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Review: Dewy & Glowy With Burberry's Sheer Foundation



After a VERY long time, I finally found a foundation that I can use on its own - no mixing of shades required and I'm very very very pleased with it! My new current favourite, Burberry Beauty's Sheer Foundation.


Burberry Beauty has 13 shades of the Luminous Liquid Foundation (all 13 shades are available at Tangs Orchard) - I am using shade No. 10. For reference, I am around NC43-45 in MAC. In the case of Burberry Beauty, at least for the deeper shade of foundation, I found that No.10 seemed a little lighter and more yellow/orange than No.9 which came off as a darker red-brown on my skin tone. I thought No.10 would be a tad light looking at the swatch but it blends out to match my skintone well.


Click HERE for Cafe Makeup's swatches of shades No.1 - No.9


The bottle is a sturdy square shaped bottle and comes outfitted with a pump

The pump delivers small amounts of foundation - the shot below shows 1 pump of foundation

That pearl of foundation in the shot above shows you the thick, cream texture of the foundation - it's perhaps one of the most dense-textured foundation I've come across recently. It has a lush, creamy texture when blended out on skin - I love using a brush for this (I currently use a foundation brush from Becca - upcoming entry!)

Here is what I love about the Burberry Sheer Foundation:

  • It is creamy and spreads very evenly across skin for a smooth, even complexion.

  • It has buildable coverage - I'd say despite the "Sheer Foundation" name, it has medium coverage and you can layer a little more if you'd like. I still need to use a bit of concealer on the more prominent spots I have but it really evens out everything.


  • I also find that the foundation does not oxidise and turn darker or ashy as the hours go by


  • The creamy texture does not cake or break down, even with an attack of the oilies and perspiration


  • It has an amazing scent - like luxe makeup fragrance (you know like how YSL makeup has that distinct scent?) - a little creamy floral.


  • It keeps skin hydrated - among the ingredients is SQUALENE - which is used as a skin hydrator in cosmetics. 


  • It also contains ETHYLHEXYL METHOXYCINNAMATE - (an ingredient found in suncreens) which protects skin from sunlight as well as preserves the integrity of the product in the packaging.



Burberry calls it a "Luminous Fluid Foundation" - it aims to give skin a natural radiance by "allowing optimum light diffusion for a naturally luminous complexion" - I agree - the foundation definitely creates a glowy, dewy look. The emollient texture, the light diffusing properties (it's NOT shimmer) and the hydrating texture create a glowy, dewy visage. 

Given the cream. emollient texture and the hydrating properties of this foundation, as well as taking into consideration how I tend to perspire and get oily fast, I found that the best primer for me to use with the Burberry Sheer Foundation is the Smashbox Photofinish Hydrating Primer - my 3rd tube! (see my review on the Smashbox Primer HERE)

In a couple of the recent LOTD shots in this blog, I have the Burberry Sheer Foundation on - here's a recap of some of those shots

I'm also using it in the shot taken at the Pink Dot Picnic HERE - it was a sweltering afternoon and despite blotting away oil and perspiration, the foundation held up pretty well.


At SGD$77, this falls into more of a high-end price range - considering how MAC hovers around the high $40s while Laura Mercier, Shu Uemura, Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown hover around in the $50s.

That said, I'm truly happy with this foundation - it is very frustrating to have to keep mixing foundations daily to get that one shade I need for most of my face (I do play around with foundation shades for contouring and shading when I have the time) - imagine having to eyeball the correct ratio often (if there's no pump!). So for the shade accuracy alone, I'm totally pleased.

To top it off, the creamy smooth texture, the easy blending, the glowy, dewy look it creates together with skin-loving ingredients and the good wear-time, makes this a great foundation in my stash. I love the other ones I use too but this is one of my current favourites.


Thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful weekend!


Disclaimer: Burberry Sheer Foundation was provided to me for consideration. I am not affiliated to Burberry Beauty. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

posted by

I am glad you like this foundation, it is a favourite of mine too.

posted by

U finally found the right foundie! (like as if finding the right guy huh? lolx~) Should we open up champagne to celebrate? Hehehe! XD~

posted by

wow lucky u the foundie didnt oxidise on u. but it did oxidised badly on me.im using 8. it blends perfectly for me at the store but to my horror ... after sometime it turn super dark. its expensive too

posted by

Ming: so frustrating - my estée lauder is too dark so must lighten; it's always too light/pink or too dark. I'm so tired of needing to mix shades. I'm told I have "red" tones in my skin so that contributes to the matching issue. So yeah, totally happy with this one. But it's a little expensive - my skintone is demanding :P

posted by

Mybeautyhoard: yay! Are there other products in Burberry beauty u like?

posted by

Rashidah6524: oh dear, so sorry to hear that. We're you matched by the BA? Have you gone back to the counter? Perhaps see if they can do something or perhaps try mixing a lighter foundation in. I know how frustrating it is .. :(

posted by

Hahhaha!~ Ur skintone sure knows how to indulge itself in luxury brands. Actually I have the same issue too. Its like neither this nor that, every darn foundie that lands on my face looks greyish and when I use a darker foundie, it appears brownish. I'd not find my perfect one and yet I'm super stingy in spending more than a certain amount for foundies cos I'm always afraid I would get the wrong one and waste money. =\

posted by

Btw, how do you get the tone NC43-45? Was it tested on your face? Then wouldn't MAC foundie match better if you had already known the tone from MAC?
I kind of tot that you would be on the warm side rather than the cool side.. If you have 'red' tones, shouldn't it be NW instead of NC?

posted by

Plenty! I'm a big fan :) I love their blush and eye shadows too. The sheer glow primer is also very nice.

posted by

Ming: if everything goes grey on you, could it be that your base makeup is too pink toned? A yellow or slightly orange toned corrector might help as that cancels out greyness. you can always go to whichever counter, ask to be matched and ask for a sample. Carry sample jars with you - sometimes they will say no sample jar. Sephora is the best - they always give samples. Laura Mercier has a good range of shades and you can get a sample.

posted by

Ming: As for being matched to NC43 - I still use the NC43 (NC stands for NOT COOL) powders. Red and orange tones are still warm (so the NC is still correct). The NC45 liquid foundation I used to use but i don't find it such a great match anymore - my skintone has changed a little and I find I look a bit greyish in some lighting. hence the other shades.

posted by

mybeautyhoard: I just realised - you were at the MUFE Black Tango event yesterday ya? Joey's friend? In the floral dress - I just noticed your DP. Hello! I have the sheer glow primer too - have yet to try it. And recently bought Midnight Brown eyeshadow and awaiting Pale Barley to arrive. I have a couple of their lipsticks - really love those!

posted by

Hey kas Thanks for the tips! i had infact been looking at yellow/orange tone foundation so I would look greyish. It does help but not very much.. I'll try out Laura Mercier, cos I'd been thinking for awhile to try their concealer so may as well swatch their foundie too.
Hmm.. I been hearing about NC doesnt mean its Cool tone and same for NW, but i didn't know its really true.
When I searched online, they mentioned NC is Neutral cool and C is Cool. If NC is = Not Cool, then what would be Cool? Lolx~

posted by

Sorry typo there.. I mean I *wouldn't* look greyish.

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