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For Autumn Winter 2011, ANNA SUI has released a new mascara as part of its line-up - the PERFECT MASCARA (SGD$41)

The new formula has several ingredients that work in tandem to create an optical illusion of larger wider eyes - the formula, together with the brush, aim to lengthen the lashes in the centre of the eye as well as widening the shorter lashes at the sides of the eye.

To this end, it contains:

  • Fast Dry Powder - a quick drying powder that volumises lashes without clumping
  • Triple Solid Oil - 3 different oils that blend fibres together
  • Curl Keep Polymer - a water resistant polymer that works together with the Triple Solid Oil to create a waterproof film for an all-day curl
  • Ultra-fine, short fibers - that layer atop of each other for a smooth glossy finish.
  • A high concentration of black pigment in the powder - for dark, glossy lashes


And the amazing part? The mascara too, carries the Anna Sui signature rose scent!


Let's look at the packaging first:

The mascara tube is ornate and totally in the theme of the regular Anna Sui packaging, complete with glossy black plastic and intricate details. The raised rose insignias might look a tad distracting and difficult to grip but trust me - it doesn't affect how I hold or control the mascara wand


Next, the mascara brush itself - the brush is very very slim and is tapered at both ends. This brush is designed to catch even the smaller lashes at the inner and outer corners of the eyes, while the slightly broader centre deposits more mascara on the centre of your lashline.



How does it work? Let's look at close-ups of my eye with the ANNA SUI PERFECT MASCARA on

  • From this shot, you can see how the brush and mascara have coated all my lashes, even the teenier ones at the inner corners of my eye.


  • You can also see how the lashes in the centre of my eye look a little thicker - there is more mascara deposited there.


So the brush design does really work - not some marketing mumbo-jumbo but a brush that does what it says it will. What you're seeing is about 2 coats.

  • Overall, I find that this mascara does a great job in terms of lengthening and separating lashes - the glossiness of the formula as well as the way it coats individual lashes, really creates a wide-eyed look - which is again, exactly what the mascara is touted for.

  • However, it doesn't quite add too much volume however so I find that its a little more "natural" looking as opposed to some other heavier, dramatic mascaras I've tried.


  • And the best part? My eyelashes didn't droop - the open, wide-eyed look remains as it is until I take off my makeup. The shots you are seeing are actually the shots I took home AFTER I got home around 1am, from an event last week - there was no smudging, flaking or drooping for over the 7+ hours I had this mascara on.


  • As for removal - it is easy to remove, as easy it is to apply - the glossy, filmy product goes on and off lashes smoothly and easily, even with just cleansing oil only


For me, the new ANNA SUI PERFECT mascara is easy to use and easy on the eyes - if you're looking for something that creates a sweet, wide-eyed, somewhat natural eyelook, you might consider checking this out. The ornate packaging and the rose scent make this an even sweeter offering, if you're looking for the next gift for your mascara-fiend of a friend! :)



Do you like different mascaras on different days?

What is your favourite mascara so far?




DISCLAIMER: Product was sent to me for review. I am not affiliated to Anna Sui. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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