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Review: Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Hydrolipidic Concentrate


Hello :)


Rough weeks (especially these last few days) calls for intensive skincare. For a little while now, I've been reaching for Clarin's latest skincare offering, Double Serum

Touted as a "complete age control concentrate", Double Serum is meant to complement your skincare regime by feeding your skin with nutrients in a formula that is suitable and comfortable to the natural texture of the skin - what Clarins refers to as Biomimetic Skincare.

To this end, the dual nature of skin cells calls for a dual textured serum - hydric (water) and lipidic (oil). The packaging is designed such that one pump dispenses equal amounts of hydric and lipidic serum in one swift pump. Yet the 2 different serums are stored separately in 2 chambers within the packaging.

Double Serum is not a new product - it has been around for more than 2 decades and with constant research and development by Clarins Laboratories, Double Serum has evolved into a new and improved anti-aging concentrate.

Don't be put off by the "age control" tagline - ask any skincare expert and they will tell you that the skin's aging process (unfortunately) commences when we hit 25 years of age. Till recently, I always thought that these age control serums were solely the perogative of much older women. With all the lousy rest hours I am so fond of keeping, prevention and maintenance policies in the form of such nutritious serums have become a necessity for me.

Double Serum targets 5 skin concerns - hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and regeneration at the skin and cellular level.


Let's take a closer look at the 5 different skin concerns and the various star ingredients that address these ingredients:

As you can tell from the ingredients list, there are more ingredients that target skin and cellular regeneration to help boost skin firmness and elasticity. 


Once dispensed, here is how the serum looks like - if you're lucky, it sometimes turns out in a yin-yang design :)

To be honest, I was initially a little put off by the texture of the serum - I found the lipidic phase to be rather oily and I felt it took forever for the 2 pumps to sink into my skin - 2 pumps is sufficient for the whole face and neck (what is pictured above is 1 pump). You know how it's like with the oily-skinned ones - see anything oily and it's almost taboo!

Then I discovered a "method" to apply Double Serum - applying ONE pump of serum at a time is actually the best way to do it. The one pump of serum seems to sink into skin rather quickly and the 2nd pump of serum sinks in just as fast. Maybe it's my skin? But this way, I find that instead of having the serum float a little on my skin, it just sinks in. 

*** Edited to Add: Just to clarify, this is markedly different from the usual very lightweight-gel type textures I'm used to but with the pump by pump application method, I don't feel any oily residue; as I mentioned, the serum sinks into skin and does not float on the skin. I personally prefer using this at night given my personal skintype and preference - I avoid denser moisturisers for day and stick to only a good protective sunblock and primer for my base in my daytime regime.


That said, for my oily skintype, I find that I can only use this as part of my night-time skincare regime - I find it a little too rich for the heat and humidity of the day. Despite this apparent heavier texture (well, heavier than what I'm used to), this has not caused any breakouts or bumps on my skin.

Since using this consistently, the major improvements I notice is really to the texture of my skin - it is far smoother and softer, even the areas where I usually depilate. There were a couple of rough bumpy spots on my neck after my last breakout 1-2 months ago (this was before trying out Double Serum - I waited for my skin to settle before trying out a slew of new skincare in case you're wondering) and these rough patches have gone away. 

There are loads of anti-aging serums in the beauty market and it's really mind-boggling to choose just one. The Clarins Double Serum is born out of 27 years of research and constant improving which makes it one of the more attractive offerings. If you're hesistant to plonk down the SGD$118 for the whole bottle of Double Serum, head over to the Clarins website HERE and register for a 7-day trial supply of Double Serum. 

Try it ... you just might like it :)


Thanks for stopping by and have a great day ahead.


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Clarins. Product featured was sent to me for consideration; all opinions expressed are unbiased and my own.

posted by

Hi Kas!
I just recently found out too that serum is a need even when I am not 30 yet. The yin yang color is so cute! However I don't like an oily serum though, but glad that you feel that your skin is smoother and softer :D

posted by

Meryl: Actually, you don't quite feel the OIL part of it - if you pump a lot, then yes, you'd feel it, especially if you're sensitive to such textures like me. But I strongly suggest you try it - and try the bit-by-bit method - it works well like that :)

posted by

Hey Kas, I had this sample before, unfortunately as a sample the delivery was kinda iffy. I always managed to get more of product out than the other. I liked to use it at night. My current Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair is finishing soon (yay!) I will go and have a look at this.

posted by

Jacqueline: How was the sample like? In a sachet? With the pump system of the actual product, it comes out pretty evenly. I haven't used Estee's ANR in years! I think I have one unopened one in my cupboard but it's from sometime back (not sure if can still use!).

posted by

Kas, I cannot believe you have a full bottle unopened. So sacrilegious! ;) I can't bear to see stuff not opened or used.

posted by

Jacqueline: oh no .. Then I'm a major sin-committer in your books! *runs away*

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