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Spotlight: Burberry Beauty Lip Velvet Long Wear Lipstick Swatches

Hello :)

The Burbery Beauty Lip Velvet Long Wear Lipsticks (SGD$43) have been out for a while but I never really had the chance to take a good look at them. While at the recent Burberry Beauty Vintage Gold event, I managed to swatch them all and have picked a favourite :)

I know that No.301 Pink Apricot exists but it doesn't seem to be in the display - it might be sold out (I forgot to ask; there are 2 testers of No.303 instead). 

The packaging is very very sleek - a deep grey (Jet Grey perhaps?) in a matte finish, embossed with the iconic Burberry check. This sets it apart from the Lip Cover and Lip Mist range which both feature a shiny casing.

The lipstick bullet itself also features the iconic check. There's something very alluring about the finish of the lipstick bullet itself - very polished, luxe and really does make you think of fabric.

Here are the swatches of all 11 colours in the display:

My favourite shades of this lot would be No. 304 Redwood, No.307 Rose Pink and No.310 Military Red. No.304 looks like a great brown-pink shade that I really enjoy wearing - this kind of shades tend to go welll with practically anything. No.307 is a great deep rose that is very feminine while any self-respecting red lipstick lover will definitely want to own No. 310 Military Red - bold, sophisticated and very alluring.

I love how these swatch and apply - very smooth, plush and almost weightless. I have naturally dry parched lips so with long-wearing lipsticks like these, I must soak my lips in lip balm before application. 


                      Spy any favourites? Hope these swatches were useful.

                     Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day ahead!


Disclaimer: This entry contains press images extracted from Burberry Facebook page. All opinions expressed are my own and unbiased.

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Review: Crystalline Colour with Guerlain Shine Automatique in #263 A La Parisienne



I've been using the recently launched Guerlain Shine Automatique in #263 A La Parisienne for a little while and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on it. 

The idea behind Shine Automatique is bold colour that is sheer - a little of a contradiction yes? But that is exactly what Guerlain wanted to achieve - the idea of vibrant, joyful hues in a crystalline, sparkling formula for a luminous, brilliant pout.

And Guerlain wants this bouquet of luminous kisses to be loved by everyone - Shine Automatique is available in a 4 different shade families of Red, Orange, Pink, and Beige - a shade for every season, time of the day and mood.

Let's look at some random swatches of the shades available

See the way it catches and reflects light? I love the reds - I think these glossy, crystalline reds are a great way to wear a red without feeling the full on force of a red lipstick which can sometimes feel intimidating. 

I like the packaging - a sleek gold tube which you can open and close with just one finger.


I know - the swatches above look a tad sheer for a lipstick that looks so bright in the tube so I too was wondering how it would look on my lips. My upper lip is slightly more pigmented than my lower lip so very sheer lipsticks need more work on me.

Eyes: GA ETK in Obsidian Black & Madre Perla

Cheeks: MAC Fleur Power & Guerlain Cruel Gardenia


I'm using A La Parisienne (#263) which is the iconic shade in the range - it is a warm pink that borders on red although it looks scarily fuchsia in the tube. 

I'm using it on its own, only having lined the outer rim of my lips, like I do with the rest of my lipsticks. It covers the deeper pigmentation on the upper lip well, as well as the freckle on my lower left lip. So I totally get Guerlain's point of having colour as well as that crystalline sheerness - which is a refreshing change from the much thicker, opaque lipsticks I always reach for.


Here's what I like about the lipstick:

  • It has adequate pigmentation to cover my natural lip shade evenly


  • It applies smoothly without any grit despite it having micro-sparkles


  • It feels really soft on lips - it doesn't cake or feel like a layer


  • The colour can be layered on for greater intensity


  • It doubles up as a glossy topper over other lipsticks


  • It has the crystalline shine of gloss but it is NOT STICKY at all


  • I love the one-finger operational packaging - works fab in restrooms where there's no place to put your bag down and fumble with everything


  • It has a classic "lipstick" scent but it doesn't bother me and goes away after a while


Maybe this isn't even a point of contention - it lasted through a meal for me. But ALL my lipsticks last through meals for me - which irritates my Mom and Amy especially, to no end. I often don't really have to reaply lipstick after a meal - think it's just the way I eat. Well, unless its burgers :P


One thing I must add - because of the high level of shine and micro-sparkles, you MUST exfoliate and moisturise your lips before wearing the lipstick - the glimmer will highlight chapped and flaky skin which isn't what we want.

The only one thing that isn't so friendly is the price - it retails at SGD$51, and is slightly more expensive than Chanel and Dior but Guerlain is unapologetically luxurious and a treat. 


I'm really eyeing the red - I think it was #220 that I liked - but I swore that I will finish at least 3/4 of some other lipstick in my stash before I think of buying another so #220 (or is it #221? Now I'm not sure) will have to wait. Perhaps as a Diwali or Christmas present for myself? :P


Thanks for stopping by and hope you found the review useful


Disclaimer: Product featured was sent to me for consideration. I am not affiliated to Guerlain and all opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone. 

