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Spotlight: Burberry Beauty Lip Velvet Long Wear Lipstick Swatches

Hello :)

The Burbery Beauty Lip Velvet Long Wear Lipsticks (SGD$43) have been out for a while but I never really had the chance to take a good look at them. While at the recent Burberry Beauty Vintage Gold event, I managed to swatch them all and have picked a favourite :)

I know that No.301 Pink Apricot exists but it doesn't seem to be in the display - it might be sold out (I forgot to ask; there are 2 testers of No.303 instead). 

The packaging is very very sleek - a deep grey (Jet Grey perhaps?) in a matte finish, embossed with the iconic Burberry check. This sets it apart from the Lip Cover and Lip Mist range which both feature a shiny casing.

The lipstick bullet itself also features the iconic check. There's something very alluring about the finish of the lipstick bullet itself - very polished, luxe and really does make you think of fabric.

Here are the swatches of all 11 colours in the display:

My favourite shades of this lot would be No. 304 Redwood, No.307 Rose Pink and No.310 Military Red. No.304 looks like a great brown-pink shade that I really enjoy wearing - this kind of shades tend to go welll with practically anything. No.307 is a great deep rose that is very feminine while any self-respecting red lipstick lover will definitely want to own No. 310 Military Red - bold, sophisticated and very alluring.

I love how these swatch and apply - very smooth, plush and almost weightless. I have naturally dry parched lips so with long-wearing lipsticks like these, I must soak my lips in lip balm before application. 


                      Spy any favourites? Hope these swatches were useful.

                     Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day ahead!


Disclaimer: This entry contains press images extracted from Burberry Facebook page. All opinions expressed are my own and unbiased.

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Spotlight: Maybelline Colour Tattoos 24HR (Swatches!)


The Maybelline Colour Tattoos are all set to launch in Jan 2013 in stores and will retail at SGD$15.90  each. They were soft launched a event at SCAPE last weekend and here are the swatches of all 8 Colour Tattoos that will be launching in Singapore.

The terrain of Colour Tattoos all laid out to be loved ... :)

My personal must-have shades would be Bold Gold, Tenacious Teal, Audacious Asphalt and Bad To The Bronze. I'm really liking how Edgy Emerald looks but I'm going to rummage my stash to see if anything comes close!


At the soft launch at SCAPE, attendees were treated to makeovers using the Colour Tattoos.


These are bound to fly off the shelves - the neutral colours especially - when they hit the stores. Be sure to catch them the moment they premiere!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a colourful week ahead!


Disclaimer: Products featured were swatched on-site at the soft launch event. All opinions expressed are my own and are unbiased.

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Wat's in My Watson's Bag?: A Whole Lotta Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Vernis!



Not that I needed any but ....

Ok, in my defence, Watson's was running a promotion where the price of these lovely lacquers were slashed (took the shot off my Instagram feed). Even when Bourjois goes on sale in Robinsons, the discounts are usually either 10 or 20% - these were 30% off and at SGD$6.70 each, it was too good a deal for me to pass on.

I have long used Bourjois nail polishes - perhaps even before I tried OPI, since these have always been readily available at our malls and drugstores. The names, bottle shapes and shades have changed over the years but I have been rarely been disappointed with the quality of the polishes.

I personally like this So Laque range - I first bought 2 shades, Bleu Model and Fuchsia Hype (featured lying down in the foreground of the above shot) a little earlier and liked how the polish was relatively easy to paint. I like the brush and I need about 2 odd strokes per nail for full coverage. Although the formula for some shades tends to be a little on the thick side, it levels well with a top coat. Also, in general, I find creme polishes slightly harder to deal with but I've generally had good luck with these.

So when the offer came about, I decided to pick up a few more. Here are the swatches of all the So Laque polishes in my stash.

(Note: Swatches are of 2 coats each, no base or top coat on opaque nail wheels)

Dangereusement Rouge and Violine Chic require good strong light in order for the colour difference to show - in regular or low-lighting, they unfortunately look very similar. The good thing about these 2 vampy shades is that neither really stained my nails after wear.


