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Qwic-Pic: Pink Polka Dot Nails for Pink Dot 2012!



Ok, it's more a cherry, fuchsia pink rather than a straight-up pink! Using Bourjois So Laque in Fuchsia Hype and a white polish from Elianto, I free-handed the irregular-sized polka dots (wanted the difference in sizes more prominent though; didn't turn out exactttttly how I envisioned) for a Pink Dot themed nail design.

I wanted this design because I was headed for a little afternoon picnic yesterday for PINK DOT 2012!

Pink Dot 2012 is an annual event - this is the 4th year they're doing it - that supports the notion of an inclusive society and the freedom to love, irregardless of sexual orientation. The event is legal and legitimate (registered with the relevant authorities) - it is NOT a protest but rather, simply a show of support for those who believe in the openness of love between all. It is a fun day out, where small children, pets, families, couples and friends all turned up in pink to just chill ... ok, it was sweltering actually.


Click for an FAQ to find out more about the event and PINK DOT SG

I've always wanted to attend for the fun of it and this year, I finally managed to! I was accompanied by my buddies, Amy and Jerlaine :)

Amy and I queueing up for cotton candy (which melted all over us before we actually got to taste much of it) and pink lights. And my wallet is totally photo-bombing us awkwardly!

And before the concert started, all of us were treated to scenes of the SAF Fighter Jets whizzing past during the National Day Parade rehearsal and the flag-bearing Chinooks 

While waiting for the concert to start, I realised I had an abundance of pink stuff in my bag, including my bag itself! Totally not intentional!

The little round plushie is the mascot for Pink Dot SG and I picked up the key-chain version at the event - Little Pinkyboo (I just made that up) is now on my car key bunch. 

The concert featured several famous faces - Lim Yu Beng, Sharon Au and Kumar are the 3 official ambassadors this year while other notable acts like Jack and Rai and the Tang Quartet (below) performed. I wished the sound was a little better because the Tang Quartet was really awesome but it was a little on the soft side.

The crowd went a little wild when Kumar made his entrance! He's really awesome - says the funniest, cheekiest (and somehow makes sense still), with the straightest face possible.

Then Ivan Heng, in the La Cage musical get-up, arrived and just upped the ante of the concert - the real glitz and glam quotient for the night!

We received little pink torches at the event but Amy went a step further - she got her Mom to help us buy pink light sticks! Here we are getting ready to form the huge illuminated pink dot in the middle of the park ..

And here we are, smack in the middle!

Here is how the illuminated pink dot looks like from an aerial view - this awesome shot is from PINK DOT SG's Facebook page

That's 15,000 people! I'm somewhere there *points to the middle of the sea of pink*


We were immensely pooped after the whole event - lots of laughs and giggles (including an episode over parking), we almost got stomped on at the picnic ground, sushi for tea, makeup shopping before that ... anything is fun if you have an open heart and great friends! 


Viva La Friendship!


Thanks for stopping by and have a great week ahead!


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This is adorbs!

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Kellness: Thank you! :)

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