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Holiday 2011: Laneige Styling Romantic Blush & Lip Duo - Golden Peachy Hues In-Action!



This holiday season, Laneige has released a limited edition Styling Romantic Holiday Makeup Collection.

Unlike the glitz and glamour quotient that many other brands tend to up in their holiday collections, Laneige opted for softer, gentler shades – in line with their theme of romantic tete-a-tetes, tender intimate moments and warm loving embraces.

In this collection, there are 2 multi-blushes (warm and cool), 2 complementing warm and cool lip-colour duos and 1 colour gradient eye palette.

I received both the multi-colour blush and the lip colour duo in the warm shades – hues of peach and coral all infused with a touch of gold

Let’s look at the packaging first

The blusher case is chic and pretty with the gold prints against a crisp white background. It is a little on the chunky side – about the same height as a Benefit blush but just a touch wider. The chunkiness has a reason though – it opens up to reveal a compartment housing a soft brush.

There are differing shades and textures in the Styling Romantic Blusher #2 (SGD$49) – a matte pale peach, a matte beige-peach, a shimmering reddened coral and a shimmering white-gold.

Here are the swatches of the individual shades.

The 2 matte shades pulled a little chalky on my skintone but I would have preferred if the 2 shimmering colours were portioned a little bigger in the palette (at least equally?) – that said, the reddened coral shows up well when applied with a heavier hand on the cheeks so I guess the 2 matte shades actually prevent you from having clown cheeks even if you’re heavy handed.

When swirled and used as 1 shade, the effect is rather pretty – a nice golden peachy-coral. Given how I felt the matte shades were a little chalky on me, I first buffed a little cream blush in NARS Cactus Flower on my cheeks before applying the Laneige Multi-Blush. You can control which shade you apply more of – I usually swirl all 4 shades and apply the mixed colour onto my cheeks first and then tap my brush gently on the 2 shimmering shades and buff it in as a finishing touch.

I like how the 2 shimmering shades - I think more so the white-gold - actually act like a highlighter; I didn't use a separate highlighter or any MSF atop the blush and yet, it managed to catch the light. I like!

Mag has reviewed the cooler-toned Styling Romantic Blusher #1 which is a harmony of purples, pinks and lilacs - you can view her review HERE

In the shots above, I’m also using the Styling Lip Duo in SYR34 (SGD$32). The lipstick colour is a lovely peachy coral while the lipgloss is a shimmering peachy-coral that pulls a little milky on my lips. The only other lipstick I own from Laneige is from the Snow Crystal series – I think the textures are fairly similar in that they deliver colour without being dry, patchy.

The Lip Gloss is not sticky and surprisingly, despite being a little on the milky side, does not settle into the fine lines of my lips.


I had actually popped down to the stores to check out the Styling Romantic Eye Palette (SGD$45).

I have a couple of Laneige eyeshadows (a lovely copper brown, khaki green, golden blue which I’ve since depotted and have no idea what the actual names are! Silly!) and I know for a fact that their eyeshadow textures are silky and are rather pigmented. Unfortunately, both times, the Laneige BA (at Metro Paragon and Metro City Square Mall) informed me that the palette was not available individually and had to be bought as a full set with the blush, lip duo and some deluxe-sized skincare all packed in a Christmas coffret. L L L And to make matters worse, the white gold, purple-taupe and smoky espresso shades all swatched very very prettily (sorry, I couldn’t get a pic of the swatches; didn't have my cam with me on both occasions)



Here are some of Laneige’s other skincare coffrets specially available for Christmas this year – when I was at the Laneige counter yesterday to enquire about the eyeshadow palette, the counter was thronged with ladies wanting to pick up these value sets



Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend.

Its work work work for me!




Disclaimer: Laneige products featured were sent to me for review. I am not affiliated to Laneige. All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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Haul: Lancome Teint Miracle Translucent Loose Powder in #03



Lancome’s TEINT MIRACLE family has gotten a new addition – Teint Miracle Translucent Loose Powder.

Similar to its cousins the LancomeTeint Miracle liquid foundation (click for my review HERE and HERE) and the Maqui Miracle compact powder, theTranslucent Loose Powder is created with the same “AURA-INSIDE” technology to boost the skin’s natural aura - it aims to create a glowy visage with a barely-there texture for "bare skin perfection"

It is available in 3 shades – Translucent, Natural Beige and Natural Rose. I swatched them all and found Natural Rose to blend into my skin, despite all 3 being translucent.

(Sidenote: I really dislike these silver boxes - they're pretty to look at but soooo hard to photograph!)

I tried trawling the Internet for more technical information on this loose powder but I didn’t quite come across any so I have the bare details only. Made in Japan, this non-comedogenic loose powder contains a couple of silicones (dimethicone, vinyl dimethicone, etc) as well as bismuth oxychloride – those allergic to such ingredients might want to take note.

The packaging is pretty standard – a sturdy, see-thru jar that has some heft. It comes with a sifter and a small, downy sponge-applicator.

When I first tipped the powder out in my hand in the store, it reminded me of how talc-free powder tends to look like as it comes out in little bits through the sifter and I was wondering how smooth and fine it would be. DON’T BE FOOLED - ITS ULTRA SOFT AND SMOOTH!

It is so finely milled and so smooth, you hardly feel it going on – its LOVELY!!! And it blends seamlessly onto skin. It contains MICA so it has a minute amount of superfine shimmer in it which contributes to that glowy, aura-like effect it aims to create - but the shimmer is so minimal, you can hardly tell. If you were scared off by the copious shimmer in the previous Lancome Maqui Loose Powder, this has probably 2% of that shimmer (I have Maqui Loose Powder in 01 and it’s great for creating a sparkly décolletage with all that shimmer!)