I love them all ... but my favourite of the whole lot is definitely Beige Glamour

I really love this shade - it's what might be described as an antique nude rose or a rose pink with a touch of brown.

This just has elegant written all over it for me; I really like how it looks and the added bonus is that it looks just as great for a pedicure as it does for a manicure (there are some polish shades which I absolutely detest for feet - dark purple is one!).

Everytime I wear this shade, my mom always squeals "what is that?! So niiiiiiiiice! Lend me!" *grin*



Did you pick up any of these during the Watson's promotion?

Spy any shades you love? Share!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!



Disclaimer: All products featured were purchased with a combination of my money and Watsons' vouchers. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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Showcase: Blush Away with Benefit Hervana (Swatches and In-Action Shots)



Everytime Benefit releases a new boxed powder blush, everyone gets all excited! The last one that had me all riled up was Bella Bamba and here is Benefit's latest creation for Spring, HERVANA

You know, I wasn't paying as much attention to the "angel" as I was to the Devil ... ooops .. cos he's all nicely taut and rippled ...


Benefit always has a way with their promotional images and tongue-in-cheek name and product descriptions - Hervana is a play on the term Nirvana, where Benefit says "Achieve Hervana. Swirl these blissful shades together and sweep on your cheekbones for an enlightened flush" .. all in good fun of course.

The packaging to me is by far the prettiest of all the Benefit blush boxes - Bella Bamba and Coralista are pretty but in a more fun and technicolour way whereas Hervana is more chic and classy.


Similar to the Bella Bamba box, this is a hinged box with a concealed magnetic clasp. Though made of cardboard, it seems to be of good quality and feels nice and sturdy in the hand.  As with all Benefit boxed powders, this comes with a brush but I always prefer to use my own.


Here is how the blush looks like in the pan ...


Benefit describes the 4 shades as shell, peach, rose and berry and I think they are rather spot on (perhaps pale berry or berry mauve would be more accurate). The pinwheel placement of the shades may not be easy for one to apply the shades individually so I think the idea is to use them swirled. You can of course use a teenier brush to pull out more of one shade or concentrate your swirling on particular segments.


Here are the swatches of the individual shades (on dry skin, no primer or creme blush underneath)

They look almost matte (especially in the 2nd shot with no flash) when swatched but the peach and shell segments contain very very fine, miniscule gold shimmer. This is a far far far cry from the shimmer laced through the other 2 Benefit blushes I have, Bella Bamba and Coralista so if you are very averse to any sort of frost or shimmer, this might be a good option for you.

The powder itself is very very finely milled - even the paler shell and peach shades are not chalky and patchy and it feels so soft and smooth going on.


Here is a swatch of it swirled - you can see the slight satiny sheen once the shades are swirled


Now the beauty of Hervana comes out in its full glory once its applied - I used my MAC 109 to swirl all the shades together and here is how it looks like on the brush ... it reminded me a little of how my beloved MAC Fleur Power looks like

Interestingly, the pinwheel design does not get smooshed and distorted after several carefree swirls :)


I think on lighter complexions, you could likely get away with using Hervana on its own for a softly blushing cheek.

On deeper complexions like mine, it doesn't show up prominently enough on its own but it shows up beautifully once I apply a very sheered out, buffed layer of creme blush (I usually apply a smidge of creme blush underneath any powder blush I use - the logic of using a "primer" (regardless of the colour or pigmentation) just so the blush has something to grab on to and it lasts the whole day).


I just sheered out a smidge of Topshop Creme Blush in Pinch and then applied Hervana on the apples of my cheeks and upwards towards my hairline.

