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Review: Oh Ofresia ... How You Have Stolen My Heart, You Sexy Beast



A little while ago, I made mention of Diptyque Ofresia - I had a sample vial and was road-testing to see how much I liked it. My BA at Escentials was generous with me and gave me a couple of Diptyque vials, including a couple of Ofresia and the more I wore it, the more I liked it. I eventually picked Ofresia up and I'm very glad I did.

The range of Diptyque fragrances all have a very clean, classic look about them - a square flacon with a dark antique brass cap. The black and white labels bear a sketch representing the fragrance and the iconic address of the Diptyque fragrance house - I love how brands like these give such prominence to their heritage. 

For an EDT, Ofresia has a long-lasting sillage - I can still smell it on my skin at the end of the day and there is no loathesome "alcohol" smell that is usually characteristic of many EDTs in the market. 

Ofresia is a bit of a soliflore - soliflores are fragrances that replicate one flower in particular and in the case of Ofresia, the main floral note is Freesia. Freesia fragrances are white florals - clean, light, airy and sweet. Freesia fragrances tend to have a bright, sweetness that reminds one of clean sheets drying in the wind in a flower-filled garden.

Freesia Flowers

In Diptyque's Ofresia, the bright sweet white floral is enhanced by a base of creamy woods which makes the fragrance richer and a little more decadent. It gives Ofresia a more robust character than just a bright Springtime floral.

But just a Freesia heart and a base of Creamy Woods makes for a nice, Springtime fragrance ... pretty, feminine and sweet. But Diptyque's Ofresia is SEXY SEXY SEXY ... 

And what makes it sexy? See the fragrance note collage above - the top note of Ofresia is Black Pepper. It might be the top note but it doesn't disappear at all. Instead, the spicy fragrant kick of the Black Pepper mingles with the sweetness and creaminess of the Freesia and Woods for a piquant bite.

And therein lies the kicker - the spicy kick of the Black Pepper actually gives the usually feminine Freesia fragrance a slight masculine edge. It's not as masculine or androgynous as some other unisex fragrances but it definitely makes you think, "hey, does that smell a little masculine? ... No wait, its a sweet white floral ... wait, what IS that?" ... 

This little twist that piques the interest is what makes it so sexy - I don't want to get all drooly but the resultant fragrance is  .. you know, if a very clean, sexy man wearing a nice masculine fragrance and aftershave came and embraced you ... and his fragrance mingled a little with your feminine fragrance? Like a chap looking like this .... 

The very droolsome John Abraham


Bam, that sexy beast is what Diptyque Ofresia is.


I'm not one who likes wearing masculine or androgynous fragrances but I make an exception for Diptyque's Ofresia - that ever-so-slight masculine twist really gives the bright sweet Freesia soliflore an unexpected zing ... O' You Sexy Sexy Thing ...


Diptyque Fragrances are available at Escentials Boutiques in Tangs Orchard, Marina Bay Sands and Paragon.




Disclaimer: Product featured purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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Ahaha I love your analogies, it sounds very sexy indeed!

posted by

Sara: I swear my mind secretly thot of John Abraham everytime I wore this fragrance! :P

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