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Showcase: Lancome Colour Artistry - Michelle Phan, The New Eyeshadows In Action & Erika F Compared ...



Lancome has recently revamped it's eyeshadow range and premiered a range of 22 new eyeshadow singles, Ombre Hypnose Mono Eyeshadows (SGD$36 each).

The eyeshadows come in individual pans in little black square compacts - like squared, mini versions of the Ombre Absolue Palettes.

There are 4 texture variations to choose from - Matte (soft velvety finish); Pearly (luminous silky halo); Iridescent (boosts aura of eyes); Sparkling (dazzling).

All the 4 textures are available in shades of varying intensities - Light, Medium and Intense. Similar to Lancome's Rouge In Love lipstick range, where Lancome takes the guesswork out of deciding which colours to wear at what time of the day, the new Ombre Hypnose Monos fall into 3 categories:

Fresh & Luminous - these light shades are soft and fresh and create a soft halo of light on the eyelids - this range spans soft pinks, beiges and a grey.




Chic & Sophisticated - these medium shades are bright and edgy and inject a pop of colour. In this range, you will find violets, blues, turquoises and rich bronzes



And finally, Deep & Glamourous - this family of intense shades are bold and smokey - think deep violet, chocolate and iridescent pewter.

Lancome indicates that the eyeshadows can be used on their own or even layered atop of each other to customise your own look. I was more interested in the texture - all the swatches you see above are one single swipe, dry and with no primer. Effortless!


Michelle Phan's visit to Singapore coincided with the launch of these new eyeshadows 

Michelle used these eyeshadows to create a day-to-night look during the demonstration. Here are some shots from that demo.

And the complete look - a soft, chic smokey with killer winged eyeliner ...

..... and you have to see Michelle's eyeliner - I was fixated by it for a moment (and it was perfectly symmetrical).


There are a couple of eyeshadow shades that really caught my eye like P207 Bleu de France, S203 Eclats de Violet, P205 Lagon Secret (teal!) but the one that took my breath away was I202 Erika F


When I saw it in the Deep & Glamourous display, I didn't realise it was Erika F - it was a highly coveted Asia-Exclusive shade when it first came out and the beauty community in the US, UK and elsewhere were in a tizzy. In the older packaging - I think the mono eyeshadows were then known as Lancome Ombre Absolue - it was G40. I have it and I loved it. Unfortunately, it looks a sorry sight since I was silly enough to depot it.


Here it is, side-by-side with the new I202 Erika F.

When I saw the display at the Lancome press event, I swore that despite the same name, the eyeshadow was different .. at least a little different. G40 Erika F is gorgeous but I202 Erika F was amazingly sparkly. Let's take a look at the swatches (dry, no primer):


I honestly think I202 Erika F pops a little more - there is a more iridescent finish and it glimmers even more than G40 Erika F.

I also think the base colour is a little more intense in the new version. Maybe my G40 Erika F is very old - but I thought it was just a touch sheerer than the one-swipe-wonder I202 Erika F is. 

The new Erika F totally reminds me of Chanel Epatant (major love!) - it's got that same sparkly pewter characteristic. I think they'll be awesome together.


Together with these new eyeshadows, a range of makeup brushes will also be making their appearance - I don't have the details or the price list (I remember someone commenting they weren't terribly expensive either) but they looked and felt really good.


If you love iridescent pewter eyeshadows, you must must must check I202 Erika F out - I think it's a superbly versatile shade - you probably can sweep it all over your lids for day and add a smokey contour in the crease for a sexy evening eyelook. 

I'm glad to see beautiful shades in a beautiful formula - these new eyeshadows by Lancome definitely delectable and the simple way of distributing them into different intensity families makes Colour Artistry easy and accessible by all.


Have a look-see and you just might fall in love with one, two or three ...


Thanks for stopping by and have a great day ahead


Disclaimer: Information extracted from press release; all opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone. I am not affiliated to Lancome

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Showcase: Pretty & Pearlised - Maybelline HyperCosmos Duo Eyeshadows


Hi :)

Many moons ago - I really have no idea - NylonSG posted this photo on their Instagram and I immediately sat up.

Mineralised eyeshadows - the HyperCosmos Duos - from Maybelline looked totally awesome in this photo.

As I've mentioned before, I really have a penchant for pigments and mineralised eyeshadows - I have a pretty tidy stash of the MAC mineralised eyeshadows (I've accumulated a couple more since this overview post HERE) as well as a few from Too Face, PUPA, Laura Mercier to name a few.

I love mineralised eyeshadows - the intense colour pay-off and the beautiful pearlised glimmer many of them have are unparalleled, especially when used foiled. The last MAC mineralised collection, Heavenly Creatures, left me a little disappointed given the colours and payoffs seemed different from the usual bang-on formula of MAC.

Just when I moaned that I didn't get my mineralised fix this year, along come these HyperCosmos Duos from Maybelline. And I can definitely say - these didn't disappoint me at all.

Right now, I'm actually missing one colour - LG-1 - and the moment I get it, I'll update this post with a swatch of that shade, Truth be told, I liked these very much and wanted to show you how they looked as soon as I could.

According to the brand, these are produced with a new technology where the baking process removes excess water pigments for a purer, more intense and saturated colour pay-off. The formula is a combination of crushed pearls and pure pigments for what maybelline calls "not-too-dull-not-too-shiny". 