(I've got GA Eyes To Kill in Blast of Blue and L'Oreal Infallible in Goldmine on my eyes in this shot; Lips are MUFE Rouge Intense in 29)


Like I mentioned, although it looks matte in the pan and when individual shades are swatched, it actually creates a rather glowy cheek - I didn't apply any other highlighter in these shots. I think perhaps the best phrase to decribe this - a "soft gleam"

(In this shot, I've got Dior quint in Smoky Crystal and MAC Carefree Eyeshadow on my eyes; Lips are MUFE Rouge Intense in 29)


I would have to say Hervana is a sleeper-hit for me - honestly, when I first saw swatches of it elsewhere, I was convinced it was one of those super pale blushers that would likely turn chalky on me. Then I changed my mind when I saw the actual product and was taken by the pretty pinwheel design. But I was totally sold once I applied it on my cheeks. I think this is something that will be appreciated by many, given the soft gleam you can achieve with it.


Another fact you will love - Benefit appears to have done some price adjustments and now, their box blushers, including Hervana, retail at SGD$46 (down from SGD$55 I think) (I also saw the new prices reflected at the Benefit counter at Sephora ION). You might save about SGD$10 or so if you order online but you'd usually have to wait for a free shipping promo + hit the minimum purchase amount (usually about USD$115 and then wait in bated breath for your loot. With the reduced price, I'm definitely more inclined to purchase at our local Benefit counters!



Looking for that soft glow?

Check out Hervana and see if it is the right path for you! :)




Disclaimer: Product provided for consideration. All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influecned by anyone.

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I'm squeezing in as many entries I can for now cos I have a small window of time - there are more needing to be written .. soon soon!)

I thought I'd post this first - this INGLOT EYESHADOW collection started god knows when, when Michelle did the first spree way back in Apr or May? What started off as a small collection of 7 eyeshadows has finally spanned into a selection of 23 with subsequent sprees and CPs. In fact, I actually held out against using my Inglot stash, trying to wait for the whole lot to come together so I could do this post. I finally managed to settle them into their palettes, photograph and swatch them so I was just dying to get this up!

Before I go further, to the ire of those who might like the INGLOT palettes - sorry, I HATE THE INGLOT palette - the magnets drive me wild because somehow I always end up smearing my finger across the eyeshadow pan as I slide it open. Its the way I hold it, I know, I shouldn't blame the palette totally. The other thing is that once the pans are popped into their slots in the INGLOT palette, they're next to impossible to remove (if you're going to be re-arranging them like I did) and very precise, careful usage of a fine nail file is in order.

Ok, whine over.

Now on to the good stuff!

See what I mean with the fingers smearing? I also rearranged all the greens into one palette. I MUST stop buying green eyeshadow. MUST MUST MUST.

I have a grand total of ONE matte eyeshadow, M 388 in my collection. Expected right? Wait, you'd expect NO MATTES :P ... M388 was supposed to look a little close to NARS Outremer according to Temptalia but for now, I don't quite see the resemblance (Outremer looks way more indigo) but never mind - the texture is amazingly silky for a matte. The rest of my INGLOT collection is dominated by eyeshadows in the AMC Shine and Pearl finishes.

FYI, removing the dividers in the MAC palette allows you to comfortably fit in 18 Inglot eyeshadow pans; I pasted a magnetic sheet which I bought from Art Friend across the whole palette first and then arranged the eyeshadow pans in.




Let's look at the swatches - shown row by row as in the shot above. All swatches are without primer on bare skin and of medium intensity. Colour descriptions are my own (and I'm hoping they make sense!)

AMC S 49 - Brassy Gold

P 406 - Peachy Bronze

P 430 - Deep Yellow Gold

P 419 - Antique Brassy Gold with Green pull

P 433 - Golden Olive with Gold pull

AMC S 15 - Golden Orange Duochrome



P 449 - Hot Pink with pink pearl

P 450 - Cranberry Pink

M 388 - Cornflower Blue

P 428 - Deep Blue with Blue pearl

AMC S 32 - Light Teal

AMC S 24 - Light Seafoam Green



P 439 - Violet with Blue pull

AMC 64 - Black with Gold and Red Sparkles

P 444 - Silvery Grey with a very slight Taupe pull

P 434 - Silver Grey with Purple pull

P 451 - Gunmetal with Blue pull

AMC S 28 - Gunmetal with Silver-Grey pull and Silver micro-sparkle



AMC S 41 - Golden Chartreuse

AMC S 17 - Pale Golden Fern Green

AMC S 44 - Moss Green with Gold pull

P 418 - Dark Forest Green

AMC 58 - Bright Leaf Green with Gold micro-sparkle



In my entire collection, AMC Shine 49 and Pearl 433 are a little close in the sense that they are both antique brassy dirty golds, with Pearl 433 pulling just a touch greener.