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Haul: Clinique Chubby Stick - Chunky Cherry (Plus Swatches of New Shades Available)



Our local Clinique counters now carry all 8 shades of the Chubby Sticks available - the range now includes

  • Richer Raisin
  • Fuller Fig
  • Chunky Cherry
  • Graped Up

These join the 4 which were initially introduced - Woppin Watermelon, Super Strawberry, Mega Melon and Whole Lotta Honey.

Here are swatches of the 4 new shades

L-R: Richer Raisin & Fuller Fig


L-R: Chunky Cherry & Graped Up


I first saw Chunky Cherry as part of the Clinique Valentine's Day set I posted HERE (as of last week, there was still stock of the sets at both the Tangs Orchard and Robinson's Raffles City Clinique counters). I subsequently purchased Chunky Cherry (unaware it was newly available here, I had it CPed from KL which cost a couple of dollars less).

I really like how the Chubby Sticks feel - they are slick, provide a semi-sheer wash of colour and feel very comfortable on the lips. Depending on my mood, I either wear them on its own or atop a blotted-away lipstick. I have Super Strawberry and Mega Melon (both very kindly gifted by Mag) and now Chunky Cherry.

Chunky Cherry is brighter, warm red-pink shade while Super Strawberry is a tad cooler and more of a blue-toned pink (in comparison).

Chubby Sticks retail at all Clinique counters at SGD$26 each.



Thanks for stopping by and have a good week :)




Disclaimer: Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry purchased with my own money; I am not affiliated to Clinique. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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Haul: MAC Naturally Collection



Its been a while since I posted my MAC hauls - I've been hauling but on the quiet :P

I have a thing for mineralised products - I just like how they look, how they feel, the intensity of colour and more often than not, the glowy (or iridescent effect) you can achieve with mineralised products. This time however, I skipped the Mineralised Skinfinishes (MSFs) because I have so many and I'm not using them fast enough, rotating among several highlighters from various beauty houses. I also skipped the mineralised eyeshadows given how they were more earth-toned and I think I have enough of those for now.


However, these 2, I could not leave behind.

I want to engage in PILLOW TALK, in the EARLY MORNING  ... :P


Although MAC described this as a "peachy pink", I don't see much of either. Early Morning looks more like a pinked-coral with hints of red or russet - I kept thinking of clay when I saw this blush. I kept thinking about possible dupes or similar blushes in my blush stash but have yet to come across one that looks very close.

It has great texture - soft and smooth like mineralised blushes are supposed to be, with a satin finish - no chunks, no frost. I like it on its own and sometimes, I like buffing a little MAC Shell Pearl Beauty Powder on top for a little added glow. Its pigmented enough - the swatch you see above is of medium intensity and it blends very well on skin.


The other product I picked up was totally unnecesary and totally on a whim. A splurge actually, because I promised myself I would stay away from lip products (says the Missy who has since gone on to purchase 4 Revlon Lip butters with another 3 on the way. This will never stop.)

Pillow Talk is a medium nude-brown with perhaps the subtlest hints of pink. I don't usually wear proper nude shades (although I'd like to) given that the many I've swatched are too stark, too peach, too brown, too dull or just look like concealer on lips. Pillow Talk on the other hand, seems just right. While I don't care if I have drama eyeshadow when I'm headed to school but I always reach for a less dramatic lip colour and this is perfect. I also like that its in the Cremesheen finish, which takes away from that nude-concealer lip look

Cheeks: MAC Early Morning and MAC Shell Pearl Beauty Powder

Lips: MAC Spice Lip Pencil and MAC Pillow Talk



Have you picked up anything recently?

Its just Spring and I'm already overspending!


Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!




Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to MAC. All products featured were purchased with my own money.

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Hi :)


When I first saw the GYPSY Collection on LAKME's website / Facebook, I was totally thrilled!! My excitement soon turned into disappointment when LAKME confirmed via email that they do not ship internationally.  A paltry range of LAKME products is available in Mustafa but there is usually practically zero-chance of getting hold of Limited Edition collections such as these.  So I am very very very grateful to Iris (of Rougedeluxe) who took the time and effort to hunt down the LAKME store and make this rather large purchase for me, while on her personal vacation in New Delhi.


I must say this - when we have chums who go overseas and they kindly offer to make purchases for us, its often very exciting for US: searching for swatches, drawing up a list, finding the correct names of products, choosing alternatives, estimating the budget and so on - all from the comfort of sitting in front of the computer or flipping through magazines. 


But for the chum who is helping to purchase? Its a totally different story - armed with a list, they find the time in their schedule to get to the store (or storeS), look for the items, check the condtion of the item and bring it back safely to us. In cases where its a universally recognisable brand / store like MAC, NARS or SEPHORA, it may not be as problematic in looking for the store or brand, but with a brand like LAKME, which may not be as popular / familiar in Singapore (especially among non-Indians), it may be an even more daunting task. Paying the chum for the product itself is one thing - but you can't repay, in monetary terms, the time and effort they take to make these purchases. 


