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Qwic-Pic: Olay White Radiance Serum & Sunblock - Full of Hardworking Vitamins & Work Great Under Makeup



I've recently been trying out a new combination of serum and sunblock from the Olay White Radiance range under my makeup and I really like how it works so I wanted to share! 

My apologies - I accidentally threw away the box of the White Radiance Intensive Brightening Serum before I took a shot of it. So here is a sneaky shot I snapped with my phone in the store.

A little while ago, Larry Yeo gifted me the Intensive Brightening Serum after hearing I was dealing with stubborn spotty skin. My mom uses the pink Olay moisturiser but this is the first Olay product I'm using myself. 

The Intensive Brightening serum is the 3rd step of the recommended Olay White Radiance regime - daily treatment. The formula uses a cocktail of CelLucent Whitening Active, Vitamin B3 and plant extracts to tackle the likes of spots and uneven skintone.

The ingredients panel lists Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) as the 2nd ingredient after water which made me rather confident of this spot-busting formula.

I checked out what Niacinamide can do for the skin and here are some of its attributes:

  • topical application of Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 preserves levels of 2 important enzymes, NADH and NADPH which contribute to cellular energy and lipids that are responsible for cell growth and take care of the skin's barrier against pollutants 


  • Tests show that cells treated with Niacinamide endured less oxidative damage as well as may be useful to increase skin elasticity


  • Niacinamide is an effective protectant of the skin's barrier against external aggressors, managing skin conditions such as redness from rosacea, inflammation 


  • Niacinamide has been found to reduce the appearance of blotchy skin and hyper-pigmentation


  • Niacinamide is well-tolerated by many skin types


  • Niacinamide encourages the production of natural emollients in skin to keep it hydrated


The serum contains 2 different coloured beads in a clear, lightweight gel ...

When dispensed, the beads are crushed together - I think this preserves the freshness of the vitamin complex in the beads so you get an instant delivery of the vitamins to the skin.

In terms of the texture, I have to agree with Olay - it has the lightest, most easily absorbed formula I've come across in a serum - the other serums I've tried like the Clarins Pore Minimising or Clarins White Plus HP whitening serums absorb very quickly into skin but I think the White Radiance Intensive Brightening Serum actually does it in lightning speed as well as mattifies the skin to a very smooth velvet feel.

As I've mentioned several times, I have drastically reduced the number of skincare products I use prior to makeup application as too much makes everything slip and slide on my oily and perspiration-prone skin - and the cranky humid humid weather these days really makes things worse. But this ultra-light and ultra-Vitaminised (is that a real word?) serum really is a god-send. 


And as with many serums, I love the pump dispenser - hygienic and prevents air from getting into the formula which preserve freshness. I also appreciate the semi-translucent packaging which lets me see how much of the serum I have left


Totally impressed with the texture and feel of the serum, I decided to purchase the sunblock in the White Radiance range - the Ultra UV Blocker.

I'll confess - apart from the good experience with the serum, what really drew me to the sunblock was the SPF50 label. Great timing as my other 2 sunblocks I rotate, the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse and the MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect (both SPF50) have finished. Right now, I rotate the Olay White Radiance Ultra UV Blocker with the Laneige SPF50 sunblock I have which is much much more heavy and emollient in texture in comparison to this Olay one)

The Ultra UV Blocker is the 4th and final step in Olay's White Radiance regime - Specialty Treatment (although I think it's really a daily necessity!)

Again, this formula contains Niacinamide but in a smaller quantity. After water, the next star ingredient is Ethylhexy Methoxycinnamate - this is a commonly used ingredient in skincare and sunblocks which protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It's presence in products also helps preserve your skincare in the packaging by blocking out sunlight.

I love the packaging - a soft squeezy tube that allows you to control the amount of sunblock dispensed. I point this out because as much as I love my MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect, I HATE the hard tube which makes dispensing the sunblock a real headache.

And what I love so much about this sunblock - it has a great light texture, like a cream-lotion that absorbs very fast into skin. It is much lighter than the MAC and Laneige sunblocks I have, which makes it great to pair with the Olay White Radiance Intensive Serum - both the textures work well together for supple and soft skin that is well-prepped for primer and foundation.

And the best part - NO WHITE, GREY, LILAC cast at all. You can tell from the GIF below that it not only aborbs well, it really has no cast that interferes with the colour of foundation. I'm super happy with this!

Both the Olay White Radiance Intensive Brightening Serum and Ultra UV Blocker have a very light, non-descript floral fragrance that disspates after a while. I will confess that I've never really paid any attention to the range at all, prior to this and I'm so so so glad that Larry passed me the serum to try - he was impressed by the high Niacinamide content and the texture and knew it would do something good for me :D


As for the bit about clearing up the skintone - I can't tell for now since I've only recently been using this (as well as a couple of other skin-clearing products in my current skincare regime) - I'm comforted to know that these have potent skin-loving ingredients and love the texture - you can be sure that I'm going to be sticking to this regime for a while!

Ole, Olay!


Thanks for stopping by and have a great week ahead! 




Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Olay. The Intensive Brightening Serum was gifted to me while I purchased the Ultra UV Blocker with my own money. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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Wooo.. the sunblock sound nice~

posted by

Chantana: I'm truly a sunblock fan now - spf50 gets me all excited. Lol! I find I can be a little more generous with this one cos the texture works so well for me

posted by

Wee... welcome to the club(lolx)
Have you tried applying sunblock before skincare? It's really amazing!

posted by

Stop tempting me to get sunscreens! Lol. I know they are important but I think I'll have an army soon at this rate.

posted by

i'm tempted by the sunblock toooo! :p heehee

posted by

Sara and Dooey89: Ooooops ... it's ok; sunblocks are soooo important, you can never have too many. Unlike lipstick and eyeshadow (look who's talking!)

posted by

Chantana: Nope, I'm so set in my ways that it never every occurs to me to reverse the application steps! How is it different?

posted by

From this video, I learned that sunscreen need time to work into the skin and is best advise to apply on bare skin. (I tried it, and sunblock absorb faster, the skin texture also feel abit different)


posted by

Sara and dooey89- agree with Kas, can never have too much sunblock!

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