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Qwic-Pic: The June Bellabox & An Overview of The Bellabox Subscription Service



I received my June Bellabox just recently and I really liked the good selection of skincare samples in it - particularly the ones from Kiehls.

I've got a sachet of the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate squirreled away in my drawer but I prefer the slightly bigger size that is in my June Bellabox. I love Kiehl's toners - I'm currently working my way throught the giant Blue Astringent one and I've tried the much gentler Calendula toner before. I like how Bellabox packed in the deluxe size of the Calendula toner - the deluxe bottle in the June Bellabox contains the calendula petals just like the larger retail size while the sachets you often get at the counters don't contain the petals. I've heard that the petals are placed in the bottles one by one. 

The June Bellabox was created in mind with the hot, sizzling summer weather and these little samples would be perfect to pack in a getaway bag - rather unfortunately, the only place I getaway to is my room these days :P

So after about 6 months of Bellaboxes, I thought I might just chat a little about what my thoughts are. I'd previously discussed the Bellabox and the whole idea of subscribing to luxury sample boxes HERE

I purchased the first 3 Bellaboxes on my own - so I'm speaking from the angle of having been a customer too.


Here is a shot of most of the goodies I've amassed from the various Bellaboxes I purchased and received:

So here are some of my thoughts:

  • I enjoy receiving a variety of samples - sometimes they are samples I already have like the Lancome ones I receive when I make purchases but in other cases, they are samples of products I really want to try


  • It introduces me to new brands like Caudalie which I never really took notice of till I was introduced to it by Bellabox


  • The box is something to look forward to sometimes - a little treat and the anticipation of "what's inside, what's inside?"


  • On the other hand, if you're always purchasing new stuff, then sometimes you find that you receive something in the box you might already have - like I now have 2 bottles of the China Glaze Crackle in pink. It's not such a bad thing really because I can also always gift it away but it sort of takes away from the whole box.


  • Sometimes, the anticipation can be a little of a letdown - like I wasn't too keen that I had a BB cream in one of the boxes since my carefully filled out profile indicates my skintone (and we all know how most BB creams, especially the Korean ones, are not meant for my skintone).


The other thing is that there are often vouchers in the boxes:

The vouchers sort of up the value of the box but I haven't used any of them, seeing how they often have a minimum sum to be redeemed against. Sometimes, I just don't have that much stuff to buy from that one particular brand (ok, I don't need ... really shouldn't buy that much) sometimes. In some cases, they do come useful like the Shu Uemura discount voucher for cleansing oil pictured above - but I already have a backup of the cleansing oil purchased during the Metro 20% sales so I won't be using that either.

Here's the thing - Bellabox has recently changed it's prices - the subscription rate is now SGD$19.95 per box instead of the previous rate of SGD$15. I popped by the announcement page which explained the details HERE and there were some comments that didn't quite welcome the price increase. To be honest, I would prefer it to remain at the previous rate of SGD$15 - somehow the thought of paying $20 for a box of samples seems a little steep for many. The justification by Bellabox is the quality of the samples and the bigger brands that they are working with and I can see that - Laura Mercier, Benefit, Kiehls, Lancome, Annick Goutal, Maison-Francis Kurkdjian are some fabulous brands to name a few so I do understand Bellabox's point.

Bellabox also now comes couriered rather than by registered mail which ups the personalised factor - I'm not sure about the others but I didn't have the best experience with the courier company which contacted me and made an appointment and then totally didn't show up, re-scheduled the appointment for a 9am-1pm delivery and then tried to change it from 2-6pm. This of course has nothing to do with Bellabox's service itseld but I seem to prefer Singpost (based on my experiences only of course).

As of now, I think Bellabox has a great following with the lovely brands they've partnered with but competition is definitely stiff with other companies offering a good selection too (my eyes almost popped looking at the Tangs*Vanity Trove boxes online). It'd be great if Bellabox continues to partner great established brands and liberally pepper their boxes with lovelies ... 


Let Every Box Be A Bumper Bellabox?

What do you think?


Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


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my sentiments exactly! i feel the same with the points stated above. Moreover, $19.95 is a huge jump from $15. I hope they'll look into that again :/
I just purchased my first box in June and the courier service was a bumper. It was sent to my house the first time, but no one was home. Thus i changed it to my office address and stated 9am - 1pm, but it only showed up at 3pm, at my HOME address and no one was at home again because i was at work (duh~). I'm thinking of cancelling the service and only get it when i feel that the products are worth the $19.95.

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I took a long time in selecting between BellaBox and VanityTrove at the beginning of this year, and BellaBox won out because of the cheaper price and the selection of brands that I preferred. I love how the brands selected are very earth friendly/organic themed. I also love the brands they are adding on.. and it has introduced me to some new brands I'd otherwise never try.

However, like you, I have yet to make use of any of the vouchers given, either because it had expired by the time I got around to trying and liking a product, or it's just too much money to invest in. Now looking on, I may not continue once my subscription ends (I hopped on a 1-yr subscription).

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Gwen and Peachbubble: I think Bellabox has upped the ante with the brands they have partnered with and I can understand the justification of the price hike to a large extent. I hope the quality remains at a great level. That said, I think Singpost was a better option personally - for me, somehow both the Jun and Jul boxes required rescheduling and redelivery; I'd rather pick up from the post office if that were the case but that's just my thoughts.

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