In fact, a good chunk of my stash that I accumulated this year were courtesy of Iris' time and effort. This "thank you note" heartfelt and is not because I want to earn brownie points or I want to suck up or whatever (and if anyone wants to think that .. well, I can't help that). I just really wanted to say this here, especially regarding this haul. 

So thanks Iris, for all this ...  and more. 



And here is the haul:

See what I mean when I said "rather large purchase"?





These 3 eye pencils are not from the GYPSY Collection but from the permanent line. These Germany-made pencils are a little on the soft and creamy side but once they set, they pretty much stay on the waterline. How do I know? A whole range of shades were available in MUSTAFA earlier this year (with the exception of AQUA GREEN and PLUSH PURPLE) and I had picked up a couple then - they seem to be totally missing from the shelves there now though :(  

So the 3 semi-iridescent shades pictured above, join the others in my existing stash of a blackened teal, aqua blue, silvery black and blackened gold as swatched below.  Unfortunately, the earlier batch of GLIDE ON EYE COLOUR pencils I purchased DID NOT HAVE THE NAMES ENGRAVED on the pencils (as seen in the inset shot)! So I now have no idea what their names are :(





Kajal (or kohl) is a traditional form of jet black eyeliner used in South Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc. It can be made at home even (by experienced practitioners pls!) with main ingredients like sandalwood paste, castor oil and ghee. I notice that when I apply kajal on my eyes, it usually goes on with a slight "cooling" feeling and when I checked it out, I was right - one of the traditional purposes of using kajal (even on infants) was to protect the eyesight from the glare of the sun.  In addition to that, it was also believed to help ward off the evil eye.

I could not find the ingredients list printed on the LAKME BLACK SATIN KAJAL but when I rimmed my waterline and inside the upper lashline just to try it out, it also felt a little cooling.  Although the product is soft and a little creamy, it doesn't break off or crack even when I apply a little pressure, owing to the fact that its a chubby pencil. It has this glossy look, feels a little wet and isn't quite smudgeproof - perfect for that smudgy, kohl-rimmed eyes :)




The LAKME EYE MAGIC comes in SILVER and GOLD - I chose the gold.  The packaging looks a little like lipgloss but in terms of the applicator and the formula itself, I'm instantly reminded of the Beaute de Kose Eye Fantasists.  The Eye Magic applies like a cool liquidy product and dries down with a sparkly pale gold finish - and its practically budgeproof, especially after layering eyeshadow over it.




One of the main attractions of the LAKME GYPSY Collection was definitely the eye shadow quads.  Funny thing - its an Indian brand (owned by Unilever) but the quads are made in TAIWAN! Some of their eyeshadow duos (which I've seen in Mustafa) are still made in India though. Let's digress a little - I already have 2, PEACOCK and PURPLE OASIS, in my stash from sometime back (which are from the permanent range) and I decided to show them here:

These apply really well - smooth, pigmented and with a high pearlised finish. They also can be used wet.  Purple Oasis is lovely, but Peacock is AWESOME - the blue is amazingly pretty and exactly what I wanted MAC Freshwater eyeshadow to look like.  


And back to the new quads I picked up in this haul.  Like Purple Oasis and Peacock, these are also well-pigmented and smooth - all the swatches are light-medium with no base.

(NOTE: MOONDUST is from the permanent collection; only TANJORE RUSH and SILK ROUTE are from the Gypsy Collection)

MOONDUST has a satin white, a pearlised purple-greige, a pearlised silver and a satin black.


SILK ROUTE has an iridescent frosty pink, a pearlised light tan gold, a fuchsia purple (which almost glows) and a deep silver grey.


TANJORE RUSH has a deep iridescent purple (that flashes a little pink in some angles), a pearlised golden olive, a pearlised copper and a pearlised bright gold.

Side-note: I particularly appreciate the names of the eyeshadow quads - Tanjore (also known as Thanjavur) is a much-celebrated city in South India - it is one of the chief literary, religious and cultural centres of South India and is also known as the "rice bowl" of Tamil Nadu.  Apart from this, Tanjore is also well known for its agricultural prowess, significant temples, its contribution to the annual Natyanjali (dance festival), bronze sculptures and the famous Tanjore paintings (which use real gold and gemstones in the artworks).  Having personally visited the Brahadishwara Temple, also known as the Big Temple which is one of UNESCO's WORLD HERITAGE SITES, and seen the lush paddy fields, I feel the rich luxurious colours in the Tanjore Rush eye quartet totally reflect Tanjore's rich heritage. 

Likewise, India was known to have played a vital role in the Silk Route and was known to have traded ivory, textiles, precious gem stones and pepper - my first thoughts were more of lush silken sarees :D

I guess with names, its all about interpretations (and letting your imagination run a little wild).




The moment I saw this online, I immediately thought of LANCOME's Rose Deco blush ... its definitely not similar in design or colour, but it just made me think of it.
 And this lovely swirly trio of rose, golden tan and deep terracotta is made in ITALY! Wheeeee!