while Pearl 451 and AMC Shine 23 are both gunmetals and are rather similar too but Pearl 451 pulls a little bluer while AMC Shine has bright silver sparkles.



I'm totally happy with my current little collection of INGLOT eyeshadows and I'm quite pleased at the range I managed to amass just from looking at online swatches (thank you Temptalia and all other other wonderful swatchers!).


Have you any INGLOT eyeshadows? What are your fave shades?




DISCLAIMER: All products featured were purchased with my own money.

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Before I even start on anything else, I'm going to credit Iris and Mag for this haul.

IRIS: I didn't pay toooo much attention to this palette when it made its rounds on the international beauty blogs - I had been frantically busy with my exam prep and other things so this wasn't quite on my radar. If Iris hadn't mentioned it to Mag, I doubt I'd have gotten my hands on this (seeing how limited quantities were brought in)

MAG: That very day that Mag and I wanted to pick this up, at precisely 9pm she reminded me that I needed to use up a SGD$60 Harvey Norman Gift Card that was expiring that day - it is MY gift card but I forgot and if she didn't remind me, there goes my SGD$60! So I zoomed off to Novena Square to use up the gift card while Mag painstakingly went over to Sephora Ngee Ann City to pick up the palettes for us. Painstaking because (a) we were actually at Sephora ION and they only had ONE palette left, (b) every palette she checked looked like it had been swatched already so she carefully chose the ones that looked the neatest. (Note: we highly doubt that the palettes were swatched - its more a case of the way the eyeshadows were pressed that made a couple of shades look like they had small nicks and fingerprint marks)

So thanks to the 2 of them, I have this amazing palette. Really, I didn't realise just how beautiful this was until I brought it home and admired it at my own convenience. Unscheduled purchase that gave me unrivalled pleasure!


What's not to love about this palette? Let's see:

#1: The palette packaging is sleek - fingerprint city but I like the raised UD insignia in the faceted shiny plastic. The royal purple just goes so well with the mirror-like gunmetal casing. And I really like the filigree design on the sides of the palette (pictured below)

#2: The UD palette costs SGD$80 and comprises 15 eyeshadows, each weighing in at 1.3gm each. On average, each pan of shadow in that palette costs less than SGD$5.40. A MAC single eyeshadow typically weighs in between 1.3 - 1.5gm and cost SGD$28. I still love MAC but you know where this argument is going ... (this Makeup Math is the bane of my existence - I justify every single palette purchase this way and now I have several "squatters" who have yet to be comfortably settled in my " "Muji Drawer Condominium" ... Ahem)


#3: All 15 eyeshadows are NEW, never-seen-before shades (Wheeee! No MIDNIGHT COWBOY RIDES AGAIN again!)

#4: And the shades are gorgeous - the neutrals glimmer, the brights are stunning and the smokeys are sultry. Its really a great mix of shades.


#5: As expected of UD, pigmentation and pay-off is fantastic - the colours swatch true-to-pan and were smooth. The swatches you see are on bare skin (no primer) and of medium-intensity.

Exactly the kind of neutrals I like - goldeny, champagney and glimmering


Predictably, my favourite is Deep End (I've never seen a bright teal I didn't like) but the rest are really pretty! What shall I pair with Junkshow? Deep End? Omen?


Blackout is the smoothest, deepest matte black I've seen in a bit.