Let's get the minor grouses out of the way:

  • Packaging-wise, these are a little flimsy. The clear domed-case allows an unfettered view of the pan of baked eyeshadow inside but it feels incredibly light. The clasp on all of my eyeshadows were really tight so I'll be careful opening these - don't want any flying out of my hand.  


  • The other thing is that the pans of the eyeshadows are not glued on very securely to the base - most, if not all of mine sort of wiggled a little when I swatched them.


And that's it ....

I think I can be a little forgiving, given how well these swatch. I've yet to try them on the eyes and will be sure to showcase them soon but let's just take a look at the swatches.

7 duos - each duo consists of a solid section and a marbelised section in complementary shades - they've covered a good number of bright and wearable eyecolours ranging from pink, blue, green, khaki, gold, bronzey-copper and burgundy. 

You know what I love? All the swatches you see below are done on:






Solid: Cornflower Blue

Marbled: Ivory, Light Gold, Light Bronze veining

The marbled half has a bright silvery sheen when swatched; the cornflower blue has the lightest touch of purple and overall, this is one of the lighter and cooler-toned duos. I think the cornflower blue will pop on the lids and I'd love pairing this with a darker purple or blue for contrast too.


Solid: Glimmering slight-olive toned gold

Marbled: Aqua blue, olive and dark green veining

When swatched, the marbled section turns into an iridescent gunmetal with a slight khaki-green overcast. I wasn't expecting that shade which was a pleasant surprise. I think this would be a great duo for a smokey eye; the way that khakied gunmetal glimmers is lovely lovely.



Solid: Milk Chocolate copper

Marbled: Light bronze, Ivory and Copper veining

The marbelised light copper takes on a very pretty pinked tone once swirled. I think a lot of folks will like this duo - seems so easy and wearable. I'd wear it with a lot of black eyeliner for polished bronze-smokey eye. 


Solid: Lavender Pink

Marbled: Dirty Brown, Light Bronze and Gunmetal veining

The lavender pink in this duo pulls more pink than purple on me; I was expecting a more purple-toned shade but the silvery gleam and what seems like pink reflects makes this a rather pretty shade. I quite like the Light Taupe that results out of the marbled half - it has a warm, tan hue that doesn't go muddy on my skintone.


Solid: Salmon Pink

Marbled: Ivory,  Bright Pink veining

I thought this looked like a real pretty blush duo - a corally-salmon and a complementary silver-toned coral for a highlight. This duo has me a little stumped to be honest - the marbled half looks a little stark on my skintone so I'll need to figure out how to incorporate it. I'll probably try the "lightbulb method" or use it in the inner corners (which I rarely ever do!). I'll most likely prefer pairing this salmon with a deeper shade - I think a deep blue, green or pewter will look fab with it.


Solid: Burgundy Purple

Marbled: Bronze, Yellow Gold, Gunmetal Black veining

This duo reminded me a little of another MAC mineralised duo I have - Play On Plums - although I'm fairly certain that they are not dupes. The burgundy purple is very rich and jewel-toned and I love the glistening warm tan that results out of the marbled half.


I think for dry swatches and with no primer, these look great. The only one that needed a little more intense swatch was the cornflower blue in BU-1 but again, it wasn't like I needed to go back 3-4 times to pick up colour. 


These were featured in a makeup demonstration by Makeup Maestro Larry Yeo at the recent launch event for Maybelline's new mascara, Lashionista. Larry used one of these HyperCosmo duos on the model - likely CH-1. The glimmer was apparent from even the large screen; you could also see how smoothly and evenly it went on with the brush. According to Larry, when used foiled (I usually dampen my brush with MAC Fix+, these create a more intense application.

Larry Yeo with the Michelle Chong as Golden Tan (click on the video on my side-bar to watch a hilarious YouTube tutorial)


Unfortunately, I don't have clearer shots of the final look but I hope these chaps who drew wolf whistles from the crowd, will serve as compensation

He actually flexed and posed when we demanded asked him to ...


Set to launch in September 2012, these new HyperCosmos duos will retail at SGD$17.90 for 2.5gm of product. These are worth taking a look at - smooth, pearlised glimmer, good pigmentation and a good colour selection - I'll be greedy and wish for a few more shades like deep mint, rose gold and emerald green. 


I just have one little grouse - I wished Maybelline had given them proper names instead of codes. There was so much potential for lovely names and surely these baked domes of pearlised pleasure deserve far better than Star Wars robot-esque (CP3O anyone?) names like CP-1 and BU-1.


Looks and a review of the new mascara, Lashionista, will be up soon! 

Till then, thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful weekend



Disclaimer: Products featured were provided for consideration. All opinions are my own. 

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Holiday 2011: In The Mood For Some Shu Uemura - Wong Kar Wai's Holiday Collection In-Action



I couldn't resist - with all the cinematic references, I just had to rummage through my DVD drawers for my copy of Wong Kar Wai's IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE.

Acclaimed movie director Wong Kar Wai's collection was hotly anticipated by many in the beauty circles and indeed, several pieces in the collection aim to add a little drama, a little sparkle and a whole lot of pizazz to the holidays.

In this entry, I share with you the swatches of the 2 eye and cheek palettes of the collection as well as the palettes in-action.

Revolving around themes of red and blue, the eye and cheek palettes draw inspiration from Charles Bukowski's poem "Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame" - "dancing in fiery red and icy blue, she is reborn in glittery gold" p is perhaps the most apt phrase that describes the colours in the 2 palettes which retail at SGD$115 each.


