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Qwic-Pic: Fawning Over Flora at the Singapore Garden Festival



The Singapore Garden Festival is currently on at Suntect City on the 4th and 6th levels of the Convention Centre. 

Thanks to one of the Garden Festival sponsors, Clarins, I had an opportunity to visit and take in the sights (and scents) of the lovely floral displays at the Garden Festival over the weekend. In this entry, I share with you a couple of my favourite displays and shots of beautiful flowers which caught my eye.

I just wished that the organisers had added name tags to the displays - in the case of the more unique flowers, I had no idea what they were. But gorgeous gorgeous nonetheless!

There were several installations and displays - landscape gardens, balcony views, art installations - here are some of my favourites:

This was gorgeous - a total resort feel with the little plunge pool and the lounge chairs - simple, clean lines and yet lush.



Ahh, the Zen garden - love the element of the Yin Yang woven in too. Right off the set of a period Korean or Japanese drama ;)




This installation had an ethereal feel about it - the smoke effects, the gurgling mini fountains and the lush green really had visitors hooked.



The Seven Dwarfs going home - pity they didn't make Snow White too ...



Spot the Monster!



I LOVED this garden picnic display inspired by Alice in Wonderland by Pioneer Junior College - I'll admit, the props were the ones that attracted me first - the cupcakes look so real! The way the display is done - the spacing, the placement of the plants - it doesn't look like a group of youths did it. Really really nice!



One of my FAVOURITE displays - the balloons and the orchids! So colourful, cheery and happy looking. I think this would be absolutely gorgeous in for a garden wedding ... *makes mental note*



Another gorgeous creation - a dragon and cute little fish made entirely out of roses. I really like the attention to detail and the dragon head is awesome.



Smurf Garden!!!!


Moving on to the flower displays - some of these were in random displays, others were in displays with national landmarks like the Sydney Opera House or the French Arc de Triomphe (pictured below) so it gives visitors and inkling where these flowers might be from (strange that I didn't see Hibiscus in the display with the Petronas Twin Towers though).

Australian Protea



Tulips in an array of colours - wonder why they look windswept though ..



Pink Hydrangeas

White Hydrangeas

Blue Hydrangeas



Pink Roses - look at the way the petals are tiered!



Freshly Bloomed Yellow Rose



These look like lilies - love the rich colour

White and Pink Tiger Lilies - love the scent!



White Magnolia






There was also an Orchid Show at the 4th level - it's known as the Market Place where you can buy gardening supplies but you MUST visit it - that's where the Alice in Wonderland and Smurf displays are too. The Orchid displayed featured several unique orchids as well as prize-winning species.

This one is called PINK MOMMA ... :D

Maui Mist - I swear, it looks like someone painted on the design!



It's not just the displays inside the halls that are gorgeous - lots of very beautiful floral arrangements at the entrance of the exhibition halls too, featuring the cartoon bug ambassadors of the festival - the Ladybird, Grasshopper and Bee.


I love that the Garden Festival has a fairy tale vibe to it - there were statues of fairies and elves among the display at the entrance

And I leave you with one shot that suggests I might have read one fairytale too many ... 

Nope, No PRINCE ...


The Singapore Garden Festival is on until 15 July with tickets at SGD$10 on weekdays and SGD$14 on weekends.

It boasts some really nice floral displays and rarely seen flowers and plants with loads of photo opportunities and inspiration, especially if you're thinking of landscape and floral centrepieces for weddings and events.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the photos :)


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hahaha! @ the last pic! So cute! XD~

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Ming: My mom took that shot! She thought I was off my rockers! :P

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(I just realised that I the system "unfollow" you on my behalf.. WHY??? Made me wonder why you so long never update!!!!)

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hahahaha! @na I also duno when I followed some other blogs which I didn't follow! And I keep having updates of them instead of the ones i follow... hmm:\

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Ming and Chantana: LOL! How does this happen - I realised that my Instagram had the same problem - it auto-unfollowed some people! and I was wondering eh, why no updates! And Jerlaine experienced the same thing too!

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Might be some "bugs"

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