On Friday, while passing by Sephora Ngee Ann City, Mag and I noticed the UD shelves had been restocked with more palettes but if its anything like the UD Naked Palette situation, if you like what you see and haven't gotten your hands on this, you might want to hurry.


A small part of me regrets not picking up the massive 15 Year Anniversary Set with all the 24/7 Eyeliners but the gorgeousness of this palette kinda makes up for that!

Thanks again to Mag for helping to choose the palettes! *mwah mwah*




Disclaimer: Palette purchased with my own money. All comments are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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I actually hauled these sometime back but with the work I had to finish and then the subsequent technical glitches with the blog, I didn't get to post this earlier. There IS more actually ... soon :P


FROM MAC's Summer Collection SURF BABY, I picked up one of the CRUSHED METALLIC PIGMENT STACK and SURF USA Eyeshadow

SURF USA was a shoo-in for me - I really have a serious weakness for teals, turquoise, aqua, blue-green, peacock (you get the picture?) shades. I was just thankful this was a FROST finish (Veluxe Pearl might have been even better) because these shades really look awesome with a little shimmer and dimension.

I really ONLY wanted just SURF USA. Really. Then as I was talking to my MA, JAVEN, and looking at the rest of the stuff, I casually asked if the pigments were nice - and he started swatching them on me  ....

Moral of the Story: If you have a weakness for something (like I have a weakness for shimmery, pearly pigments) DON' T LET YOUR MA SWATCH THEM ON YOU.




But you know what? ZERO REGRETS - look at those shades!  And the texture / pigmentation - one swipe, no primer, no FIX+ ....

While I managed to stave off the craving looking at the 5490 swatches online, I was so utterly swayed after swatching pigment stacks and I'm so glad I got them. So thank you very much Javen! :D



And then I hauled the ESTEE LAUDER BRONZE GODDESS ISLAND OASIS EYESHADOW PALETTE from Michelle's Nordstrom spree a little while ago. I was soooo thrilled when I saw the Bronze Goddess collection available on the Nordies website - its an annual Summer collection, but somehow, I've never seen it in our local Estee Lauder counters (unless they did bring it in some years but I missed it; which I kinda doubt but nevermind).

Which is a real pity because the shade selections for the eyeshadow palette, the bronzers and other Bronze Goddess items always look awesome.


Case in point:

After years of lemming and stalking our Estee Lauder counters in vain hope I finally got hold of the eyeshadow palette.  Several online reviews praised the pigmentation and colour combination but some pointed out that this palette is similar to those released in the previous years. I guess these tend to be similar given how golds, bronzes and aqua blues tend to be so characteristic of straight-up Summer collections.


And here are the swatches:

While I really love the gold and blue, the 2 other shades that really captivated me were the shape-shifting rose gold (4th from left) and the deep red-toned copper (5th from left). The greenish black with gold sparkles (1st from left) seemed a little "drier" than the other shades but nothing that can't be fixed with a good primer or a little spritz of Fix+


The palette was USD$42 (if I remember correctly). And at that point, a purchase of USD$35 worth of Estee Lauder products entitled you to a Gift With Purchase. I was super surprised - in our local counters, the usual minimum amount required to be entitled to a GWP is usually around SGD$120 or $160?


And this was a rather generous GWP!

I really like the floral blue and green zippered pouch. It was rather well-made and VERY spacious.


Together with 2 deluxe skincare samples, the GWP also came with a deluxe-sized tube of the EL Double Wear Light Foundation (which is really very much like a tinted moisturiser).  They also threw in a little eyeshadow palette - I like the shimmering beige and green shades (predictably so).


And the best part of the GWP? 2 FULL-SIZED Pure Colour Long-Lasting Lipsticks in NECTARINE (left) and SUGAR HONEY (right).



Now THAT's what I call an immensely gratifying haul - colours I love, textures that are amazing, pigmentation that's extraordinary, long-time lemming satisfied and amazing value!

More pls! LOL!


Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!



DISCLAIMER: All products featured were purchased with my own money. I am not affiliated to MAC or Estee Lauder. All opinions expressed are my own.