Similar to the winking Barbie eye of the Stila Loves Barbie range, the palettes are adorned with dramatic images that shape-shift when viewed at different angles - the stills are from the scenes from Wong Kar Wai's short film, "Mask" which Wong specially created for Shu Uemura to pay homage to femininity - the "movement" of the images reiterates the cinematic theme of the color collection.


Drowning In Flame will appeal to purple lovers - a rich red-toned purple is complemented by glimmering pinks and lilacs


And if you know me at all, you'll know that that deep blue of the Burning In Water palette will stop me in my tracks! The deep blue is offset by a pastel lilac and a glimmering sky blue.

Here is are 2 simple looks I did, using the Burning In Water palette.

Here, I applied the deep blue all over the lid and the pastel lilac in the outer crease; I then applied the sky blue to meld the 2 contrasting shades together.

In this second eye-look, I just switched the colour placement slightly for a subtle variation. I applied the pastel lilac in the inner corner of my eyelid and the deep blue in the outer corners and tied it all together by applying the sky blue in the outer crease.

In both looks, I applied the shimmering silvery gold glitter shade from the Burning In Water palette atop MAC Carefree eyeshadow. I'm also wearing Shu Uemura P Red 14 blush in both looks (from the older range of Glow-On Blushes) - it has excellent pigmentation with a soft sheen that I amplify with a gentle buffing of MAC Shell Pearl Beauty Powder.

What I liked about the palette was that the eyeshadows were smooth and applied true-to-pan - these eyeshadows are definitely on par with the eyeshadows in the regular Shu Uemura eyeshadow range - I'm really glad to see this given that of late, some brands appear to be churning out value-for-money holiday sets with sub-par quality products. I also was able to use them both wet and dry but I preferred using them wet.

While these shades may look similar to some of the eyeshadow shades in the existing Color Atelier collection, they are not identical, as confirmed by the BA when I enquired.



Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend!




Disclaimer: Product was provided by Shu Uemura. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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I'm squeezing in as many entries I can for now cos I have a small window of time - there are more needing to be written .. soon soon!)

I thought I'd post this first - this INGLOT EYESHADOW collection started god knows when, when Michelle did the first spree way back in Apr or May? What started off as a small collection of 7 eyeshadows has finally spanned into a selection of 23 with subsequent sprees and CPs. In fact, I actually held out against using my Inglot stash, trying to wait for the whole lot to come together so I could do this post. I finally managed to settle them into their palettes, photograph and swatch them so I was just dying to get this up!

Before I go further, to the ire of those who might like the INGLOT palettes - sorry, I HATE THE INGLOT palette - the magnets drive me wild because somehow I always end up smearing my finger across the eyeshadow pan as I slide it open. Its the way I hold it, I know, I shouldn't blame the palette totally. The other thing is that once the pans are popped into their slots in the INGLOT palette, they're next to impossible to remove (if you're going to be re-arranging them like I did) and very precise, careful usage of a fine nail file is in order.

Ok, whine over.

Now on to the good stuff!

See what I mean with the fingers smearing? I also rearranged all the greens into one palette. I MUST stop buying green eyeshadow. MUST MUST MUST.

I have a grand total of ONE matte eyeshadow, M 388 in my collection. Expected right? Wait, you'd expect NO MATTES :P ... M388 was supposed to look a little close to NARS Outremer according to Temptalia but for now, I don't quite see the resemblance (Outremer looks way more indigo) but never mind - the texture is amazingly silky for a matte. The rest of my INGLOT collection is dominated by eyeshadows in the AMC Shine and Pearl finishes.

FYI, removing the dividers in the MAC palette allows you to comfortably fit in 18 Inglot eyeshadow pans; I pasted a magnetic sheet which I bought from Art Friend across the whole palette first and then arranged the eyeshadow pans in.




Let's look at the swatches - shown row by row as in the shot above. All swatches are without primer on bare skin and of medium intensity. Colour descriptions are my own (and I'm hoping they make sense!)

AMC S 49 - Brassy Gold

P 406 - Peachy Bronze

P 430 - Deep Yellow Gold

P 419 - Antique Brassy Gold with Green pull

P 433 - Golden Olive with Gold pull

AMC S 15 - Golden Orange Duochrome



P 449 - Hot Pink with pink pearl

P 450 - Cranberry Pink

M 388 - Cornflower Blue

P 428 - Deep Blue with Blue pearl

AMC S 32 - Light Teal

AMC S 24 - Light Seafoam Green



P 439 - Violet with Blue pull

AMC 64 - Black with Gold and Red Sparkles

P 444 - Silvery Grey with a very slight Taupe pull

P 434 - Silver Grey with Purple pull

P 451 - Gunmetal with Blue pull

AMC S 28 - Gunmetal with Silver-Grey pull and Silver micro-sparkle



AMC S 41 - Golden Chartreuse

AMC S 17 - Pale Golden Fern Green

AMC S 44 - Moss Green with Gold pull

P 418 - Dark Forest Green

AMC 58 - Bright Leaf Green with Gold micro-sparkle



In my entire collection, AMC Shine 49 and Pearl 433 are a little close in the sense that they are both antique brassy dirty golds, with Pearl 433 pulling just a touch greener.

while Pearl 451 and AMC Shine 23 are both gunmetals and are rather similar too but Pearl 451 pulls a little bluer while AMC Shine has bright silver sparkles.



