost finished - which is a real rarity in my case :P Make Up For Ever Rouge Intense in 29. The formula is excellent - it might feel dry at first swatch but the saturated colour and the way the colour applies so evenly and opaque in 1 swipe ... loooove. The medium mauve-pink was my go-to colour, especially when I use pink-shade blushes.

Here is a shot I pulled out from an earlier blog entry where I've got MUFE Rouge Intense in 29



Next up, Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle - this is not available in our line-up here and I ordered it in a spree. For a Lip Butter, it's really rather pigmented and has the loveliest sheen to it. It is a warm creamy pink. I like it on its own and it pairs amazingly well with MUFE Rouge Intense in 29 - it softens the shade a little and makes for a very sweet lipcolour.

I didn't post any blog entry where I'm using Revlon Pink Truffle but here is one shot from my Instagram - Jerlaine, Amy and I had a conversation regarding this lipcolour so I remember I was wearing this, with a blotted off layer of MUFE Rouge Intense in 29 underneath:P



Then we have my new love - Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipcolour in Crazy For Coffee. I LOVE this shade - I really would never have tried it on my own because it looks like a dark brown in the tube but dear Larry Yeo pointed this colour out to me and assured me it'd work well and I was totally pleasantly surprised. It is a warm plum with overt hints of red and brown. It seems to work well with a variety of eye and blush shades which makes it a versatile shade to own.

And here is a recent LOTD I posted here with Crazy for Coffee on - you can see it goes on a little lighter and brighter on the lips and has a lovely sheen about it. I don't need gloss with this lipcolour at all.



And there must be a nude latte in the line-up :) MAC Pillow Talk is one of the lighter nudes I have - it is from the MAC Naturally Collection. It is a medium nude brown with a very subtle pink hint. I love using this with very smokey eyeshadow and I also love pairing it with golden-orange and coral blushes.

Here is the LOTD I posted from that original haul entry - again, it goes on a little lighter on the lips.



And finally, from the nude, we move to the other extreme of the spectrum - red! I've been wanting to get hold of MAC Russian Red for the longest time and eventually Back2MACed it. Russian Red is a MAC classic - a medium dark red that neither leans too blue or too orange on my skintone. And I've noticed - the MAC Matte finishes are actually not drying at all (the Frosts are more drying on me). 

I don't have a shot from an earlier entry on the blog - I've been wearing it out rather often, mostly dabbed and smudged on but have yet to take a shot :) I'll update the entry or dedicate an entry to my red lipsticks, including Russian Red, soon!


Have you any Lipcolours you adore and have been constantly reaching for recently? Share!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day ahead


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Oooooh I love how Crazy for Coffee looks! It's like a neutral red if there's ever such a thing!

posted by

Hahaha love that pic of you with Pink Truffle on!

posted by

Sara: It looked like a very dark shade in the tube but I love it on the lips - and the formula is really comfortable. I just picked up another one in the Plum range

posted by

Kim: LOL! it was a crazy moment! :D

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