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I've got to credit Iris for this haul on 2 counts - first, she reminded me that I had a couple of vouchers to be spent at PARCO Millenia Walk and she also happened to show me that the OPI LAC BAR at Parco Millenia Walk stocked the NICOLE by OPI Polishes which I had been dying to get my hands on (FYI: only a selected number of Watsons stores stock the NICOLE by OPI series - Suntec City, Vivo City, Clementi Mall and a couple of others)

So with my vouchers, I picked up 2 glitter polishes from the Justin Bieber Collection - there was also an additional $3 off per bottle for polishes in this collection.

STEP 2 THE BEAT OF MY HEART is a beautiful confection of holographic pink and lavender hearts (the holographic nature of the hearts is rather obvious in sunlight and blurred photos) in a clear jelly base. There is also minute holographic glitter strewn throughout the jelly base.


MAKE U SMILE is one of those glitter over-coats I can never get enough of (like China Glaze Techno!). Like STEP 2 THE BEAT OF MY HEART, MAKE U SMILE also has a clear jelly base.  It has 2 sizes of very shiny silver disc-shaped glitter.


I was so excited to use these that I used them both at the same time in one manicure. I think pink, lavender and silver look fabulous against intense turquoise given the contrast so I used 2 coats of COLOR CLUB AGE OF AQUARIUS as my base shade.

(I also brushed on a thin coat of MAKE U SMILE to fill up the empty spaces)

I had a little trouble brushing on the hearts onto my nail - I was only getting the tiny glitter! So I used a toothpick to pick up the hearts from the polish and then place them on the nail. It can be a bit of a messy affair because the clear jelly base will also start pooling and getting gunky on the toothpick so I needed to wipe the stick off as I was painting my nails.

The other trouble with this is that you also have to take note of the curvature of your nail - I wasn't quite paying attention and tried to space out the hearts. Even with a relatively thick topcoat, some of the hearts began to lift off a little (see my pinky finger) and got caught when I washed my hair.


Otherwise, I love the frou-frou, teeny-bopper, cheery vibe this glitter polish gives off!


You can also check out Iris' haul and swatch of STEP 2 THE BEAT OF MY HEART HERE



And because my left hand isn't the steadiest and I foresaw that I would have trouble controlling the placement of hearts, I conveniently painted MAKE U SMILE on my right hand

MAKE U SMILE is much easier to deal with and 2 thin coats gets on enough of both sizes of glitter on my nails.



While I was at the OPI LAC BAR, I was ogling at the rest of the NICOLE by OPI shades - the range is rather extensive with such pretty colours! And I'm really interested in this one particular polish, LET'S GET STAR-TED, after seeing it on SCRANGIE but I couldn't find it :(  *sadness*


If any of you spot it anywhere, pls pls pls pls pls tell me!

Check out Scrangie's blog for all her swatches of the NICOLE by OPI shades HERE



Thanks for stopping by and have a great week ahead!

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All my chums (even the MAs I purchase from often!) know of my undying love and devotion to anything turquoise - teal, aqua, blue-green whatever you call it, if its in that shade, it has the ability to immediately draw and hold my attention.Make that a sparkly, shimmery turquoise and I fall hook, line and sinker :P

When OPI premiered its SUMMER FLUTTER COLLECTION in 2010, I immediately lemmed and ran out to buy OPI CATCH ME IN YOUR NET which I've used repeatedly. Then when I had the chance to purchase some ZOYA polish earlier this year, I searched the racks for ZOYA CHARLA and picked that up too because I just loved the shade. And then, Iris, knowing my love for turquoise (and is quite the turquoise lover herself), picked up this beautiful polish from ACCESSORIZE in MERMAID for me on her last trip to UK.


PS: You can check out Iris' entries on the various ACCESSORIZE nail polishes she picked up in UK HERE, HEREHERE and HERE


Let's check them out :)

ZOYA CHARLA and OPI CATCH ME IN YOUR NET have often been compared and touted as dupes. They really are really super similar and unless you stare at them, squint and nit-pick, the differences really are minute and oh-so-subtle. In most cases, I think if you have one, you likely not need to have the other(s).