I'm totally happy with my current little collection of INGLOT eyeshadows and I'm quite pleased at the range I managed to amass just from looking at online swatches (thank you Temptalia and all other other wonderful swatchers!).


Have you any INGLOT eyeshadows? What are your fave shades?




DISCLAIMER: All products featured were purchased with my own money.

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I was eagerly anticipating MAC's PEACOCKY Collection - and I wasn't disappointed! An amazing array of pretty colours with fabulous textures - super smooth, pigmented and with a lovely metallic glimmer that's apparent on the eye.  All of them had the words "I'm rich ... take me home" tattoed on them :P

I had to ignore most of their pleas - if I had it my way, the blue, teal, green, purple ... ok, practically the whole collection WOULD have come home with me but I promised myself I shall be good and not splurge.  In my head, I kept reminding myself of all the similar looking teals, greens and purples I had already - but then again, we do know that one can have 20 greens and yet they'll all be different, in one way or another.  Nuances, nuances, nuances!


So with a heavy heart, I picked up only a couple - colours that didn't already feature prominently in my stash :D

See what I mean by rich metallic glimmer? BEAUTIFUL!!!! And the swatches on my fingers is what remains AFTER I swatched the eyeshadows on my arm - that's how pigmented they are.  Ok, you already know this - sorry for harping on it but I really appreciate these so much!


From Temptalia's first swatches, I immediately knew that I wanted DALLIANCE.  Its a pale pewter gold shade but it has depth and dimension - the shots below are of the same 1 swatch but in different angles

The swatch on the left looks more pewter, while the swatch on the left has a stronger golden tone.  I wore it on Monday (sorry, was rushing to campus and didn't have time to take shots) and it went on super smoothly and stayed intact the whole day.



I never really was a brown, neutral, eyeshadow girl but after trying out browns, taupes in SLEEK's STORM and URBAN DECAY's NAKED palettes, I'm a convert :)

SPECTACLE OF YOURSELF is a rich reddened, coppery brown - I love that its not just brown and it actually looks bright. This was another shade I immediately zeroed in after looking at Temptalia's swatches; a LOTD by Tina of THE FANCY FACE using Spectacle of Yourself sealed the deal for me!


PAPPARAZZ-SHE was really a last minute decision - I initially caved and requested for ODALISQUE (the teal shade) and then put it back and was ready to leave.  Then I decided to just swatch PAPPARAZZ-SHE beside SPECTACLE OF YOURSELF just for the fun of it and I was surprised at how much I liked it. Mag (MAKEUPSTASH) also commented how beautiful the shade was and suggested some colour combinations that would pop.  SOLD! A beautiful sunset bronze orange thats more bronze than Sunkist, I think PAPPARAZZ-SHE would be fabulous with blues, greens, blacks and pale golds!



Thennnn, I made the "fatal" mistake of swatching the KISSABLE LIPCOLOURS - and TEMPER TANTRA, a browned rose shade turned out to be lovely - it was a shade I had been looking out for, for quite a bit.  I swatched it over a couple of lipsticks I had, like MAC Cream In Your Coffee, MAC MEHR, CHANEL PANAREA and I really liked the effect. The best part - they're really like liquid lipsticks and totally not sticky (not like gloss at all) - I'd say they's a lighter version of the GUERLAIN CASHMERE VELVET MATTE GLOSSES (I have Beige Bengali) and the CHANEL ROUGE ALLURE LAQUES (I have Phoenix)


Ok, after I came home, I kept thinking sadly about all the other Mega Metal eyeshadows I didn't buy and PRANCE (metallic mauvey-silver with multi-coloured flecks) kept popping up in my head - it had looked awesome under the lighting in the MAC store and yet I stubbornly didn't buy it.  So the next time I headed out (with Amy, Sophia, Joanna), I swatched it again .... and again ... and again. And even after numerous swatchings the 2nd time round, I still didn't buy it - I falsely convinced myself I had other mauvey-silvers like Kitchmas pigment but really they are worlds apart!

Dejected, I rummaged through my stash and attempted to dupe PRANCE and stumbled upon these 2 ....

L-R: MAC DANGEROUS CUVEE Paintpot (Champale 2011);  SHU UEMURA Pressed Eyeshadow in G RAINBOW WHITE (Gem Glams Summer 2010)


And the results?

Its pretty - but its NOT PRANCE! Texture-wise, this is also a little more gritty and I feel the colour is a little less uniform.  This combination also lacks that mauve tinge that PRANCE has :(

So what happens after this? I made sure I purchased PRANCE - otherwise, I'll live to regret it! LOL! (Its currently on its way to me :D)



Thanks for stopping by and hope you're having an amazing long weekend :D


DISCLAIMER: All products featured were purchased with my own money.  I am not affiliated to MAC.

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Hello :)

Hope your week is going good so far. 

I picked up 2 SLEEK MAKEUP Eyeshadow palettes recently - BAD GIRL in Joanna's (Miss Jology) spree and SPARKLE with Amy's (Purplio) impromptu "twitter spree". 

Since I conducted my own spree for the other LE palette in CIRCUS, I've come to love the SLEEK Palettes for several reasons:

  • the eyeshadows are intensely pigmented


  • there is an amazing variety of shades that hardly get repeated despite SLEEK producing numerous palettes; there may be 5 greens in 5 palettes but if you look closely enough, you'll realise that they are nuanced and have slight variations. With the exception of the standard black eyeshadow in each palette, I doubt I've found a spot-on dupe so far.