One thing I like about Indian products is that they have the MRP (Maximum Retail Price) printed on their packaging - in this case, the MRP of this blush was 600 Rupees - it prevents products from being sold at stores for higher prices (especially at smaller stores or those that have no price tags and the sellers rip you off by quoting prices according to how "affluently" they perceive you to be dressed! Tell me about it!)


The swatches were a little hard to photograph - too close and they would be flashed out and the camera refused to focus in several shots.  Its not a very kapow-pigmented blush - soft and sweet earthy tones, which I really appreciate, having accumulated one too many "smack you in the face" blushes (Hello NARS Exhibit A and MAC Azalea!).  The only thing is that I wished the compact was a little sturdier.




Do I need another gloss? No.  But I got it anyways, just because :P  I picked up shade #41 - a deep crimson with gold and red micro-glitter.  Its totalllly non-sticky and has a faint cherryish scent.




I generally don't like lip products in a palette but I really thought this was good value - I also really liked the earthy shades - they are nudes but not the pale "concealer" looking nudes. I've purchased and used Lakme lipsticks on my previous trips to India and I did like the formulation then - here's hoping they didn't change the formula (or if they did, its an improvement!)

Oh, and the included lip brush? Its pretty good - not some flimsy rubbish that I would toss.  The palette packaging is real pretty too:




Again, do I need more polish? Nope. But these were pretty!

There were I think 7 shades in the Gypsy Collection - a couple were the usual reds, pinks and fuchsias and these were the 2 more unique ones - #243 is a blu-ple while #44 is golden with a green flash (more visible on the nail in real life) - its a little like MAC Old Gold pigment (a less intense version) in polish form!



Apart from this, Iris also helped me pick up Jewel Sindhoor for my mom - its only to be used by married women in the parting of their hair and traditionally, saffron powder is used (as shown in the Google Image below).  But saffron powder sindhoor can be so messy sometimes, so I got her the liquid version from Lakme after reading several positive reviews.


And for all this, Iris also managed to snag a sling-bag that was a GWP - a roomy, blue and pink striped canvas bag with satiny string tassels.  It also has the collection name embroidered in the bag's lining inside



All in all, I'm really super happy with this haul (wait, I'm happy with all my hauls!).  The drawers are bursting and there are too many bags on the floor with stuff, so the next haul should really be an Ikea cupboard or something and not makeup :P


Thanks again to Iris who helped me CP all the Lakme goodies :) You have no idea how I grinned when I saw you had purchased them all :)



DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated to Lakme.  All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by anyone.

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I've been ooohing and ahhhhing at all the Holiday 2010 collections (well, I oooh and ahhh the whole year round!) but Holiday Collections are something I think we all look forward to - both packaging and products are often more decadent and luxe and there's always something that gets everyone all excited. I decided I'll put up a little (ok, not so little) wishlist of all the stuff I've been excited by, including some other regular products that have been on my mind for sometime.  How nice if I got my mitts on EVERYTHING in the wishlist? Not likely but here's the list anyways!




I first saw the YSL ROUGE PUR COUTURE on YUMMY MUMMY'S BEAUTY BLOG - Holly had picked up a nude and a plum shade and pointed out how wonderful the texture of these lippies were.  There are a total of 18 shades under this new range and are said to be rather long-wearing, yet moisturising.  Karla Sugar has clear swatches of the entire range HERE, where I zeroed in on a couple like #4 ROUGE VERMILLION, #9 ROSE STILETTO, #13 LE ORANGE and #17 ROSE DAHLIA.  The last time I checked, DFS Scotts did not have this range in yet.




Well, its not like I don't have a purple, gold or black eyeshadow so putting the Velours d'Or Eyeshadow Quad on this wishlist is a little ridiculous but I really like how it looks! :D And of course, Karla Sugar's swatches don't make it any better! However, I would definitely very much like to get hold of the Meteorites Perles d'Or - I have the Meteorites from the previous Midnight Butterfly Collection (which was twice the size of the regular Meteorites tub). Rather than as a must-have product, I'll admit the Meteorites are really more of an indulgence - but I really like how a final dusting with a big fluffy brush adds that soft radiance to the complexion.  Plus, it makes me happy! LOL! .

Karla Sugar has real nice swatches of the Guerlain Holiday 2010 collection HERE




Ok, I think this is the first time, everything in the entire collection totally appeals to me! (ok, maybe I'm a little afraid of that lipstick which looks like a deep burgundyish shade?)

I have a couple of Clarins single eyeshadows and pigmentation / application wise, they are superb (I haven't used them in a bit - I should!).  Hopefully the lipstick and palette in this collection are like the Rouge Prodige lipsticks and palette I tried out earlier this year.  I haven't seen any other images of this collection so I'm not sure if there is more than one lipstick colour or more than one eyeshadow palette option - if I remember correctly, about 2 years ago, Clarins had 2 different eyeshadow palettes in its Holiday Collection.  I don't recall seeing a finishing/dusting powder from Clarins before and I'm excited to see what its like (they look like little gold nuggets in the promotional visuals!)




Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog has some really great close-up shots and swatches of this collection and has even done a look with the products HERE. Of all the products, I really like ETRUSQUE single eyeshadow (antique gold; limited edition) the most.  I am intrigued by MELUSINE eyeshadow duo (pale taupe-lilac and deep purple) (MELUSINE incidentally refers to the double-tailed mermaid we see in Starbucks' logo).  As for the lip products, PETIT MONSTRE lipstick (a brick colour?) and DOWNTOWN lipgloss (metallic pinky lavender) look great also!

ETRUSQUE Single Eyeshadow (shot courtesy of Makeup and Beauty Blog)




(Shots courtesy of The Glamorous Gleam)


This is the SLEEK BAD GIRL Palette! Woohoo! Its a lovely smokey, dark palette and makes up for the fact that I missed out on getting my hands on Sleek's GRAPHITE Palette which was Limited Edition.  I've seen swatches of this on The Glamorous Gleam blog but for some reason, the page's not loading up the last few times I tried.  From what I remember, these eyeshadows are rather pigmented with a highly pearlised finish.





These are the CLARISONIC sets on Sephora's (US) website - both feature the Clarisonic PLUS (I initially didn't realise there were a few others such as the PRO and CLASSIC - I thought it was either MIA or PLUS).  Anyways, both the tools and cradle are in pink (part of the Breast Cancer Awareness project) - the first set you see has the words "CLEANSE FOR HOPE" engraved on the tool itself.  According to the Sephora Clarisonic webpage, "Clarisonic is proud to support Look Good…Feel Better®, a national public service program created to help individuals with cancer look good, improve their self-esteem, and manage their treatment and recovery with greater confidence".  Now, that sounds really great! 

Both the sets come with either a set of Clarisonic products or Ole Henriksen / Dr Brandt / Peter Thomas Roth / Perricone products.  There is yet another set that comes with an extra brush head (a NORMAL head) and a set of Philosophy products.  But I'll likely just have to make do with the Clarisonic set that's available at our local Sephoras :)




This serum has Hibiscus, Brown Algae and Agrimony to reduce PUFFINESS and DARK CIRCLES for "CLEAR LUMINOUS EYES AS IF TIME HAD NO EFFECT ON THEM".  Need anything else be said? I'm totally sold on this!




When I went to swatch some of the COSME DECORTE lipsticks with Mag (Makeupstash) the previous week, the BA gave us some product brochures to look at and this caught my eye.  Kojic Acid (and arbutin) has been long lauded for its brightening properties and I stopped in my tracks when I saw this.  I suffer from a bit of uneven skintone (especially around the sides of my nose and around the mouth and I would like to have a more even skintone overall. 





Apart from the SERGE LUTENS NUIT DE CELLOPHANE fragrance I've been thinking about for the longest time, there's a new fragrance on my lem-list: MISS DIOR CHERIE Eau de Parfum.  It smells a little like the sweet fragrance in the Soap & Glory Scrubs only abt 1000 times more concentrated.  I've tried the tester on my inner wrists a couple of times when I was out and I like how it settles on me even after long hours



And finally - this is really ridiculous, but after seeing this ad in SWEET Magazine, I really want to check MARRY ME! by Lanvin out! Sucker!

According to online reviews (The Scented Salamander) MARRY ME! has notes of "white peach, bitter orange essence, freesias, white cedar, amber, musk veil, magnolia, jasmine sambac, rose petals".  Sounds great!



And that's all for this modest, little wishlist of mine! :P

What's on your wishlist for this Holiday?

Is there anything you've been wanting for a long time?



DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated to any of the product brands mentioned.  All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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And this is allllll in a day's work!!!


So this entire week has been somewhat traumatic in terms of workload for me and I've been cooped up at home since Sunday (with the exception of going to school on Thurs).  So this is a fitting reward? :P


So here are the new additions to the family:



Not that you need to see MORE shots of URBAN DECAY NAKED ... :P

The violet-brown combi that immediately brings Cadbury Chocolates to mind


The amount of stalking and frenzy that went into securing this palette ... OMG. And I know I'm not soooo much of a neutral-eyeshadow person but since getting my SLEEK STORM palette and breaking out my UD ALICE IN WONDERLAND palette, I've been using a lot of the goldy-bronzey shades and am really comfortable with them.  Also, since I never really ventured into any neutral or goldy-bronze shades at MAC except for MAC AMBERLIGHTS sometime back, I don't quite have any MAC permanent goldy-neutral eyeshadows.  Perhaps only MAC BUCKWHEAT which is said to be similar to MAC MULCH, which in turn apparently bears some resemblance to UD HUSTLE in NAKED.  So for me, this will be my go-to goldy-neutral palette. 


See ... still I refuse to just say NEUTRAL ... must say goldy-neutral :P


Speaking of resemblances to MAC eyeshadows, I was blog surfing and came across a review of NAKED on TalkinMakeUp which lists the MAC eyeshadow shades which are similar to those in NAKED.  I can't make any comparisons myself since I currently do not have ANY of the MAC eyeshadows listed (Amberlights is long finished and B2Med!) - but the MAC shades listed are rather popular MAC neutrals.  You can check out the list at the URL below:




And moving on to KATE, I picked up 2 GEL EYESHADOWS in BR2 and GD1, that will complement alll my new neutral shades. When KATE first launched in Watsons, Sophia and I checked these out and I was little tickled by how jelly/mousse-like the gel eyeshadows were.  And after seeing them appear on so many blogs (ahem ... mostly I saw them on Chantana's blog so this is a little of a finger-pointing haul :P), I decided that I should try them too!