Let's look at comparison swatches (2 coats each, no top coat). I have tried to take these pictures as accurately as I can but my camera, like me, goes a little cuckoo when it sees any turquoise shade (tends to capture it a shade more blue)

  • Zoya Charla and OPI Catch Me In Your Net are slightly sheerer than ACCESORIZE MERMAID - there is Visible Nail Line (VNL) for both Charla and Catch Me In Your Net.  The nail line is not visible with Mermaid

  • While the VNL is more visible in photos than in reality, Zoya Charla and OPI Catch Me In Your Net look better with 3 coats for even, opaque coverage

  • Accessorize Mermaid achieves full opacity in 2 coats - the formula seems a little thicker than the other 2

  • Zoya Charla pulls slightly more greenish than OPI Catch Me In Your Net and Accessorize Mermaid

And if you look at this particular shot of the 3 bottles, I think it shows why Zoya Charla pulls slightly more green - all 3 are packed with fine gold flakes but there seems to be more gold in Charla

I love all 3, but of the lot, Accessorize Mermaid has the deepest, strongest, most saturated turquoise blue hue and looks particularly stunning for a pedicure (which I am sporting right now).


Its also relatively easy to paint in that I only need 2 coats of polish but the stubby bottle cap and relatively short brush take a little getting used to.


And I leave you with a shot of my Turquoise Treasure Trove ...



Thanks for stopping by and have a great, bright week ahead!

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Hi hi!

After an evening out with my chums Iris, Sara and Chantana, I decided I wanted to pop by Tangs to check out GUERLAIN's Summer 2011 Collection, TERRA INCA - I have been waiting with bated breath for the TERRA INCA SUBLIME RADIANT POWDER. Check out Temptalia's swatches and review HERE

I swooned over a month ago when I first saw promo shots + swatches online so I was very excited when the Guerlain BA told me that it would be launching today at Tangs. But but but got there only to discover that it would only start retailing on 1 Jun 2011 apparently *pouts*


So I decided to check out their newest lipstick collection, ROUGE AUTOMATIQUE


I swatched 2 shade families - some genteel nudes and some va-va-voom reds :P

I think 121 is a signature shade; 121, 122 and 123 felt "solid" - payoff was awesome and they just glided on my hand for a smooth wash of strong colour. 120 is a glossy golden coral red which I immediately took a liking to!


Tangs just launched the ROUGE AUTOMATIQUE Collection - they have set up a ROUGE AUTOMATIQUE PODIUM at TANGS PLAZA PROMENADE (outside Tangs Orchard)


As part of the launch events, The Straits Times Urban and Guerlain will be holding a Makeover event, Automatically Charming Makeover from 27 May - 2 Jun 2011 (Iris has posted event and registration details in her entry HERE)


But what really caught my eye were the vintage Guerlain posters, showcasing the different lipsticks Guerlain created from the 1930s to 2011 - I have a thing for vintage posters like these and I leave you with some shots I snapped at the Tangs window :)

Coool! 2 shades in one lipstick bullet!


I have 2 KISS KISS lipsticks - lovely lovely texture and the scent is just intoxicating


And 70 years later, the ROUGE AUTOMATIQUE bursts into the scene again. Guerlain has always had luxurious, beautiful packaging and this lipstick is no different.



Have you tried or swatched any of the Rouge Automatiques? I'm swamped with lip products at the moment and really shouldn't get anymore so I'll kill off any lemming RIGHT NOW by paying attention to my Guerlain Cashmere Velvet Gloss in Rouge Sultan instead (which is still new in the box!) *but Rouge Automatique 120 is so pretty!!!*

SAVE.$$$.FOR.TERRA.INCA.BRONZER.INSTEAD. *chants it 5 times*



Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!



DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated to Tangs or Guerlain


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