  • Apart from the intense pigmentation and great variety of shades, the SLEEK palettes are really really affordable - at USD$10 a palette (eventual cost varies depending on how large the spree is as the flat international shipping rate is divided equally among all the buyers), SLEEK eyeshadow palettes are amazing value-for-money (but you all know that already!).  One MAC eyeshadow weighs 1.3gm; each shade in the SLEEK palette is 1.1gm - so that's a total of 13.2gm of SLEEK eyeshadows which is definitely less than what one MAC eyeshadow costs.


So BAD GIRL and SPARKLE join the little SLEEK Family of ACID, ORIGINAL, STORM, CIRCUS in my stash ... and the family may expand soon too! *wink*.



Let's check out SPARKLE and BAD GIRL!

(Note: All swatches are on NC43-45 skintone, dry and with no base [unless otherwise indicated])



SPARKLE is a LIMITED EDITION palette that made its debut for Holiday 2010.  It contains 12 smooth eyeshadows - 10 shades are velvety smooth, laced with silvery and some multicoloured sparkles while the other 2 shade, the pale gold and silver (bottom row, extreme right) are pearlescent. 


So in the swatch shot below, I've swatched the 12 eyeshadows dry and with no base.  The sparkles were not obvious unless I peered really closely and only in certain angles. 


So I decided to swatch them (dry still) with a base - to bring out the sparkly effect a little more, I used KATE GEL EYESHADOW in GD-1. And here is what they looked like a top a sparkly, sheer gold base:







Now, that looks much BETTER, right?! :D




SLEEK BAD GIRL is really an amazing palette - I really love the deep, intense shades BUT I do notice I have a fair amount of fallout with BAD GIRL.  So I am a little more careful when using this palette. But the effort is worth it!


And here are the swatches of the palette, dry, with NO BASE, on NC43-45 skintone:









I liked this palette so much that I used it several times in a row! Here are just a couple of eye-looks I came up with :)

Here, I applied OBNOXIOUS all over the lid and then applied INTOXICATED on the crease and upwards. 

(The eyeliner on the lower lash line is L'OREAL HIP CREAM LINER in TEAL)



Here, I applied UNDERGROUND all over the lid and then patted on GUNMETAL to lighten the lid shade a little.  Using both UNDERGROUND and GUNMETAL together brought out some blue shimmer (in the slightly blurred 2nd shot) which I didn't notice when I swatched either of the shades separately.  I have TWILIGHT on the crease and upwards. 

(The eyeliner on the lower lashline is MAC PEARLGLIDE INTENSE EYELINER in BLACK RUSSIAN)



Here, I applied TWILIGHT all over my lids.  Then I applied ENVY and lightened it out a touch with INTOXICATED on the crease and above.

(The eyeliner on the lowerlash line is URBAN DECAY 24/7 EYELINER in RANSOM)


In all 3 looks, I used:







That's all for this entry; hope you found the swatches useful :) Have a good week ahead!



DISCLAIMER: I am neither affliated to SLEEK MAKEUP or HOURGLASS COSMETICS.  All SLEEK MAKEUP products were purchased with my own money.  HOURGLASS COSMETICS products were sent to me for consideration :)

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I actually collected all these goodies about a week or two ago but didn't get around to taking any shots or getting this entry done - I haven't even swatched them yet because I've been trying not to get too distracted (I have another paper to go .. sigh). But I have a headache right now and I'm a little moody looking at my readings so I thought I'd cheer myself up a little by taking all these things out from the bag and admire them while taking the shots!

This entire haul is really thanks to dear dear Iris (of Rougedeluxe) who helped me get my hands on this loot - a lot of items in this haul were things I had previously mentioned in my wishlists or stuff I had been eyeing for a while and simply didn't manage to haul. 


First up, the Sephora haul, where I was lucky enough to get all these products with a 20% discount off retail price (with the Sephora FnF or the VIB discounts; there was sales tax though):


STILA MAKE AN IMPRESSION IN MOSCOW Palette: There are several in this series, Paris, Tokyo, USA and the latest one available is Fiji (Fiji is currently retailing for SGD$20 at Escentials @ Tangs).  Each of these palettes contain one CONVERTIBLE COLOUR (2.7gm) and 4 EYESHADOWS (1.075gm each).  Of all the 5 palettes I'd seen so far, I liked this colour combination, especially the shimmery deep peachy-pink convertible colour.  It usually retails for USD$10 but I snagged it at only USD$8, which worked out to SGD$10.88



YSL ROUGE PUR COUTURE in #9 ROSE STILETTO: When I first saw swatches on Karla Sugar, I decided that #3, #4 and #9 were awesome and I confirmed my choices when I swatched them myself at DFS Scotts (click HERE for swatches and my haul of #4). I was initially tempted to get both Rouge Vermillion and Rose Stiletto in the first haul itself, but I decided to try one out first - but the texture and payoff is lovely lovely lovely, so I grabbed Rose Stiletto given the 20% discount! This lovely mauve-rose shade cost me SGD$32.64 



URBAN DECAY BLACK PALETTE: I had featured the UD Black Palette in an earlier entry HERE when I first learnt of UD's Holiday 2010 offerings after meeting the dear Eric Jimenez (whom I missed on his recent trip for Sephora's birthday bash .. *sniff*). I really like how the shades look and I think they will look awesome paired with other eyeshadows for a lovely contrast - Temptalia mentioned in her review that using the shades together sort of muddied the colours up, leaving her with a beautiful but almost single-toned smokey eye.  It was a great decision for me to pick this up during the sale - it retails for SGD$63 in our local Sephoras but I only paid SGD$39.68 for it! Wheeeeeeeee!!! And considering that each eyeshadow is almost the same size as a MAC eyeshadow (that is really the standard for measurement isn't it?) at 1gm each, a mini UDPP Eden (3.17ml) plus a mini 24/7 Pencil in Zero (I now have what, 4 of these?)