See, its so smooth and seamless, my camera went crazy and I had to take like 7 shots before I got an unblurry, somewhat focused shot.

I love applying Lancome Teint Miracle Loose Powder as a finishing powder for a soft-focus smooth finish. I usually use it with my MAC 134 brush – soft against soft on my skin feels superb!

I've been wearing it ever since I bought it and I was using it in these shots which you've seen in the ZA mascara review and the Shu Uemura Wong Kar Wai holiday collection LOTD.

However ... yes, there always is a "however" right? - it is a little on the pricey side at SGD$70 (if I remember correctly) for a 15gm tub - there are other loose powders that retail for about that price for a 25-28gm tub of powder.

But I love how it feels, I don’t use that much and I picked it up with a discount at Metro so … ok, sometimes, I just ignore the price and enjoy the product for what it does or how it makes me feel. Right? Right?! J



Thanks for stopping by and have a good week!




Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Lancome. Product purchased with my own money. All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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Showcase: RMK's Dusty Bright Colours AW2011 Part 2: In-Action + Some Thoughts On Dusty Bright Eyes and Gloss Lips N



In this entry, I feature how RMK's DUSTY BRIGHT EYES and GLOSS LIPS N look like once applied and some of my thoughts.

You can view all the product photos and swatches of the Dusty Bright Colours Collection HERE


Here's a little re-cap of what Dusty Bright Eyes in Grayish Green looks like:

The cream is a deep, almost army-ish green while the accompanying silver glimmering powder is not just plain silver - it appears to be a little polarised because it can pull a little greenish, bluish and in some angles, it also looks like a deep gunmetal.

Here, I've used the Dusty Bright Eyes in Grayish Green using both the green cream and the silver powder; in keeping with the green theme, I blended Inglot AMC Shine 17 on the outer crease and beyond

Honestly, I really really love how the silver glimmering powder looks - like I mentioned in my previous entry, I would really be whooping for joy if they sold all of the glimmering powders on its own (cos I have a drawerfull of cream eyeshadows already! :P)

The one thing about the glimmering silver pressed powder though - I seemed to experience a bit of fall-out with it. I ended up with silver bits all over me and because I'm Miss Fidgety, some of it ended up on my decolletage! So, I've been playing with this for a bit and figured out how to use it with minimal or zero fall-out.

  • Although the accompanying brush is of good quality, I was more comfortable using my own eyeshadow brush - I realised I needed to use a very firm, dense eyeshadow brush to pick up and apply the product and I opt for Sigma F70 (its actually a concealer brush!) to apply

  • I mist my brush with MAC Fix+ and use the glimmering silver eyeshadow foiled - it doesn't seem to have an adverse effect to the product in the pan

  • I use firm, broad strokes to press and blend the glimmering eyeshadow onto my eyelid

  • After I've applied it all over my eyelid with the Sigma F70, I pick up some silver eyeshadow with my finger and blend it with firm sweeping strokes over my eyelid (essentially pressing the pigments on)


And presto! 0% fall-out, 100% glimmering eyelids! And it works on other cream bases too - I've tried it on an MUFE Aqua Cream as well as the Estee Lauder cream eyeshadow and it works beautifully too!

Its admittedly a tad pricey at SGD$65 but it looks so pretty and works well - I like Grayish Brown too! I really shouldn't but lets see ... Or I might get one of those RMK single eyeshadows - I find that I care more for the glimmering powder eyeshadows in the Dusty Bright Eyes pots and there is a range of ultra glimmering, glittery eyeshadow singles in the normal RMK range (the $50+ ones I've been lusting for forever?) Ok, my next mission is to re-swatch those singles and compare them to this one! To Isetan, I go!



Here's a little recap on the GLOSS LIPS N:

I've tried P-10 RED - which is actually a strawberry-red that veers a bright pink.

I've used several lipglosses from a variety of brands and those that I keep going back to are from MAC, Chanel and Dior - great colors, long-lasting texture (I know, MAC is a little sticky). This was my first RMK gloss and now I wished I had discovered them earlier. Its a very full-bodied gloss - its a little thick but not sticky and sits very well on lips. Some glosses just get into the fine lines and make your lips look wrinkly? Not this one! I also like how my lips felt very smooth and plump although this does not claim to be a plumping gloss. And the best part? It lasted pretty decently over the course of an Indian vegetarian rice meal. Now that's cool.

I'm a little tempted to pick up EX-02 DEEP RED but I look at my overflowing gloss drawer and that stops me ... but its LE ... and has blue glitter in it  .... *fights with conscience*


And here's the whole look, with the Gloss Lips in P-10; for a fuller-bodied pout, I applied Rouge Dior in Academy Pink 855 first and blotted it off twice with a tissue and then layered Gloss Lips P-10 on.

Face: MUFE All Mat; MAC Prep+Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer in Recharge;  Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid Foundation in Warm Bronze (mixed with a little Lancome Teint Miracle in Beige Noisette); MUFE Super Matte Loose Powder in 52; MUFE Full Cover Concealer in 14 (undereyes) and 12 (spots).

