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Review: Hugo Boss Bottled Sport - Clean, Refreshing & Debonair



Hugo Boss has premiered a new fragrance for men, Boss Bottled.Sport

Fronted by Formula One World Champion Jenson Button, the fragrance aims to appeal to the BOSS man - one who is competitive, driven and ambitious ... well, I'll say one who is immensely successful and enjoys his successes as Button is seen doing below. 

The campaign for Boss Bottled. Sport features Button articulating how the fragrance represents a key feature of his career as a Formula 1 competitor - it's the mental preparation that he rigorously undergoes that sets him apart from the rest of the talented Formula 1 drivers.

Let's take a closer look at the fragrance:

The box packaging features a carbon fibre design - the black and grey checks are often featured in structures used in aerospace, military, motorsports and competitive sports. Carbon Fibre is prided for high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion - in other words, extremely strong and tenacious which goes perfectly with the whole concept of Boss Bottled. Sport. The red stripe on the box adds that cheery sporty vibe, completing the sport analogy.

The bottle is sleek and chic with a very clean, fresh vibe from the translucent flacon and the clear fragrance.

I've since given this fragrance to my Dad who has been wearing this and another Boss fragrance, Boss Bottled. Night this last week. I'm very sensitive to my Dad's fragrances because he always sits in the front passenger seat when I drive (I pick him up from work sometimes and we often go out for dinner or outings) so I get a very strong whiff of his fragrances. Some fragrances really irritate me - he has been banned from wearing Montblanc's Individuel because it had the weirdest suffocating sillage. 

Speaking of sillage, my Dad is allergic to fragrances - he cannot let it get onto his skin, else he will break out in a rash. So he sprays it liberally on his shirt pocket instead. Hence, there isn't usually a case where the fragrance reacts to his skin to create a unique sillage - often, what it smells like from the bottle or fragrance strip is identical to what I smell on him.

Both my Mom and I really like Boss Bottled. Sport on my Dad. I love it particularly because it doesn't have that very strong citrus, ozonic accord that is usually associated with many sporty fragrances, which sometimes comes across as too youthful and very obtrusive.


Instead of a piercing sharp sporty-type fragrance, Boss Bottled.Sport is refreshing and yet debonair.

The grapefruit, yuzu zest and pink peppercorn is the first accord that you sense but soon, the calming lavender and cardamom mingle with the grapefruit, toning the clean tang from the top notes down a little.

Lavender is naturally a little masculine but in a very subtle, gentle way which I really like in this composition.

The Cardamom, unlike other spices, doesn't quite give it a spicy piquant kick but rather, lends the fragrance a comforting warmth.

Vetiver is one of my favourite base notes - unlike animalic musk, Vetiver is very aromatic - it is a little woody, sweet and subtly earthy. Together with Tonka Bean and Patchouli, the base notes round off the fragrance in a beautiful, classy way.


Altogether, this makes Boss Bottled.Sport a very clean, refreshing fragrance that is debonair at the same time - it is perfectly suited for a both a younger and more mature man and has a beautiful comforting sillage.

It spells confidence and class and I think it can be worn both for work and play, transitioning easily from day to night.

The Boss Bottled. Sport range is complemented by a bath and body line

The prices of the Boss Bottled. Sport fragrances and Bath & Body Line are as follows:


If you're looking for a new debonair fragrance for one of the dashing men in your life, be sure to check Boss Bottled. Sport out. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a fab weekend!


Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for consideration. I am not affiliated to either the brand or PR company. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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