TOKIDOKI ROBBERY PALETTE: Ok, I confess, I am a little clueless about Tokidoki and honestly, whatever I know of it, is really through Iris.  But when I saw this palette in her haul, I immediately wanted one too. Yes, the illustrations are cute, the keepsake tin is a cool idea, the magnet (below: check out the cactus-dog and the Sephora shopping bag!) that comes with it is also very cute ....

but the removable palettes are GORGEOUS!!!

I got this palette for SGD$55.48 but according to Her World magazine, its supposed to retail for SGD$80! I know the 12 eyeshadow pans look tiny but they are actually 0.8gm each (same size as those in the Urban Decay Book of Shadows) and each blush/bronzer weighs in at 4.8gm (which is the same size as a NARS blush) so its really rather good value. Also, I like the pearlised, glimmering finish of most of the eyeshadows and I love how each palette seems to be rather thoughtfully put together.



And then we have the drugstore haul!  



WET N WILD COLOR ICON Palettes in GOLDEN GODDESS (top) and NIGHT ELF (bottom): These caused a little stir on several US-based blogs (where many claimed that the texture and pigmentation of these shadows were exceptional.  After checking out swatches, I decided to try these 2 - the golden bronzes in the GOLDEN GODDESS palette were amazingly pretty while I was terribly drawn to the red shade and the duochrome green-rust shade (which many claim is very close to MAC CLUB eyeshadow {that I don't own!}) in the NIGHT ELF palette.  I also picked up another palette in SNOW SPRITE (greens, blues and silvers) but I might be gifting that so I'm not featuring it for now :) Each palette also comes with a colour-coordinated glitter eyeliner pencil.  At SGD$6.80 each, these were too interesting to pass up on :P





LOREAL HIP DUOS - These are all from the METALLIC range (the only METALLIC EYESHADOW DUO that retails in Singapore is in PLATINUM - a duo of bright silver and glittery black).  GILDED is a duo of rich bronzed-gold + gold-infused deep chocolate brown.  Contrary to traditional depictions of gunmetal (bluey-silvery grey), GUNMETAL is a duo of a deep golden khaki + blackened forest green.  ELECTRIFIED was raved about on Makeupalley and a couple of blogs for the high-shine taupe + deep plum combination.  Each of these cost me SGD$11.73 - a good deal considering the L'Oreal HIP Duos retail for SGD$18.90 here ... oh and the fact that these shades aren't even available here (for now at least) :)



L'OREAL HIP COLOUR TRUTH CREAM EYELINER in TEAL - I gave up trying to photograph this! Its actually less blue than what it appears here but I simply could not capture no matter how I played with the camera. I've taken to using my cream and gel eyeliners more now (I found the perfect brush to line my lower lashline! More on that in another entry!) and really, I have zero resistance when it comes to shades like this! This came up to about SGD$16.90.



L'OREAL HIP INTENSE EYELINER in DARK ROMANCE - L'Oreal HIP eyeliner in DARK ROMANCE is a semi-metallic red-toned deep plum.  This is from the current MIDNIGHT MUSE collection from L'Oreal HIP - I swatched it and once it set, it seemed pretty budge-proof but i will have to try it on my lashline / waterline to see how it holds up.  I paid SGD$11.73 for this.


MILANI LIQUIF EYE METALLIC EYELINER PENCIL in BLACK - I have the same eyeliner in TEAL and I LOVE IT! So I decided to try the black - the teal version lasts on my waterline practically the whole day and I'm hoping the black will behave itself and not fade, smudge or migrate either! This cost me about SGD$7.80



Iris picked up this Wet N Wild Color Icon nailpolish for me, in PROWLER (got to love the name!!!) - she knows I love glitter polish! In terms of the colour scheme, I was a little reminded of China Glaze's Mummy May I, with its black base and purple-fuchsia glitter.  The black base is sheer so this will be great layered either over a deep purple or a black polish!


I didn't haul anything from her Japan trip (the high Yen plus I exercised zero control when hauling from the US!!) but I still received a goodie from Japan! 


A foundation / powder brush from SHISEIDO! I have no idea how much this must have cost her but I'm very sure its not loose change!!! And its of good quality - the handle is comfortable to hold, plus the brush is super soft yet firm.  I've not tried it yet but I've washed and dried it with no issues.  I was really pleasantly surprised by this one!


That's all for this haul entry! I still have my METRO LADIES NIGHT event + haul to feature but that's upcoming! I will try to either update this entry with swatches or feature the products in action after my exams :)

What have you been hauling recently and what do you have your eye on? This month's issue of local magazines have featured a couple of new brands hitting our shelves (with Tokidoki's arrival creating quite a bit of excitement) - anything on your agenda? :)


Thanks for stopping by and have a good week and weekend! See ya!



DISCLAIMER: All products featured, unless stated as gifts, were purchased with my own money. 