Cheeks: MAC Sheertone Powder Blush in Dollymix; Clarins 3D Radiance Face Powder

Eyes: RMK Dusty Bright Eyes in Grayish Green; Inglot AMC Shine 17; Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Ivy Shimmer (lower lashline); Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Liquid Eyeliner (upper lashline); Milani Liquif Eye in Black (waterline); Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells Mascara

Lips: MAC Lip Pencil in Spice (lined only); Rouge Dior in Academy Pink (blotted off); RMK Gloss Lips N in P-10



I keep going back to this pewtery, gunmetally silver + green combination these few weeks - I really like how it looks and to me, its a refreshing departure from my other 2 favourite combinations (black + olive gold; teal + purple). I like this combination with coral cheeks and nude-coral lips too!


Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!




Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to RMK. RMK products featured were sent to me for review; all opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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Given the emphasis on the allure of the eyes, the CLARINS COLOUR DEFINITION Colour Collection for Autumn 2011 would be incomplete without a jet black eyeliner to set off the soft, smokey shades in the eyeshadow quads (click HERE to check out swatches of all 6 Wet/Dry Ombres Minerales 4 Coleurs)

The CLARINS INSTANT LINER (SGD$35) features a sturdy, slim handle which makes control easy. The foam-applicator tapers to a fine point and thus can be used to make both thin and thick lines, depending on how you angle the applicator

The foam applicator, while firm enough to draw thick lines, is still flexible - I could draw that random curl design with minimal effort - so rest assured this is not going to poke you.

As you can see from the swatch shot above, the eyeliner also dries down to a very deep, matte black. While I usually like it when the eyeliner dries down to a slightly glossy finish (like how the KISS ME HEAVY ROTATION eyeliner does), a deep, matte finish is also nice especially when used against heavily glittery, shiny eyeshadows (say MAC CINDERFELLA, for example) - the matte finish provides a nice stark contrast for added definition.

The formula is a tad on the runny side but it does dry pretty quickly - just be conscious of blinking but it wasn't an issue for me.

Once dry, it stays put without budging or flaking off when rubbed. That is, until water touches it:

To its credit, it does not proclaim to be a waterproof eyeliner but this is something people who have very watery eyes might want to take note of. Also, this might not be the best eyeliner to wear to that soppy, tragic movie or to your best friend's wedding (i.e situations where you might cry)


I will report this though - the CLARINS INSTANT LINER does NOT give in to perspiration or sebum. In this eyelook which I featured in a different entry HERE and HERE, I had worn my eyemakeup for more than 7 hours but the eyeliner remained totally intact till I removed it with my eyemakeup remover. I had taken this shot AFTER I GOT HOME and you can see only the slightest smudge near the wing; even then, that might be more from the pencil eyeliner on my waterline!



Looking at the packaging and applicator of the CLARINS INSTANT LINER, we know we've seen this before - it's like as if there is this one company that is making tubes and applicators for all these new eyeliners!

But honestly, I'm not complaining - I find that the slim handle and the high-precision foam applicator really make lining the upper and even lower lashlines (underneath my lower lashes) really pretty easy

Here I have new generation liquid eyeliners from STILA (Sparkle Liners), MAC (Superslick Eyeliner) and CLARINS (Instant Liner).

As you can see, in terms of applicator, packaging they are practically identical - they only differ in terms of formula.

While the swatch shot below shows HOW different they actually are, I decided to just compare the MAC SUPERSLICK and CLARINS INSTANT LINER - the comparison is meant to highlight each eyeliner's specific characteristics rather than prove which is better.

(I avoided including the Stila Sparkle Liner because its technically a glittery liner)

Beside the almost-patent finish of the MAC SUPERSLICK EYELINER in ON THE HUNT, the CLARINS INSTANT EYELINER looks even more matte!


Texture-wise they are also very different:

  • MAC SUPERSLICK EYELINER withstands water but balls and flakes off when rubbed on dry skin, given its patent flim-like consistency.

  • CLARINS INSTANT LINER smears when wet but remains budge-proof when dry, given how it drys down almost like ink



If you're looking for a very black, very matte liquid eyeliner that is relatively easy to use given the foam tip applicator, the CLARINS INSTANT EYELINER is worth checking out.

Just remember, when wearing it, make sure you're always happy, smiling and cheerful!



Thanks for stopping by and have a good week!




DISCLAIMER: MAC and CLARINS products featured in this entry were provided to me. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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Lancome window display at Tangs Orchard

For the past 2 weeks or so, the only mascara I've been using is the LANCOME HYPNOSE PRECIOUS CELLS MASCARA (SGD$50) and I am finally ready to say - I REALLY LIKE IT! There are some mascaras that I've tried and have added to my personal "Mascara Wall of Fame" and these include: MAC Zoomlash, Helena Rubenstein Lash Queen Feline Blacks, Esprique Precious Ruffle Flare Mascara, YSL Singulier (but it dries out pretty fast), Stila Major Lash Mascara, Anna Sui Full and Volume Mascaras.

There are SOOOO many mascaras in the market - almost every month or so, a different brand offers a new mascara that promises longer, more luscious, voluminous, false-lash effect mascara. Even within brands, there are different mascaras for different tastes and effects. For Lancome fans, Lancome has created a little "guide" to help its customers choose the best mascara for them:

Looking at the chart above, the new HYPNOSE PRECIOUS CELLS seems to be THE mascara to check out. Let's see why

Studying the structure of lashes itself, the laboratories at Lancome found out that whatever the type of lashes one has, the roots lose "precious cells" over time and are unable to regenerate, resulting in shorter, weaker and sparser lashes.

Using knowledge gained from their research in stem cell activity for its Absolue Precious Cells skincare line, Lancome applied the same technology in creating this mascara.