And then while at Sephora picking up NAKED, I checked out the SOAP & GLORY counter and this came home with me - a very delicious-smelling body scrub, FLAKE AWAY

Practically everything about it appealed to me - Shea Butter, Sugar, Peach Seed Powder, Sea Salt ... and I tried the texture and I was glad to see it wasn't ooozing with oil (like some sugar scrubs are).  I tried a little on my arms just now and it doesn't leave an oily icky residue - just very smooth and sufficiently moisturised :)  And it smells similar to the GIRLIGO Body Mist that Iris gifted me sometime back; the scent also lingers on for a while.  Another plus point? A very generous 300ml tub at SGD$16 :)



And finally, MAC PRO LONGWEAR LIPCREME in PERPETUAL FLAME!!! I didn't quite intend to haul one of these but after spotting them and swatching a couple, I fell for the smooth, satiny finish and the vibrant shades. 

PERPETUAL FLAME is a fuschia-raspberry shade that somehow also manages to lean a little corally-red.  I find its a little bit of this and that and then some more - notice I somehow always end up with at least one thing that's either a little hard to describe or a little hard to photograph.  When I saw it swatched, I thought it reminded me a lot of a lipstick I totally regret not picking up - MAC IMPASSIONED - that was launched in the COLOUR READY Collection.  IMPASSIONED is not available in Singapore and I remember stalking Karla Sugar because I was hoping a chum visiting US might be able to help me get hold of it.  And lo behold, while having coffee and discussing our haul, I checked out Temptalia's review and BAM! she mentioned that PERPETUAL FLAME is somewhat close (minus the fuschia iridescent sheen) to Impassioned! Yaaayyyyyyy!  


However, the thing is this - I realised only at that point, that Temptalia's review of the Pro Longwear Lipcremes featured way more than 8 shades that were on sale in our MAC stores (we checked them out in both ION and Tangs).  Maybe the others will come later? *shrugs*  At any rate, there's another shade I'm interested in (as always) - UNLIMITED (a medium pink). 

What I was fascinated with was that initially, the Lipcremes apply really creamy (some with a little slip even!) but as the minutes went by, they sort of "set" and took on a smooth, satiny finish. As to how these wear on the lips, I'll be only able to tell much later.  Of course, I'm never without my lipbalm :)


You can check out Temptalia's detailed reviews of the PRO LONGWEAR LIPCREME Collection HERE (Part 1) and HERE (PART 2)



So that's all for today - I'm totally exhausted but super-pleased with the haul and I hope to be trying these out soon :)


Did you get caught up in the frenzy that's URBAN DECAY NAKED? And what have you hauled (or will be hauling) this week?



DISCLAIMER: All products featured were purchased with my own money. 

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I scrambled to the LUXASIA SALE with actually 1 intent - to find the SERGE LUTENS fragrance I've been lemming for a loooooong time - NUIT DE CELLOPHANE.  Unfortunately, I got horribly lost along the way and could not find the LUXASIA Building - I kept going around in circles around Airport Rd, Paya Lebar Rd, Tai Seng Rd, Tai Seng Drive but just could not find Tai Seng Street. And in all that frenzy, I called Kimberly (Rainnydays) and practically whined about not being able to find the building! Tsk tsk tsk ... And when I found it eventually, I did the fastest parallel park in my life! Haha! By which time, I had half melted in the sun ... boo!


Anyways, I got there about 1 and A LOT of stuff was gone.  I had the cheek to ask the SA which were the SERGE LUTEN fragrances had been on sale and thankfully, she said NUIT DE CELLOPHANE had not been on sale (I hope not! Cos I will be sooo disappointed! :P)  So I looked around and found a couple of things I liked - 3 of which I've been tempted to buy many times but never made the plunge. 


So since I didn't randomly grab stuff just because they were on sale, I was technically a good girl.  An even "gooder" girl would have not gone for the sale and just stayed at home ... I'm content with being just good for now. :P



PENHALIGON's EDP in ELLENISIA - a gardenia, jasmine scent.  My type! I called Escentials at Tangs today to check - the 50ml fragrance I purchased at SGD$49 at the sale, usually retails at SGD$212! SCORE!!! I've always been wanting to try something from Penhaligon's, Annick Goutal, Creed (there's a lovely white flower fragrance!) and Serge Lutens but the high high price tag always makes me go, "Kas, another day lah".


GUERLAIN KISS KISS Lipstick in FLUSHY BEIGE.  The camera picked up the pink tones mostly but its actually a nudey, rosey-coral shade with a lot of gold glimmer.  Look at the case! Its soooo pretty! And at SGD$10 with an expiry that's a whole year more to go, Woooohoooo! SCORE #2!!!



