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Showcase: Get A Gorgeous Summer Look with Guerlain Terra Azzurra Collection By Emilio Pucci - Makeup Demonstration by Larry Yeo



The Summer collections have arrived and one of the collections many were eagerly anticipating was the Guerlain Terra Azzurra Collection by Emilio Pucci for Summer 2012.

I've a couple of the Guerlain Meteorites in my collection and made the silly mistake of passing on the Holiday 2011 release. So when I saw promotional images of the Summer 2012 version and in the aquamarine and indigo themed packaging, I was thrilled. As it turns out, this is one collection where I'm totaly attracted to everything.


In celebration of the launch of the collection, Guerlain organised a makeup demonstration recently, helmed by celebrity makeup artist Larry Yeo at the Guerlain counter in Takashimaya. In this entry, I share how Larry created a sunkissed summer look with products from the Terra Azzurra Collection. 

Starting off with clean, fresh skin, Larry highlighted that sunscreen is a total must - it's a mantra that everyone, especially in our climate MUST follow. As is his usual tip, for even application and coverage, it's best to "divide" the face into 3 sections (the centre and 2 sides) and apply sunscreen.

Following the application of suncreen, Larry applied a makeup primer on the model's skin - one tip he mentioned was that if the makeup primer is of a particularly fluid nature (one of the Guerlain bases - the name evades me now - is in a mist form), then it is best to pat on the base. Rubbing or smoothing it in will only mess with the already even sunscreen application.

Larry encouraged the audience not to be afraid of using more than one shade of foundation - the key is to learn which areas need highlighting and which areas need contouring and using slightly different shades in the correct way can create a more 3-dimensional look. In the case of the model, he first used a slightly lighter foundation on certain parts of her face - the chin, nose, forehead. As the model had a small forehead, he blended the lighter foundation upwards to accentuate it. He mentioned not to be afraid of the lighter shade at this stage as it will balanced out later.

He then chose a slightly deeper foundation than the first - closer to the model's skintone and proceed to blend it together with the areas that had lighter foundation to create a more sculpted visage - notice the deeper shade goes around the areas that need a little contouring like the cheeks and lower jaw. This lighter-deeper foundation trick can also be used where skintone is a little uneven - use the deeper shade where there the skin appears a little grey to counter-act the tone.

Moving on to concealer - Larry pointed out that it is good to apply concealer in an appropriate amount in a V shape towards the cheeks (i.e it should taper down towards the cheeks in an inverted triangle shape) - this allows for a more seamless blend of concealer. 

On using concealer to cover pimples and scars - Larry pointed out that it was essential not to pile on foundation and concealer on these areas as these may inadverdently end up highlighting the blemishes when base makeup starts to cake.




Larry used the Meteorites Perles d'Azur next. He mentioned that one of the virtues of the Meteorites is that it is so fine that it never really has the ability to look cakey and heavy - a feature that has won Guerlain legions of fans.

Larry was using the Meteorites Pucci Collector's Brush on the model - the indigo brush nestled in the beautiful aqua and indigo brush case is totally lust-worthy. It's sure to draw a couple of looks when whipped out of the makeup pouch in the powder room. 

Moving on to another star of the Terra Azzurra Collection - the Terra Azzurra Bronzing Powder and Blush.

The bronzer is really lovely - weighing in at a whopping 16.5gms, it is a soft golden tan bronzer with strips of coral and pink blush and highlighter.

Using the Meteorites Pucci Collectors Brush, Larry swept the bronzer from the outside of the face, towards the nose - the outside-in method avoids too muddy and tanned a look. The first contact point of the bronzer usually delivers the most colour - starting from the cheeks and sweeping outwards may inadverdently deposit too much colour on the cheeks instead. To balance the contour, you can also extend the bronzer towards the temples.

Larry then used a blush brush to pick up blush from the Terra Azzurra Bronzing Powder and Blush and applied the blush to the apples of the cheeks.

For a more finished, polished look, Larry also suggested continuing the blush up the temples, from the brow bone towards the hairline. Instead of picking up more colour, he dusted off the access on his wrist first


Larry used the Ecrin 4 Coleurs Eyeshadow palette in Capri on the model - I really love the rose-gold shade and the pearl white and brown-black are very pretty too (the pink throws me off a little though but it seems workable from what I've seen)

Larry first picked up the rose-gold shade in the palette with a flat brush and applied it to the model's eyelids

Then using the same flat brush, he picke up the gold pearl shade in the palette and applied it to the centre of the eyelid

In this shot, you can really see the complete 3-D sculpted effect Larry has created on the model's face!


Instead of using a brow-bone highlighter, Larry then blended the pearl gold upwards (still in the centre of the eyelid, just above the iris), towards the brow bone


To line the eyes, Larry used the Kohl Kajal in Blue Acqua - he lined both the upper and lower lashlines and connected the eyeliner at the outer corners for a beautiful effect.

Larry mentioned that several eyeliner products, especially the Kohl Kajals, tend to have a protective film around the tip - to ensure you get maximum colour from the first usage, test it on the back of your hands first before applying to the eyes.


Larry used the Le 2 Mascara in Blue 2 Pucci on the model - it appears to be more of a dusty violet blue. Larry's tip for those who want the mascara to hold the curl of the lash in place - blot off the excess on tissue and wave the wand in the air for a couple of seconds to create a dryer finish. Then apply the wand to the base of the lashes and zig-zag the wand upwards from root to tip for a voluminous curled lash effect

And there we have it, a beautiful summer eye ...

I must admit - the Kohl Kajal in Acqua Blue was not really on my radar at first but as I edited the pictures, I realised what a beautiful shade of indigo this is - neither too purple, neither navy - and nothing like the 94738 eyeliners I have. I am so so so tempted to get this - it also apparently doesn't require sharpening provided you apply it in a slanted way to the eyes.


Larry finished off the look with a slick of lipstick and topped it off with the blue jelly gloss, Porto Azzurro

He quipped that the blue gloss need not be feared and wouldn't turn lips dark or blue - instead, it tones down the existing lipstick shade for a more mauvey look.


Also part of the collection are 2 nail polishes - Paradisio and Riviera - Larry swatched Riviera on 2 of his nails (can you spot it in one of the shots?) and it was a total tease since Riviera was not in stock at that moment. Gorgeous metallic indigo blue that just goes so so well with the theme of the collection. 

Riviera drove my camera nuts - the mysterious touch of violet that makes Riviera much more of an indigo shade rather than the blue picture above, just refused to be captured. If you like blues, indigoes and violets, you must check it out. Paradisio - retina searing hot coral!


Hope you found the tips and the shots from the makeup demonstration useful. 

A really beautiful collection that had so many of us gasping when we first saw the display - I'm really glad Guerlain brought in the entire collection including the polishes!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


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Nice tips! Very interesting post :)

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Catarina: Yay! Hope you found it usefuL! There are more tips in another entry too - that demo was also by Larry



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