Star ingredients in this mascara, which doubles-up as a lash care product, include:

  • Lash Densifier Complex - consists mainly of a precious plant cell extract, Malus domestica (a Swiss apple variety which proved to remain fresh longer than other apple varieties) - already present in the cream formula of Absolue Precious Cells – which is capable of restoring the environment of stem cells in the lashes within the follicle


  • Arginine - a type of amino acid known of its nourishing properties, can help to stimulate micro-circulation of nutrients within the follicle so as to re-densify lash fibres

  • Madecassoside - a fortifying ingredient used to strengthen and thicken hair and is commonly used in hair loss products. It has anti-inflammatory properties to help absorb micro-irritation so as to extend the life of lash follicles.

  • Hyaluronic Acid - to give an instant plumping effect for a lash-by-lash voluptuous curve.


Within 4 weeks, lashes are supposed to be regenerated - existing lashes are supposed to be stronger and more dense while new lashes are supposed to grow stronger.

According to Lancome:

  • 90% of women perceived that they get a more intense makeup result with lengthened lashes

  • 79% of the women reported thickened lashes.
  • 85% of women were satisfied with the performance of Hypnôse Precious Cells.
  • At least 62% of them felt that their lashes were protected and nurtured even after makeup removal
  • 77% of them reported reduced loss of lashes during makeup removal.



My Thoughts:

Let's start with the applicator:

The brush is a unique helix-shaped structure with 2 flat sections - the bristles are firm and separated enough that they really can go in-between lashes to coat lashes generously.

The applicator picks up a good amount of mascara to coat lashes from root to tip but does not desposit clumps of mascara at the base of the lashes


I also really like the applicator given that it creates a beautiful curl - it really seems to open the eyes up without lashes looking or feeling crispy and hard



The brush also manages to comb through and neaten lower lashes which tend to be a little less dense than lashes at the upper lash lines. In many cases, my lower lashes tend to clump a little but the Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells wand fanned them out neatly


And moving on to the formula:

The cream formula is just-right - its not too dry, not too goopy and wet (more to the wet consistency which I prefer as it coats lashes easily). The formula is smudge resistant and is designed with Asian consumers in mind - formulated for smudge-resistance under hot and humid weather

This shot was taken a good 8 hours after application - no smudges or flaking


Maybe its my imagination, maybe its true - but since using this mascara, I've noticed that I really hardly see fallen lashes on my cotton pad during eyemakeup removal.

One reason could be that this mascara is really easy to remove and hence there is less lash irritation - that's the cynic's response.

But it also really could be the nutritional ingredients in the mascara that have been fortifying my lashes? After the full 4 weeks, I might have a better idea of how this really works, but for now, you can say I'm really happy with this mascara.



I've tried a sample of the other Lancome Precious Cells mascara - VIRTUOSE PRECIOUS CELLS but I didn't like that too much - while it created a good fan-like effect, it also made my lashes a little "crispy" and I found removal difficult. Here is how HYPNOSE PRECIOUS CELLS differs from VIRTUOSE PRECIOUS CELLS

If you ask me, I really thought that Hypnose Precious Cells created a beautiful curl that remained :D

The only downside of this mascara - the price tag! I use COPIOUS amounts of mascara but I hate it when mascaras are pricey given how they

(1) dry up in a matter of months

(2) we're technically supposed to toss them for hygiene reasons after 3 months or so.

So it PAINS me to have to shell out so much for a mascara - this is why I love MAC ZOOMLASH seeing how its amazing bang for my buck - its in the range of the $20s, remains viscous for a long time and is super black and densifying.

The only way I can justify paying $50 for LANCOME HYPNOSE PRECIOUS CELLS Mascara is that it seems to be a lash care product and mascara rolled in one - like I said, after the full 28 days (or even after 3 months) if I do find some of its claims true, then the $50 might be well worth it - if you're reeling from the price tag, you might be able to think of it as $25 for the mascara and $25 for a lash care product (if you're inclined to use a separate one in other occasions!) *wink*



Have you tried LANCOME's HYPNOSE PRECIOUS CELLS Mascara? Right now, I'm kinda hypnotised by the beautiful way it applies and the open-eyed effect it creates.

What are your favourite mascaras?

Do you believe in paying big money for high-end mascaras?




DISCLAIMER: Product was given to me for review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone

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In for Fall 2011, ANNA SUI has created 3 new LASH AMPLIFYING MASCARAS (SGD$41 each) - the tubes may look dainty and cute but watch out for BIIIGGGG colour that springs out from there!

While the black is pretty much a shiny deep black, the blue and pink are really bright. While playing with these, I realised that 100 Brilliant Blue has a tendency to dry down a little deeper while 300 Brilliant Pink dries to a vibrant cherry-red-pink hue.

According to Anna Sui, the mascaras are as vibrant as they are, given that there is less wax in the formula.


In terms of appearance, formula and applicator, these are TOTALLY different from the previous generation of ANNA SUI Coloured mascaras. Let's investigate :)

Although the current LASH AMPLIFYING Mascara looks way tinier, it hold 6ml of mascara while SUPER LONG LASH Mascara V holds 7.5ml of mascara


Apart from the bottle shapes, the applicator is also totally different

As you can see, SUPER LONG LASH Mascara V's applicator is more common looking (i.e the regular shaped-applicator you'd expect to see) but LASH AMPLIFYING Mascara's applicator is a flexible spatula-type 3 pronged comb.  It picks up a great amount of product (a little too much in fact - I HAVE to wipe off the excess on the mouth of the tube) but deposits mascara deftly atop lashes.