STILA SMUDGE POT in COBALT CLUTCH.  This retailed at SGD$48 in the store - I know cos I have the one in LITTLE BLACK DRESS (black base with purple shimmer) *heart pain now*.  This was the electric blue used in the promo shots for one of Stila's recent collections (something Kitten ... there was a Black Cat Smudge Pot that never hit our stores - I remember Temptalia raving about it!).  Anyways, I was tempted to buy this in store at the point I picked up LITTLE BLACK DRESS but that's like SGD$96 for eyeliner! Happy to have snagged this at SGD$14 instead!



STILA LIP GLAZE in SUGAR LIPS.  Ok, this was a little of an impulse buy.  I saw the pink, I saw the shimmer, and I was like, "OK!".  I blame the heat.  But its very pretty and I don't really regret cos I do like Stila Lipglazes and it was SGD$12 :P




So seeing my small haul, you will admit I was a good girl, yes?  Did you go for the sale? What did you pick up (i.e. were you good too?!)

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I've been wanting to post this quick review for a little while - ever since I started using red lipsticks and the OCC LIP TARS.  For both red lips and the Lip Tars, I find that imperfections like chapped, dry patches on the lips show up extra-easily and in a very glaring way.  And since a lot of us are in the mood for the OCC Lip Tars, I thought this might be a good time to share this with everyone!


I realise that when I'm constantly in a frenzy at the PC for long long hours trying to get my stuff done, my lips tend to get a bit swollen and very dry - perhaps the overdose of coffee, not enough water and lack of sleep?

On bad lip days (you know, like bad hair days?), I find that piling on lipbalm doesn't work as well - you've got to really let the lip balm soak in for a good number of hours and then gently brush off the chapped skin.  And if you know me, half the time, I'm late and needing to run out the door.  So I hunted around for a lip scrub and found the CLARINS EXTRA-FIRMING LIP & CONTOUR GENTLE EXFOLIATOR.  I purchased this at a METRO 20% sale sometime back after reading a review of it in an American magazine (sucker that I am!).  While the Extra-Firming range of products is targeted at slightly more mature consumers, I was advised that it is gentle enough to address my lip woes.


According to CLARINS, the Gentle Exfoliator contains:

  • Micro SUGAR crystals
  • Plant-based triglycerides from PALM and COLZA OIL which are known to help breakdown impurities and aids the exfoliation process
  • LICORICE ROOT and ALPHA BISABOLOL (which is what provides the cinnamony scent I detect) which have soothing properties
  • VIRGIN RASPBERRY SEED OIL that leaves protective layer on the lips for continued and deep hydration and repair





  • It comes in a 20ml opaque, screw-top tube.  The hole that dispenses the product is rather narrow so you can control the amount of product you squeeze out
  • Like I mentioned above, I find this has a bit of a cinnamon, aniseed type of scent - not my favouritest scent in the world but its not overpowering to the point that it makes me feel sick




  • As you can see in the shot above, the product itself is semi-clear
  • Once you spread it out, you can feel the micro-granules - to me, the size of the granules feel similar to fine sea salt granules (size-wise)
  • Given that it contains plant-based oils, it feels a little oily on the lips - this is what sets it apart from normal sugar scrubs. 




  • I usually just squeeze out a tiny amount on my finger (smaller than a pea) and apply the exfoliator all over my lips with my finger. 
  • I let it soak in for a about 5-6 minutes to let the product soak into the chapped skin and then I use my finger to exfoliate the chapped skin in gentle, circular motions.  Sometimes, a little gets into my mouth but it doesn't really matter :P When you exfoliate gently, you can feel the micro sugar crystals but it does not feel abrasive or cut into my skin
  • Also, perhaps from the Licorice extract, I feel my lips tingle a little while the product is soaking in
  • I then spalsh a little bit of water to rinse off most of the product and just gently dab it dry with a tissue - not because I am suchhhh a genteel person (LOL!) but because I don't want to totally remove the layer of hydrating oil on my lips for extra softness.
  • After about 5 minutes (or slightly less if I'm in a rush), I then wash it off completely (usually in the shower when I wash my face) and I'm done!



All in all, the process takes about 10-12 minutes in total and I have smooth, hydrated and soft lips! I usually then proceed to apply a layer of my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Protectant Stick or my Korres Lip butter while doing my makeup and blot these off with a tissue just before I apply my lipstick or Lip Tar.  I really like how my lips look and feel after this little "DIY Lip Spa" and while it takes a little time and may feel like a chore to some, I personally think the results are well worth it.  I usually have little problems with chapping or dry lips regardless of whether I'm wearing the Lip Tar or a matte lipstick, etc, for long hours. 