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Seeing how I am going to be up till the wee hours of the morning - out of guilt for skipping to town for the DIOR SALE earlier today, I thought I'd quickly post this haul entry up and then be ultra studious :P ... ok, I confess - partly because I'm elated with the haul. There .. I said it :P


I wasn't too hopeful about snagging the eyeshadow quints so I was thrilled to see quite a good selection of eyeshadow - quite a few purple-themed ones. It would have been smashing if they had the eyeshadow quint in CRUSH GLOW though (LOL! Asking for it right?!). 


From what I've seen at the counters, the prices of the eyeshadow quints sometimes seem to vary a little depending on the collection - the most recent Holiday 2010 Collection's quints were priced at SGD$94 but I was told some others are between SGD$89-91.  I'm not the most familiar with them - I usually admire them from afar (not just at the Dior counters but on Iris' blog! LOL! (well, recently I got up close and personal with the quint in FIVE GOLDS but that's another story, another entry *wink*).  Here are the ones I picked up today:

How can I possibly leave this behind - Love at First Swatch....



I got a little reminded of Iris' TOKIDOKI quad when I saw this - not quite the same, but the blue and the bronzey brown reminded me of cute little MOZZARELLA!



I didn't take this at first but then as I kept looking at it again and again, I knew I was going to regret if I didn't, so it came home too!



This was Limited Edition ... soo pretty with the lace motifs that will disappear soon enough ... but soooo sooo pretty!



Each Quint was priced at SGD$35 at the sale.



Love the name!

This was SGD$12 at the sale





All the lipsticks and lipgloss I picked up retailed at SGD$15 at the sale - I was really tempted to get more but quickly walked away so I won't give in to temptation! I have one Rouge Dior Addict lipstick (Exotic Pink) and I love the texture while I've bought my mom the Rouge Diors a couple of times so I was confident about the texture and payoff :) If I remember correctly, the Rouge Diors retail for around SGD$40?


A reddish-coppery shade that reflects a lot of gold shimmer - well at least in the lighting that I swatched it in!



This swatched as a reddened caramel shade - but it looks pretty red in normal lighting. But its lovely either way!



I was thrilled when I saw this because I quite remember swatching this at Robinsons Centrepoint (unless I mixed up the numbers) and I thought the mauve-rose shade with fine shimmer was lovely. 



And I'm like a child - the holographic-esque boxes really get me with all the teal and orange flashes!



Somehow this refused to photograph accurately until what must have been my 20th attempt! A deep hot pink - hence the name - and now, I have Michael Buble's Fever stuck in replay in my head ... I thought of my mom when I picked this up and am intending to give it to her :)



Loveeeeeee ...





Je t'aime, ma chérie!

I have been wanting MISS DIOR CHERIE for the LONGEST time and today, I snagged the EDT for SGD$70 (100ml)! Wheeeee!




Yeah, so I played truant from my own revision time-table today and will pay dearly for it by sitting up tonite with my books. But really, I'm soo happy and satisfied with the haul so that's a good thing!


I actually have several haul entries (ahem...) lurking in the background, including my METRO LADIES NIGHT haul but I can't squeeze them in right now - after exams! :)


Have a great week and weekend and thanks for stopping by!



DISCLAIMER: All products featured were purchased with my own money.

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So I managed to snag the products I'd been targeting from the MAC VENOMOUS VILLAINS Collection that saw an exclusive and frenzied launch at MAC Tangs last Friday (from what I know, the collection will launch island-wide this coming Fri? I heard that MAC Tangs will not be re-stocking but this is not confirmed).

There was a frenzy that I kinda missed actually - I got there at about 1140am and A LOT of items were OOS - Bite of An Apple Blush, the nail lacquers, Heartless lipstick and I think I got one of the last mineralised eyeshadows in She Who Dares (the green/blue duo).  I honestly did not think that things would be OOS barely 2 hours after the store opened.  I was told there was a long queue outside the store before Tangs opened and ermmm, there was some knocking on the windows even. Wowza!


Anyways, here are some shots of the store, which I actually really liked - I know the images are essentially the same on the product packaging, but somehow as window displays, I enjoyed looking at them :)

I also like the sketchy images of the Evil Queen - I thought the sketches somehow captured that haughty, "I'm so glam" expression 

A Cruella de Ville faux-fur coat and a wig for customers to try on and have their photo / video taken at the little "101 Dalmatians" mini-set (pictured below) and displayed on the monitor (think you had to spend $80?).  I was offered but I politely declined - I have my scraggly hair days as it is and don't need further "help" in that department.


And on to my haul - like I mentioned above, I mostly kept to my initial wishlist for this collection, adding only the lipgloss after being suckered into it once I saw swatches on Temptalia.  Lighting is a little different in these shots since I took them while waiting for Sophia at the lobby in Marriot Hotel (hence the nicer looking table instead of my stained PC table! LOL!). 


I initially was only gunning for SHE WHO DARES but when I saw MY DARK MAGIC, I caved - my only flimsy justification being that I skipped YOUNG PUNK mineralised eyeshadow from the STYLE BLACK Collection :P. I am a fan of products like pigments and mineralised eyeshadows - I personally find them easy to use and they are wonderfully intense and often have that kapow payoff - of course, when used FOILED and over a good base! If you know me, you'll know I love using eye colours foiled - makes my life a little easier when I don't have to worry so much about fall-out and did I mention that foiling usually makes it more intense and pretty?  Totally pleased with these 2!