The combination of the unique creamy, film-type formula and the 3-pronged spatula results in a somewhat interesting application effect - the mascara not only coats the sides of lashes but also "paints" on the mascara on the surface of lashes.

According to Anna Sui, the formula of the LASH AMPLIFYING Mascara also aims to create voluminous lashes using copious amounts of VOLUME UP POLYMER and PLANT-BASED POLYSACCHARIDES.

Although the LASH AMPLIFYING Mascara dries down to a film-type base that is pretty much smudge-free, the mascara itself is VERY WET and VISCOUS - as such, its best not to blink too much while applying it - I managed to smudge my lower lashes the first time I played with it.


Applying it ALL OVER the lashes sort of creates a crazy-eyed effect - I have some close-up shots of my lashes heavily mascaraed first with a regular black mascara and then the Brilliant Pink all over my upper lashes and Brilliant Blue all over my lower lashes - a wee bit toooo crazy, especially in super close-up shots (which are all I took initially).

Instead, I decided to tone it down a notch and applied Brilliant Pink only to the outer corners of my upper and lower lashes (the same way you'd apply partial false lashes?)

As you can see, Brilliant Pink is really no wimp - it really shows up with wild abandon and is unapologetic about how bright and pumped up it is.

And to prove it, here's a shot taken further away where you can still see the bright punchy colour

I think a green or royal purple in this same formula would be awesome (then I can pair them with my STILA Sparkle Liners!)


The Lash Amplifying Mascara is part of ANNA SUI's Autumn 2011 Collection - more details of a couple other products in upcoming entries!


Like me, do you love coloured mascara?

Maybe I should do an entry on all the different types and shades of coloured mascara in my stash! :D



Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!




DISCLAIMER: All Anna Sui products featured were provided to me. I am not affiliated to Anna Sui. All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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IN-ACTION: CLARINS COLOUR DEFINITION - WET/DRY EYESHADOW QUADS (Swatches of all 6 quads, Suggestions & 3 Eyelooks)



While we're still battling the wonky hot weather here, the FALL 2011 collections have already arrived on our sunny shores!

This entry will feature swatches of all 6 eyeshadow quads from CLARINS latest COLOUR DEFINITION COLLECTION, new for Fall 2011. These quads which retail at SGD$72 (5.8g) are new to CLARINS' makeup range

6 eyeshadow quads is quite a big number of quads to premiere in one collection but is fitting given how the COLOUR DEFINITION Collection is focused entirely on the eyes.

As such, the collection aims to play up a woman's beauty by giving her options to create different eyelooks that reflect her personality as well as her mood - luminous, defined, intense, subtle - whichever way she wants it, she can find a way to do so with the harmonies of shades in each quad.

  • The pressed eyeshadows feature mineral pigments which can be used dry or wet for a more intense finish.
  • Each quad comprises both soft and deep shades; to this end, each quad also comprises satin and iridescent shades so uni-dimensional eyes are totally out of the question!
  • Each quad features 2 satin shades, a darker shadow/liner shade as well as a semi-glittery, iridescent highlighter.



Here are swatches and suggestions for applications of all 6 quads:












The palettes are very versatile - using ONLY the GRAPHITES palette, I created 3 simple eyelooks on 3 different days using just the 4 shades plus a pale gold highlight shade from another Clarins palette (the Barocco collection). In all 3 looks, I used the eyeshadows wet in combination with different eyeshadow bases.



  • I first applied a pale grey eyeshadow base all over my lids using MAC Paintpot in Dangerous Cuvee
  • I applied the slate grey eyeshadow shade all over my eyelids and patted on some of the iridescent silver glitter highlight shade in the centre of my eyelid
  • To increase the intensity of the pale pink satin shade, I applied a shimmery pink eyeshadow base on my crease and above using BEAUTE de KOSE Eye Fantasist in Pink Petunia
  • I applied the pale pink eyeshadow shade all over my crease and beyond, blending it into the grey
  • For my browbone highlight, I blended a pale gold (from the Clarins Barocco eyeshadow palette) just beneath my brows into the pink eyeshadow.
  • I lined my eyes with a black liquid liner and added a pop of purple on my lower lashline, using Stila Sparkle Liner in Royal




  • I first applied URBAN DECAY 24/7 Shadow Pencil in Barracuda all over my lids
  • Then I applied the black shade from GRAPHITES blending it over Barracuda so that some of the silver glitter shows through
  • On my crease and beyond, I applied a thin layer of MAC Paintpot in Dangerous Cuvee
  • Over Dangerous Cuvee, I applied the slate grey shade over my crease and beyond; using the same brush, I gently buffed a little of the iridescent silver glitter highlight on my crease
  • For my browbone highlight, I blended a pale gold (from the Clarins Barocco eyeshadow palette) just beneath my brows
  • Like the first, eyelook, I lined my eyes with a black liquid liner and added a pop of green on my lower lashline using STILA Sparkle Liner in Electric




  • I applied URBAN DECAY 24/7 Shadow Pencil in Barracuda all over the lid and then patted on the black shadow all over my lids
  • Only in the centre, I blended a little of the iridescent silvery grey highlight shade and patted a bit more black over it (so that the black would look a little sparkly)
  • I applied MAC Paintpot (heavily) in Nice Vice all over my crease and beyond and blended BEAUTE de KOSE Pink Petunia over Nice Vice; I then blended the pale pink eyeshadow shade over it
  • For my browbone highlight, I blended a pale gold (from the Clarins Barocco eyeshadow palette) just beneath my brows
  • I lined my eyes with a black liquid eyeliner (this time, using the CLARINS INSTANT LINER - click HERE for my review!) and lined my lower lashlines with the black eyeshadow from Graphites using the angled sponge-tip applicator


And this is the finished look of the Smoked Black & Pink

In this shot, I am also using other products from the CLARINS COLOUR DEFINITION COLLECTION such as the 3D Radiance Face Powder and Joli Rouge Lipstick in FIG (a new favourite!) - I will share my thoughts on these in upcoming entries



All in all, while the shades in the new CLARINS eyeshadow quads are soft and rather subtle, they seem versatile enough to mix around and play with. Apart from Graphites and Violet, the other quads I like are Indigo and Nudes.

