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In for Fall 2011, ANNA SUI has created 3 new LASH AMPLIFYING MASCARAS (SGD$41 each) - the tubes may look dainty and cute but watch out for BIIIGGGG colour that springs out from there!

While the black is pretty much a shiny deep black, the blue and pink are really bright. While playing with these, I realised that 100 Brilliant Blue has a tendency to dry down a little deeper while 300 Brilliant Pink dries to a vibrant cherry-red-pink hue.

According to Anna Sui, the mascaras are as vibrant as they are, given that there is less wax in the formula.


In terms of appearance, formula and applicator, these are TOTALLY different from the previous generation of ANNA SUI Coloured mascaras. Let's investigate :)

Although the current LASH AMPLIFYING Mascara looks way tinier, it hold 6ml of mascara while SUPER LONG LASH Mascara V holds 7.5ml of mascara


Apart from the bottle shapes, the applicator is also totally different

As you can see, SUPER LONG LASH Mascara V's applicator is more common looking (i.e the regular shaped-applicator you'd expect to see) but LASH AMPLIFYING Mascara's applicator is a flexible spatula-type 3 pronged comb.  It picks up a great amount of product (a little too much in fact - I HAVE to wipe off the excess on the mouth of the tube) but deposits mascara deftly atop lashes.

The combination of the unique creamy, film-type formula and the 3-pronged spatula results in a somewhat interesting application effect - the mascara not only coats the sides of lashes but also "paints" on the mascara on the surface of lashes.

According to Anna Sui, the formula of the LASH AMPLIFYING Mascara also aims to create voluminous lashes using copious amounts of VOLUME UP POLYMER and PLANT-BASED POLYSACCHARIDES.

Although the LASH AMPLIFYING Mascara dries down to a film-type base that is pretty much smudge-free, the mascara itself is VERY WET and VISCOUS - as such, its best not to blink too much while applying it - I managed to smudge my lower lashes the first time I played with it.


Applying it ALL OVER the lashes sort of creates a crazy-eyed effect - I have some close-up shots of my lashes heavily mascaraed first with a regular black mascara and then the Brilliant Pink all over my upper lashes and Brilliant Blue all over my lower lashes - a wee bit toooo crazy, especially in super close-up shots (which are all I took initially).

Instead, I decided to tone it down a notch and applied Brilliant Pink only to the outer corners of my upper and lower lashes (the same way you'd apply partial false lashes?)

As you can see, Brilliant Pink is really no wimp - it really shows up with wild abandon and is unapologetic about how bright and pumped up it is.

And to prove it, here's a shot taken further away where you can still see the bright punchy colour

I think a green or royal purple in this same formula would be awesome (then I can pair them with my STILA Sparkle Liners!)


The Lash Amplifying Mascara is part of ANNA SUI's Autumn 2011 Collection - more details of a couple other products in upcoming entries!


Like me, do you love coloured mascara?

Maybe I should do an entry on all the different types and shades of coloured mascara in my stash! :D



Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!




DISCLAIMER: All Anna Sui products featured were provided to me. I am not affiliated to Anna Sui. All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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