And here we have STRANGE POTION LIPGLASS and TOXIC TALE Lipstick.  I've been looking and looking for an orangey coral lipstick for a while and when I saw TOXIC TALE lipstick, I knew that I would have to try it! I swatched it in-store and its very intensely pigmented (the stain of the swatch remained on my hand the whole afternoon) - likely because of the Satin finish.  I initially thought it was similar to CHANEL Rouge Allure in GENIAL but I feel GENIAL pulls way more pink on me than TOXIC TALE. 


Apart from these, I've ordered FRENCH QUARTER Greasepaint Stick on Michelle's MAC spree and am looking forward to receiving that! (You can check out Temptalia's swatch / review of French Quarter HERE)



I KNOW I shouldn't ... but I am thinking about BAD FAIRY Nail Polish ... Bad Kas, Baaaaaad Kas :P ... but I'm still a happy, happy cat!


So did you witness any of the VV-inspired frenzy? Did you get anything at the Tangs launch? What are the items you are zooming in on?



DISCLAIMER: All products featured were purchased with my own money.  I am not affiliated to MAC.


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First up, you might recall a couple of months back (in late Jun 2010!) I was invited for a BENEFIT Brow Event at Sephora ION and I received a complimentary brow wax? I posted an entry about 19 days later so I could monitor hair regrowth and was rather pleased with the results.  Well, I've been totally ill-disciplined and did not get my eyebrows done AT ALL since that event (!!!) and they were looking a fine, hot mess.  So I decided that since they were so overgrown and since I had a great experience at the Benefit Brow Bar, I decided I should get my brows waxed instead. 


I hopped over to Tang Orchard and was served by a very sweet Brow Therapist, Amy - she did the wax fast, made sure I was not keeling over in pain and was nice and friendly. So here's the result of the brow wax - like Sophia had pointed out in the original brow wax entry, I too like how waxing gives you a real clean and defined shape. 

However, for me, there's a slight downside - I have very fine hairs on my forehead, so if I be super-anal and stare really hard at my temples in the mirror, I can see exactly where the hairs on the temples have been waxed off and I can see the rest which technically are not situated anywhere near the brows.  Oh well .. can't be helped unless I wax the ENTIRE forehead.  Owwwwww!



In case you're not familiar with the routine, after waxing the brows (no double-dipping!) and tweezing whatever little strays, the therapist will remove the excess wax and apply cooling / soothing aloe vera gel on the waxed areas.  Once the waxed areas are no long "angry-looking", the therapist will help touch up your makeup as well as fill in your brows with the Benefit brow wax and powder (usually the Brow Zings Kit).   


Each Brow Wax (they call it Brow Arch) costs SGD$22.  However, they also have small packages which work out to be more value-for-money. Let's do the Makeup Math, shall we? (and hopefully, the MATH is correct; LOL!)

  • Buy 3 Get 1 Free @ SGD$65 = 4 Brow Waxes @ S$65.  So each Brow Wax works out to SGD$16.25


  • Buy 5 Get 2 Free @ SGD$110 = 7 Brow Waxes @ S$110.  So each Brow Wax works out to SGD$15.71


I'm not terribly sure if the packages have any expiry dates but they do seem to be more worth than purchasing individual sessions - if I ever do purchase a package (IF .. IF) I'd space it out with regular threading (as in perhaps 1 Brow Wax followed by a couple of threading sessions just to keep the shape?). 

Ohh, and it doesn't hurt THAT much - the first one or 2 rips kind of shocks me but after that, its all fine and dandy!


PS: You can read the original entry on the Benefit Brow Wax here



True story - a particular sales staff who manns the cashier in the Tangs Beauty Hall had seen me making makeup purchases several times (mostly at MAC) and one day, struck a conversation with me, asking me if I "can ever finish an eyeshadow". She must have noticed the 54093821 eyeshadows and palettes I've been buying! LOL! And its sort of true - I usually am able to finish up eyeshadow HIGHLIGHT shades, but it takes a long long long time to finish COLOURED eyeshadow up simply because I rotate among several shades (and yet, I cannot stop buying!).  The only 2 coloured eyeshadows I ever completely finished were MAC HUMID and AMBERLIGHTS - and those I finished simply because they were my first few (and only!) 


Here are 3 that I've hit pan on recently:



I'm super-super proud of hitting pan on MUFE #92 - its such a monster-sized eyeshadow! Of course, there's LOADS more to go on the sides! And I think I did a great job with the I Nuovi True Gold Eyeshadow too - considering the fact that I only received it some time in Apr 2010 (that's like 4 months ago?!) I managed to hit pan on it! LOL! And MAC Shimmermoss is an all-time fave - I love to pair it with darker blues and purples!


So since I hit pan on these, I don't feel so guilty trying to get my hands on other new eyeshadows .. uhhh, like MAC Sassy Grass, SMH shadows, UD Naked / Book of Shadows, NARS Rajasthan duo, MAC Mineralise eyeshadows from the Venomous Villains Collection .... what a flim-flam of an excuse! :P


That's all for now; thanks for stopping by and have a Good Week ahead!



DISCLAIMER: All products and services featured in this entry, EXCEPT I NUOVI TRUE GOLD EYESHADOW, were purchased with my own money.  I paid for the Benefit Brow Wax myself and all opinions expressed have not been influenced by anyone.



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