I like how the shades can be used wet and take on different characteristics when blended with different bases - the pale pink eyeshadow came alive over the pink and purple cream bases while the black eyeshadow remained opaque but allowed the sparkles from UD Barracuda to shine through.



Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for the other entries on products from this collection!



DISCLAIMER: All Clarins products featured in this entry were provided to me. I am not affiliated to Clarins. All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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Hi, My name is Kas and I'm an eyeliner junkie.

Yep, I have a multitude of liquid and pencil eyeliners in a wide range of shades and I use them faithfully (I'm trying to get out of the guilt-trap) - upper lashline, waterline, lower lashline! So when there's a new eyeliner out, especially when it says "waterproof" and the magic word "sparkle", you know I will not be able to sit still and resist.


There are a total of 8 sparkly shades of the STILA SPARKLE WATERPROOF LIQUID EYELINERS and I picked up 4 - I purchased 2 via Iris who had them CPed (thanks Iris!) and I got the other 2 at Escentials @ Tangs yesterday.

They retail for SGD$32 here but Escentials is currently having a promotion (till 30 Jun 2011) where a purchase of 2 regular items entitles you to a 15% discount. So the price I paid for the 2 here was somewhat comparable to what I paid for those purchased in the US, where they retail for USD$22.


Here are the swatches of the 4 I picked up:


  • Bora Bora is the typical blue I'm drawn to - Cerulean, bright-in-your-face blue; it dries down to a lovely solid satiny finish

  • Electric is a sparkling bright green which applies a little darker but with almost a foil finish - the gold-green sparkles in this is lovely!

  • Sequins is a deep black with loads of silver sparkles; when it catches the light, it looks a little multicoloured too but I doubt it'd be that obvious on the eye

  • Royal - is amazing. Its a (duochromey) violet purple that flashes blue, pink and purple. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G


The other shades are ROCK CANDY (warm brown); FLASH (olive khaki); STARRY (gunmetal) and CURACAO (violet blue). Here are swatches of the rest of the shades



I honestly find it incredibly easy to apply - the pointy, slim felt-tip applicator deposits the eyeliner easily and the texture is such that its not dribbly and runny - the eyeliner stays and dries down exactly at the place you apply it.

In the shot below, I hurriedly applied BORA BORA to my lower lash line and I didn't have much application issues despite the frenzy.  I also found it remained budge-proof and intense several hours later


You can check out Iris' swatches and EOTD with ROYAL HERE


I love these as much as I love my MAC SUPERSLICK EYELINERS (I have them in GOLD, SILVER, PURPLE, NAVY and BLACK) - just as easy to apply and long-lasting. Several reviews have pointed out how these are both super similarly packaged. Case in point:

But I'm not complaining! I love them all!

Now, to conquer at least one from the MUFE range - a hot pink maybe? LOL!



Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!




DISCLAIMER: I paid for these products myself.  I am not affiliated to STILA or Escentials. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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Hi hi!

In this entry, I share my thoughts on and how I use SHU UEMURA's newest foundation, the FACE ARCHITECT SHEER REFINING MOUSSE FOUNDATION (SGD$78 / 65gm)

  • According to Shu Uemura, this patent-pending innovation aims to create a "barely there" canvas - the finish is supposed to be a "sheer veil" with sufficient coverage and hydration.

  • To this end, it contains the brand's iconic Depsea Water (I love this!) and hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin; Water Lily extract provides anti-oxidant protection.

  • The foundation is dispensed from the canister which is identical to those of the UV UNDER BASE MOUSSE. After months of practice, I've learnt how to control the pump to dispense a small ball! :)



The formula is patent-pending given how ultra-fine powder particles are weightlessly and evenly suspended in a stablised foam formula.

Ok, CORNY 101 - the Japanese ARCHITECT who designed this building, ensured the FOUNDATION was stable and would not collapse

*ahem ahem*

Seriously, they weren't kidding when they said "stabilised" foam formula - I actually got tired and bored sitting on the bed waiting for the foam ball to collapse. I even blew on it a little eventually because it was taking its own sweet time to amble along into collapsedom.

15 minutes and I gave up and took the shot.

See how evenly it collapses? You don't see any liquid separating from powder particles - it's still one uniform texture.  This essentially means that even if you take a while to blend your foundation, the foam ball is not going to separate into a watery mess of some liquid and some powder particles leaving you with patches of liquid and powder on your face.

The main drawback for me - there aren't very many shades in the shade range; I was given 5 YR-M RICH SAND, which is the deepest, yellow-toned foundation in the range.

And as is the story of my life, the shade isn't really my best match - its a little too pale but it applies real evenly - I could look evenly paler all over my face and neck and just wear long-sleeves? :P


Note: The rest of the entry focuses on HOW I USE the foundation, how I think the SHU UEMURA FA SHEER REFINING MOUSSE FOUNDATION contributes to the concoction and how the concoction holds up on me.




