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This entry is a quick review on the ELIZABETH ARDEN PURE FINISH MINERAL POWDER FOUNDATIONSarah and Diana have already reviewed this powder foundation (in different shades) separately (the links are to their reviews).

NOTE: I purchased this powder foundation with my own money sometime late last year when it was first launched. 

I am am a Super-Lemmer - I have to just come right out and admit it, as unhealthy as it makes me sound and look.  I was hankering for this powder foundation the moment I saw it in a foreign magazine while at the salon, simply because I was so fascinated with the "grinder".  I was also really pleased that it came in a variety of shades - I was matched for a shade 6 (for reference, I am an NC43-45 in MAC speak) - I think we get up to shade 8 for the EA powder foundation here. 

I do like this powder foundation for several reasons.  You get very finely milled powder with the grinder and you can also control the amount that is being ground. The latter is important for me because my train-case is a little cramped so things sometimes go topsy-turvy - grinding only what I need prevents a messy tub from which a sandstorm of powder billows out when opened.  The other thing is that I was told by a MAC MA that powder and liquid foundation can oxidise on its own in the bottle or compact - so I think grinding and using up only what I need preserves the freshness of the powder foundation (I hope that makes sense).


Brushes L-R: ELF Studio Line Powder Brush; Elizabeth Arden Powder Brush (the brush looks powdery as I had picked up and buffed some powder onto my inner arm for the picture below)

I usually apply it either with the accompanying brush or my ELF Studio Line Powder brush (Amy @ Purplio: I can't thank you enough for this!) - I get similar coverage and smooth application with both the brushes; neither buff the powder foundation out too much that its sheer, nor do they leave it in splotches on my face.  I must add that since I purchased the powder foundation when it was launched, I received the huge brush as a gift with purchase - I never really checked how much the brush retailed for (SGD$42) and I'm super-pleased to have gotten my hands on it. 

The EA powder foundation goes on smoothly and I get at least about 6 good hours of wear before it starts to look worn out - I have oily oily skin and I also tend to perspire a fair bit.  Now that I am back to school, there's a fair amount of walking (usually scampering!) to classes from one end of the Faculty to another so I think the EA powder should get a little credit for holding up on my skin.

EA Powder Foundation Swatch in shade 6 on my inner arm

This shot was taken about about 4 hours of wear in an air-conditioned environment

My only grouse with this is that I can't seem to figure out how you can tell when you're running low on the powder - the casing is opaque black and I think the grinder must constantly be in contact with the powder in order to grind (so its not like you can see the powder cake shrinking inside). Oh well, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it =)

Hope you all have a great week!


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Oh no! Now you've passed this lemming on to me. I swear this must be going viral. :( Still, thanks for the review!

posted by

great review! always so comprehensive. so interesting that it can grind.. i think that's cool but will it really prevent it from oxidizing? haha.

posted by

Debx: thanks! there must be some logic (to do with molecules, air, reaction, etc) to it ... See, I'm so gullible - I believe that there MUST be some logic!!! LOL!

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Argggggg... make me so wanna try this!!!

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hehe, u are welcomed dear kas, no need to thank me, its a pleasure to share :p

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I was wondering about the bit of how would you know when you're running out as well. Maybe it'll start grinding smaller quantities? Hmm.
Everyone reviewing this is making me develop a lemming for it. I can't, it's mineral! haha.

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Lemming lemming lemming!!!

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