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Qwic-Pic: Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencils - Some Thoughts & Comparison Swatches



My chums headed to Taiwan recently and thanks to a tip-off from Elaine (@elainnio on Twitter), we all got to know about these lovely coloured pencil liners. Amy (@purplio on Twitter) helped me pick up a couple - and now I'm regretting not picking up a few more shades.

I initially only asked for ONE liner - naturally, my choice was Turquoise but the more I looked at the swatches, the more I liked the blue and golden khaki so that went onto my list.

And out of the blue, Amy managed to psychobabble me into getting the Solone Liquid Eyeliner in Gold. 

The gold glitter liner is in a liquid dip liner form - the thin brush is similar to the usual dip liners we get in several other brands. The glitter - gold and some holographic glitter - is suspended in a thin clear base which makes this a versatile liner to own. I like using these types of glitter liners as an accent either on my upper lashline above my regular black liquid liner or drawn on a black gel liner at the lower lash line. I've tried this out since and it's pretty smooth and not gritty.


And now on to the Smoody Pencils - quite a cute name - makes me think of cows somehow .. in a good way though.

I love how the pencils look - the metallic pencils with the silver print and the hearts all over. It doesn't look or feel cheap at all.


And the pencils - totally phenomenal for the price we got them at. I think each pencil averaged under SGD$7 (the gold glitter liner included). Solone indicates that these can be used as liners or as shadows - I've only used them as liners hitherto but Amy has tried them as a shadow with great success too.


I picked Forest, Dark Night and Turquoise. Let's look at the swatches and comparisons for each shade.

If you only get one Smoody Pencil, it has to be Forest. It's amazing - a blackened khaki with lots .. LOTS of gold glitter that stays and stays and stays on the eye with no irritation. I used it on my lower lashline a couple of times with no issues. Be warned though - it takes quite a lot of cleaning with eye makeup remover and cleansing oil to totally come off.

I love these blackened shades shot through with gold and till I got hold of Solone Forest, MAC's Black Line (so precious when it was LE) was my absolute favourite and Gold Standard. After swatching it side by side with Solone Forest, for that price and the shimmering gold, I think I love Solone Forest more. Here are the comparison swatches with other blackened khaki eyeliners in my stash.


Then we have the pretty Dark Night

A dark but bright blue with silver and blue shimmer. I love blue eyeliners and mascara - so this one is naturally very lovely to me. Again, smooth on the lower lashline (and the waterline too but be careful if your eyes are even remotely sensitive). 

The other current favourite blue eyeliner I'm using is the Clio Gelpresso in Navy Chic. Navy Chic and Dark Night are not quite the same in shade or the glitter - pretty in their own right. Love both!


And then, we have Turquoise ... a green-toned turquoise beauty, shot through with gold glitter. Beautiful! Very very mermaid-esque and totally reminds me of how OPI's Catch Me In Your Net or Zoya Charla looks like.

The closest I had in my stash was MAC Pearlglide in Undercurrent, which turns out to be greener than Solone Turquoise. Solone Turquoise also looks a tad more metallic.

The other 2 shades I didn't pick up but have my eye on now are Red Wine (a black with red glitter) - which will pair perfectly with GA Eyes to Kill in Lust Red and the Silver Black which will be awesome with greys and pewters.

Thanks again to my chums for helping me pick these up! 


Thanks for stopping by and have a gorgeous week!


Disclaimer: All products purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

posted by

The pigmentation is amazing!!! The navy blue is very pretty!!

posted by

Dark Night is gorgeous!! Regret not getting more when I was in TW. Only picked up Turqoise and Champagne..

posted by

Not normally a turquoise fan but this is such a gorgeous turquoise! It would be stunning to wear as a hint of liner-color! :D

posted by

Jo and Mabel: it's very pretty and lasts decently! I think eventually, we'll end up collecting most of the shades! Resist resist!

posted by

Sara: Exactly what I did - dark eyeshadow and then the turquoise eyeliner to pop. But I find myself loving Forest the most!

posted by

this brand is sold in singapore too! Beauty credit is selling them at buy 2 get 1 free from now till 25th july :)

posted by

chuahuiyan: yep, I heard! But it's a little more expensive than what we purchased it for. That said, this is a great eyeliner and I WOULD pay that price if I didnt have any other access to it. What colours did you get?

posted by

I got the red wine and a purple, and the turquoise was given to me free :) They are selling at $16.90 each.. but since it came with a free one, I felt less pain on my wallet

posted by

Chuahuiyan: Totally agree with you on the less pain! They're still great quality for under $12 - I'm getting the Red Wine soon too!

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