Ok, so I dramatise it a little to make up for the little not-so-pretty shot of the mixing-process pictured below.

I've been using my ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE-WEAR FOUNDATION in WARM BRONZE on its own but of late, I find that its a little too deep - I tend to look a little "toasted". One's too pale and one's too deep so I tried mixing them!

  • The SHU UEMURA FA SHEER REFINING MOUSSE FOUNDATION breaks down immediately upon contact with the ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE-WEAR FOUNDATION to meld together


  • The 2 shades mix effortlessly - the result is a silky, even-toned viscous concoction that applies really easily all over skin

  • Neither foundation adversely affects the other - I do get oily (when don't I ever?) but my concoction does not wear off in odd patches - which I suspect has a lot to do with how evenly suspended the powder particles are in the SHU UEMURA FA SHEER REFINING FOUNDATION


I took this shot (below) just as I was about to leave after a long dinner - this was about 5+ hours after putting on my makeup - I didn't have a chance to blot or touch-up and apart from the foundation wearing off where my spectacle nose-pads were, the rest seem pretty intact

I think the SHU UEMURA FA SHEER REFINING MOUSSE FOUNDATION actually enhances the application and wear of the Estee Lauder Double-Wear foundation - the fluid concoction applies evenly and does not cake or feel heavy on skin - which is sooooo important given how humid our weather is.

The only drawback to mixing the foundations figuring out the ratio of each foundation to add to the concoction - it took a few tries to get the shade right but I think its worth the effort given how comfortable, long-lasting and smooth-feeling the final result is. I've been consistently using this combination for 2 weeks+ and I'm really happy with it!


Half the fun and beauty about makeup is experimenting and finding what works for us - sometimes we are successful, sometimes we (ok, I) want to pull our (my) hair out in frustration when things don't quite turn out the way we (I) hoped. But at the end of it all, the most important thing is to be happy, right?


I tend to pull out my red lipstick when I'm happy *wink*


  • SHU UEMURA UV Under Base Mousse in PINK;
  • MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC45



  • HOURGLASS Visionaire Eyeshadow Duo in PRISM (silvery black on lids; greyed blue on crease and above);
  • KISS ME HEAVY ROTATION Liquid Eyeliner;
  • ESPRIQUE PRECIOUS Ruffle Flare Mascara;


CHEEKS: MAC Mineralised Blush in INTENSO





Have you tried this revolutionary foundation? How did you like it?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!



DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated to SHU UEMURA; all opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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Last weekend, I attended a Hands-On RMK Workshop with IRIS, which featured the new RMK 2011 SUMMER MAKEUP Collection, led by RMK's Makeup Artist from Japan, Kosuke Wada.

The best part about this workshop was that it was very comprehensive - I found that the skincare and makeup application techniques and tips shared by RMK Singapore Makeup Artist Huiping and Me Wada were extremely useful given how a thorough, step-by-step detailed explanations were delivered.  Also, time was given for participants to try out the application methods in-between the application stages under the watchful eyes of the RMK BAs and Mr Wada.



Before the workshop started, Mr Wada walked around and looked at all the participants complexions, asking us what our areas of concern were and made suggestions on the type of skincare products we could use.

RMK has an extensive set of skincare products, including cleansers and toners which we got to try out.

RMK believes that the cleansing routine is of primary importance to the "future of our beauty" - as such, RMK's cleansing routine consists of several products to thoroughly remove makeup, revive dull skin tone, boost blood circulation via massage and so on.

A key feature I love is how RMK also places importance on natural ingredients - carrots, cucumbers, oranges and raspberries are some of the skin-strengthening ingredients found in RMK's skincare.





The bi-phase eyemakeup remover made a clean swipe (one single swipe) right through a heavy application of gel-eyeliner that I had let set on my hand.


This CLEANSING BALM really had me drooling over it for a moment.  It smelled of powdery roses!  It contains GRAPE SEED OIL, JOJOBA OIL and AVOCADO OILS which are prized for their moisturising properties.

Lauded as an "innovative texture transforming cleanser", the solid, waxy feeling balm breaks down into a silky, emollient emulsion once it's massaged into skin

As you can see from the inset shot, only a small amount is needed to cover my entire back of my hand. The balm can be applied and massaged on dry skin and later emulsified with wet palms for a more thorough cleansing.

We were told that one way to gauge how long we need to massage cleansing oils and balms into our skin for a thorough cleansing is to massage the product in until traction begins to build up (i.e no longer as slick).


Apart from cleansing products, we were also shown how to correctly apply skincare products such as toner, essence and moisturiser.

One tip shared was that after applying skincare products, to ensure penetration of the product into the skin, one should warm the palms by rubbing them together and then gently press the palms on the cheeks, forehead, eyes and chin.


Another skincare product which caught my eye was this RECOVERY GEL which smelled of grapefruit. When applied and massaged in, the micro-beads dissolve and penetrate into skin - the micro-beads is said to target damaged and weakened skin while the gel is said to provide intense hydration while you sleep. Some of the natural ingredients it contains include:

  • Yeast extract (Moisturizing)
  • Kyonin extract(Moisturizing)
  • Diptoassium Glycyrrhizinate (Anti-inflammatory)
  • Grapefruit Extract
  • Aloe Extract
  • Raspberry extract
  • Ceramide D




Mr Wada showcased 3 of RMK's makeup bases.

  • The CREAMY POLISHED BASE (left) has a blend of powder particles in 3 different sizes which helps to absorb more sebum; the creamy texture also glides over skin to help create a seamless base.

