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Qwic-Pic: Beguiled By The Wicked Beauty of Chanel Malice


The Holiday 2012 collections, as many Holiday collections are, were absolutely beautiful but this time  round, I exercised far more restraint than previous years. One of the few Holiday 2012 products I made sure I got my hands on was Chanel's Malice.


They sure bestowed a rather wicked name to an enchantingly beautiful nail lacquer. Perhaps they were going for a "it's so good, it's bad" vibe. It grabs you from "hello" and refuses to get out of your mind. 

Deep dark reds with shimmer like Malice is not an uncommon shade - especially for Autumn/Winter and Holiday collections. OPI, China Glaze and Zoya have definitely done lacquers in the similar shade family before - OPI Royal Rajah Ruby comes to mind but I believe that is marginally darker. Comments on Temptalia's post throw up many suggestions for dupes and similarities but I don't want to compare Malice to anything. It's gorgeous, a perfect flawless formula, wears impeccably for a good number of days and is one of those shades that's just perfect for elegant dinners and parties. 

Malice GLOWS - it's one of those polishes that is deeper and darker around the edges and sort of comes to life in towards the centre. You can see that deep-glowy multi-dimension in the bottle.

Like I mentioned - impeccable formula and I'll have to admit that many Chanel polishes seem to have a beautiful formula that gives you great coverage with just 2 regular coats. Even the pale pale pink that Chanel Frisson is had a beautiful formula. 

Chanel Malice is photographed below with flash and in natural sunlight - in the pictures, I have on 1 coat of Orly Calcium Gel as base coat, 2 coats of Chanel Malice and 1 coat of Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat.


And my bottle of Malice is even more enchanting - I snagged it at just under SGD$27 because my dear friend Joey helped me purchase this at the airport (Thank you again Joey!) 

I have this obsession for the last quarter of this year for deep dark reds, rubies and crimsons and Malice fits the bill perfectly. I've reached for it several times since purchasing it already and it's one of the most loved lacquers amongst my newer acquisitions. If you have yet to check it out, you really should!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fab day ahead!


Disclaimer: Product featured purchased with my own money. All opinions expressed are my own and unbiased.

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Those are sexy nails! I am thankful I am not really into nail polish or else I think I would be a lot poorer ;)

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You are most welcome Kas =)
I am actually considering getting a back up for this - not sure if I should as all Spring 2013 collections are falling in..
Should I?

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Jacqueline: LOL! Very grown-up shade - I love it so!

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Joey: You know what, I think you should get a backup for this if you really like this shade. I like how it's neither too deep that it looks blackened, it has no purple tones in it, and its not bright bright either. I foresee myself reaching for this very often because somehow for me, it strikes a beautiful balance. Seems like a shade that is not quite restricted by season ya? For me, this is like OPI Quarter of A Cent Cherry status - I wear it alllll the time.

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