I'm not terribly sure about how much this costs since I purchased it sometime back so I will update this post when I do find out :) But you all know I like to take advantage of the METRO 20% Storewide sales for purchases like these! :D




And here is an LOTD I did last week and have been wanting to post but things kept cropping up :P.  I'll admit that I dug out this teal-blue eyeshadow because I got reminded of it by LOLLIPOP26's blog-post about how she had purchased ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE (RBR) products during her Dubai trip.  RBR was available in Singapore for a short period of time at Metro Paragon and I hauled a bit of stuff on impulse.  I had quite forgotten about my eyeshadows (there was a buy 2, get 1 free promo when I purchased it) and I fell in love with the smooth, buttery texture and pearlised finish all over again after using them last week :) Why they disappeared from Singapore, I have no idea - I remember their best seller, a primer (that was called something-Clouds?) was OOS and there was a waiting list.  They also had a liquid luminzer in a bronze shade, As If It Were Still Summer (which I carefully stored in my mini-fridge that has a stash of such stuff) and I checked it just and it still smells of fresh cucumber like the day I opened it!


I also decided to bust out my GUERLAIN METEORITES in BUTTERFLY PEARLS, a Christmas LE version - I used to use it but I didn't have a proper fluffy, soft brush at that point so I used it sparingly.  I find that the SIGMA F30 Large Powder Brush is great for both loose powders (that I use to set my foundation) as well as the Meteorites - the Butterfly Pearls are not deep in colour or overly glittery so the F30 dispenses the glowy 'fairy dust' all over my skin in a nice, even way - I didn't find any concentrated spots of shimmer.  And did I mention that its sooo soft? I really love the F30 and use it every time I apply my makeup these days!




Onto the decolletage since the wide (but decent! LOL!) collar is perfect for a little Butterfly Pearls action! Hmmmm, and I just noticed my pearl necklace looks like the Meteorites!



I apply blush as the 2nd last-step in my makeup routine (lipstick is the last step) - its a habit.  So I apply the Butterfly Pearls with the SIGMA F30 in gentle sweeps on my face.

And my eyebrows SO need to be done! Sigh ...



And the finished look :)

(experimenting with different camera angles! hee hee!)

And my bangs sabotaged me - it alll scrunged to one side no matter what I did ... sigh ...



EYES: URBAN DECAY Eyeshadow in ORACULUM (in the AIW palette; otherwise known as BAKED); ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE Eyeshadow in MYSTERIOUS TINAMOU

EYELINER (lower lashline): MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner in FLY-BY-BLUE

MASCARA: STILA Major Lash Mascara in BLACK



LIPS: MAC Lip Pencil in CRANBERRY (lined only); CLARINS ROUGE PRODIGE Lipstick in TEA ROSE (ok, I really really really like this shade in particular! Its such a soft, wearable shade, yet it delivers just the right punch of colour!)




That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!




DISCLAIMER: All products featured EXCEPT CLARINS ROUGE PRODIGE LIPSTICK IN TEA ROSE and SIGMA F30 LARGE POWDER BRUSH, were purchased with my own money.  All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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Ok, if I have like 3 haul entries in a row (and another haul entry likely tomorrow if I can take decent shots), does that mean I've been naughty?


With both Sophia and Iris having access to NARS stores in the respective countries they recently visited, I managed to get some NARS! YAAAYYYYY!



Soph helped me pick up TAJ MAHAL in Hong Kong - the last time I bought NARS (when Iris went to Hawaii), I had requested for Taj Mahal  but it was nowhere to be seen at the Sephoras and was not even on the Sephora website.  Some folks in some online beauty forums commented that NARS was discontinuing the shade (but I noticed its still on the NARS website); I think another shade which I wanted, CRAZED, has already been discontinued.  Boo.  Anyways, so I'm very thankful that Sophia found it in Hong Kong.  Taj Mahal might not be for the faint-hearted - its very very orange (no peach, no coral here) and is shot through with intense gold shimmer.  Orange and gold shimmer in the same sentence makes some people run for their lives - at least on MakeupAlley!  I swatched it and its also rather pigmented so I must remember to use a light hand for this one.  And here I was thinking that my MAC Sheertone Shimmer blush in FOOLISH ME was the brightest orange I had. Not.


I've seen swatches of Nico and Albatross before but didn't pay toooo much attention to them. Until I recently saw it featured on a couple of South Asian beauty blogs and I noticed how ALBATROSS lent an almost ethereal, golden glow and my eyes popped out! So I shot off an email to Iris, beseeching her to help me get hold of it and voila!




And my very first Illamasqua!


Yeah, I've completely overcome my red-lipstick inhibition! When I first saw a swatch of ILLAMASQUA ENCOUNTER on Temptalia, I was totally blown away.  Its a matte lipstick but its somehow NOT FLAT - there's this golden iridescence to it which likely comes from the fact that its a slightly orange-tinged red.  Illamasqua carries several other red shades like Box, Faust, Howl and Maneater (I was vascillating between Maneater and Encounter but Maneater is said to be a little bit more blue-based, so Encounter it was!) and swatches that I found (not very many though) seem to show rather negligible differences.  Temptalia has a great lip swatch of Encounter here


So that's all for this current round of hauling - think I've done enough damage already but I'm totally happy with what I've purchased.  I pledge to remain a little "quiet" in terms of hauling in the next few months.  Or so I say ...





DISCLAIMER: All products featured were purchased with my own money.  That's bad for the bank account, isnt' it?



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