  • The MAKEUP BASE (right) is more of a liquid texture and creates a more natural, bare-skin finish.



The third makeup base is a newer offering - SMOOTHING POLISHED BASE (one universal shade). Rather than be applied all over the face like the other 2 makeup bases, this is meant more for areas of concern such as the T-zone, open pores, cheeks or side of nose.

The texture has the slip of a gel-like formula but also feels a little powdery as you can see in the shot below.  It contains powder particles, Macadamia oil and "Super Sealed Oil" which creates a veil over skin to enhance the lasting power of foundation.

The best part? It can be applied OVER FOUNDATION during touch-ups! Just blot, smooth SMOOTHING POLISHED BASE over the area and buff powder over it!

I tried it on my nose and I quite liked it.  The effect dissipated after a while but I must qualify - it was very very very hot and humid that day and I was perspiring like MAD.  I tried it again a couple of days ago and it seemed to work better. I will be trying out again tomorow :)



Then we have CONTROL COLOUR N in Coral (left) and Silver (right)

These liquid highlighters contain super-fine shimmer that lend a gentle translucent, radiance to your complexion. Once blended out (say on cheekbones, nose bridge), skin just looks glowy with a soft-focus effect.



Next, Mr Wada applied SUPER BASIC LIQUID CONCEALER to the model's face, concentrating on the sides of her eyes, her nose bridge and around the sides of her mouth.

Given the liquid texture of the concealer and the fine tip of the pen-style dispenser, Mr Wada explained that the concealer can also double up as a highlighting pen (much like how I used the Lancome Teint Miracle or the Clarins concealer pens). According to RMK, this lightweight concealer can also be layered on top of makeup during the day to refresh makeup.


Moving on to foundations, Mr Wada explained that LIQUID FOUNDATION (left) creates a more natural, bare skin (translucent) finish, while the GEL EMULSION COMPACT (right) creates a natural finish but provides higher coverage than the LIQUID FOUNDATION.  Containing Sugar Beet extract, this buildable foundation has a dewy finish.

Mr Wada explained that for even, smooth foundation application, the foundation sponge should be tapped on the foundation cake for an even layer of product and then applied on a downward motion (or outward motion on forehead) on the skin.  Mr Wada was also careful not to apply or disturb the areas he had already blended with concealer.


To set the foundation, Mr Wada applied RMK PRESSED POWDER N in 02 (pink combination)

He first swirled the brush over the entire powder compact and applied it to her face.  For highlights, he then applied the pearlescent powder (thinner strip in compact) and then applied some of the pink powder on her cheeks for added radiance





For the eye look on the model that day, Mr Wada wated to create an elegant shimmery, purple-blue eye on the model and used MIX COLOURS FOR EYES (SHINY) in EX-03 PURPLE (swatched below). The shades are meant to create a summery, shimmery wash of colour on the eyes - a very simple and elegant look.

Although I personally prefer the much more pigmented eyeshadows, the glimmery, shimmery effects of these palettes are pretty and I'm sure would pop a little more over a good, coloured eyeshadow base.

To create the shimmery wash of purple-blue, Mr Wada ran his brush over the 4 shades and applied it as a wash over her entire eye and applied a little more heavily around her eye crease to contour the eye slightly. Given the highly shimmery effect created by the gold shade in the palette (which contains pure gold particles for super fine shimmer), Mr Wada applied this to her lower lash line to make her eyes pop.



Mr Wada then demonstrated how eyelashes should be curled - starting from the root of the lashes, gently apply pressure and move down the lash towards the tip for a perfect, eye-opening curl.



I found his macara application method rather unusual but effective! Using the dual-ended EXTRA DEEP W MASCARA (base + mascara), he first applied a coat of the mascara to her lashes and THEN applied a coat of the fibrous mascara base and then sealed the fibres with a 2nd coat of mascara.

Both the eyelash curling and mascara application method are very effective - look at how curled her lashes are!



Eyebrows frame the face so Mr Wada filled in her eyebrows with a flat-shaped eyebrow pencil, EYEBROW PENCIL N.

The flat shape allows one to create both thick and thin lines - holding the pencil flat against the brow fills in the first half of the brow while the thinner side of the pencil helps define the tail of the brow.


For further definition and neat eyebrows, Mr Wada combed through EYEBROW MASCARA N


To define and make her eyes pop further, Mr Wada then lined her upper and lower lashlines with a retractable eyeliner, INGENIOUS WATERPROOF PENCIL EYELINER



For a pop of colour on her cheeks, Mr Wada ran the brush along the MIX COLOURS FOR CHEEKS (SHINY) - EX02 Coral Pink and then applied them to the apples of her cheeks



For a complementing lip, Mr Wada applied a glossy pink lipcolour with LIP CRAYON - these are cool, retractable lip crayons that are glossy and yet are pigmented enough for a bright pop of colour on the lips!

And the whole chic look came together with a slick of shimmery LIP GLOSS N.


The idea behind this look was something glowy, summery yet simple and attractive. And you got to admit, she does look lovely :)



Thanks to the structured of the workshop and the attention paid to details, participants gained a lot of tips and techniques from Mr Wada and the RMK team.

For a newbie to the brand like me, a couple of items caught my eye - the CLEANSING BALM and the SMOOTHING POLISHED BASE! Other things I lust after from RMK (yes, LUST after) would be a silver and gold eyeshadow single that look like crushed molten silver and gold but the $50+ price tag is a little overwhelming.



Many thanks to RMK and Iris for a wonderful morning!



DISCLAIMER: I am not affliated to RMK.


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