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Qwic-Pic: Cleansing Whizz - Make Up Store Brush Cleaning Soap



Cleaning my brushes is really not my favourite activity - I do it anyway because it's totally necessary. Clean brushes don't breed bacteria in all that dried foundation and eyeshadow and makeup application is also easier with clean brushes. The main thing I don't like about brush cleaning is that I spend a loooong time lathering up and rinsing them clean - and sometimes, I have to do it twice over because it's not as clean as I want it - this is especially the case with the more dense foundation brushes. Eyeshadow brushes usually clean relatively easily (powder comes off quite easily) but those I use with cream products like foundation, concealer, cream eyeshadow take more time.

But, I've a new hero in my brush-cleansing life - The Make Up Store Brush Cleaning Soap (SGD$21).

This recently got the nod from the reviewer panel of the Elle Magazine Beauty IT List 2012

I was tired of how baby shampoo didn't seem to be cutting it for me so I decided to give this a try. I washed 2 brushes and then, I found myself washing almost half of my brushes all at one go and with nary a frown. I actually was happy washing my brushes!



Let me show you how it works - these 2 brushes are stained and full of Burberry foundation and Laura Mercier Secret Camoflage Concealer.

The large brush is a beautiful purple and multi-hued brush from Becca and has remained yellow-brown stained since the first use. I've washed it many times with baby shampoo and it has gotten clean but always remained stained - I even complained to Joey about it (we have the same brush).

Here's how the Brush Cleaning Soap works - wet your brush under running water and just swirl it all over the surface of the soap. As you swirl, you will see the soap looking all icky dirty with whatever product is in the brush - foundation, eyeshadow, gel eyeliner, blush etc - don't worry, it will rinse right off.

Here's the thing - there is something in the soap that literally breaks down and lifts off all the product from the brush bristles. The product gets a little coagulated and congealed and comes right off the bristles.

In the picture below, you can see congealed bits of eyeliner and eyeshadow on my hand after I swirled the soap-laden brush on my hands to lather all the product out.

This congealing / coagulating action results in really fast rinsing of the brushes - unlike with baby shampoo, even denser brushes rinse out pretty fast and there is no residue left behind.

The icky looking soap? It just rinses clean - I pat it dry with a kitchen towelette and let it dry. 


The soap has a lovely scent - like a cross between Dove Soap and baby wash. The scent of the soap mostly dissipates from the brushes once dried but the brushes still have a gently pleasant scent about them.

And look at my Becca foundation brush - very clean and the stains are gone!

And here are all the brushes I washed, very enthusiastically, that afternoon - I was a cleaning robot - whizz whizz whizz ....

The super dense and big MAC 134 and the Sigma Flat Top Kabuki which is also very dense rinsed out in a jiffy and came out so clean. 

I've since cleaned the remainder of my brushes with the same spectacular results. 


I just only got this very recently but I HAD to talk about it because I've never been this pleased about brush cleansing before. I'm very impressed with the soap - it didn't make any brush shed, no bleeding of colour, no scratchy feeling of the bristles - in some cases, strong brush cleansers might contain a harmful solvent that melts off the makeup but might harm the brushes in the process. My brushes all feel so soft, smooth and clean.

The bar is sure to last me quite a while - I know at SGD$21, it's much much more expensive than baby shampoo or the Daiso cleanser which a lot of people love, but I really like how it does this brush cleansing soap does it's job and it's the fastest, most efficient brush cleaning product I've come across hitherto.

Joey has reviewed the same brush cleansing soap - click HERE to read her thoughts


Thanks for stopping by and have a great day ahead!


Disclaimer: Product featured was purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

posted by

Hi Kas

Thanks very much for this !! :) I was using the regular brush wash and had to by the Brush Guard to let them dry.

posted by

Alright.. I think I might get this since you say.. it make you keep going and wash more of your brushes... hahahhaa... My back always ache when I do major brush washing!!!!

posted by

Tinaleo: I have 2 brush guards but I dont use them - I usually shape my brushes by hand (pack them inwards and upwards) and let it dry - even when I used to use baby shampoo. Hope this was useful :)

posted by

Chantana: Yaaaaa .. it's really easy for me at least - I like! :D

posted by

Read this on both Joey's blog and yours and now I'm so tempted. It just seems like such an easy and quick way to really clean brushes!

posted by

Sara: It is ... I've never washed allllll my brushes in one go! But really, what got me what how it removed the stains on my Becca foundation brush. That was the major selling point for me.

posted by

Am so glad you like this brush cleanser and that it works for you..
I am loving it..
From what I know, it is constantly OOS, so @sara and @chantana, gotta go grab one before it runs out again =)

posted by

Joey: I'm super pleased with it - the creamy goo all just comes sliding off!

posted by

I have this soap too! It works wonders.

posted by

Jacqueline: I bought this in mid-July - my soap has a HUGE dip on both sides because I am SOOOO enthusiastic about washing my brushes now! :P

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