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I've been ooohing and ahhhhing at all the Holiday 2010 collections (well, I oooh and ahhh the whole year round!) but Holiday Collections are something I think we all look forward to - both packaging and products are often more decadent and luxe and there's always something that gets everyone all excited. I decided I'll put up a little (ok, not so little) wishlist of all the stuff I've been excited by, including some other regular products that have been on my mind for sometime.  How nice if I got my mitts on EVERYTHING in the wishlist? Not likely but here's the list anyways!




I first saw the YSL ROUGE PUR COUTURE on YUMMY MUMMY'S BEAUTY BLOG - Holly had picked up a nude and a plum shade and pointed out how wonderful the texture of these lippies were.  There are a total of 18 shades under this new range and are said to be rather long-wearing, yet moisturising.  Karla Sugar has clear swatches of the entire range HERE, where I zeroed in on a couple like #4 ROUGE VERMILLION, #9 ROSE STILETTO, #13 LE ORANGE and #17 ROSE DAHLIA.  The last time I checked, DFS Scotts did not have this range in yet.




Well, its not like I don't have a purple, gold or black eyeshadow so putting the Velours d'Or Eyeshadow Quad on this wishlist is a little ridiculous but I really like how it looks! :D And of course, Karla Sugar's swatches don't make it any better! However, I would definitely very much like to get hold of the Meteorites Perles d'Or - I have the Meteorites from the previous Midnight Butterfly Collection (which was twice the size of the regular Meteorites tub). Rather than as a must-have product, I'll admit the Meteorites are really more of an indulgence - but I really like how a final dusting with a big fluffy brush adds that soft radiance to the complexion.  Plus, it makes me happy! LOL! .

Karla Sugar has real nice swatches of the Guerlain Holiday 2010 collection HERE




Ok, I think this is the first time, everything in the entire collection totally appeals to me! (ok, maybe I'm a little afraid of that lipstick which looks like a deep burgundyish shade?)

I have a couple of Clarins single eyeshadows and pigmentation / application wise, they are superb (I haven't used them in a bit - I should!).  Hopefully the lipstick and palette in this collection are like the Rouge Prodige lipsticks and palette I tried out earlier this year.  I haven't seen any other images of this collection so I'm not sure if there is more than one lipstick colour or more than one eyeshadow palette option - if I remember correctly, about 2 years ago, Clarins had 2 different eyeshadow palettes in its Holiday Collection.  I don't recall seeing a finishing/dusting powder from Clarins before and I'm excited to see what its like (they look like little gold nuggets in the promotional visuals!)




Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog has some really great close-up shots and swatches of this collection and has even done a look with the products HERE. Of all the products, I really like ETRUSQUE single eyeshadow (antique gold; limited edition) the most.  I am intrigued by MELUSINE eyeshadow duo (pale taupe-lilac and deep purple) (MELUSINE incidentally refers to the double-tailed mermaid we see in Starbucks' logo).  As for the lip products, PETIT MONSTRE lipstick (a brick colour?) and DOWNTOWN lipgloss (metallic pinky lavender) look great also!

ETRUSQUE Single Eyeshadow (shot courtesy of Makeup and Beauty Blog)




(Shots courtesy of The Glamorous Gleam)


This is the SLEEK BAD GIRL Palette! Woohoo! Its a lovely smokey, dark palette and makes up for the fact that I missed out on getting my hands on Sleek's GRAPHITE Palette which was Limited Edition.  I've seen swatches of this on The Glamorous Gleam blog but for some reason, the page's not loading up the last few times I tried.  From what I remember, these eyeshadows are rather pigmented with a highly pearlised finish.





These are the CLARISONIC sets on Sephora's (US) website - both feature the Clarisonic PLUS (I initially didn't realise there were a few others such as the PRO and CLASSIC - I thought it was either MIA or PLUS).  Anyways, both the tools and cradle are in pink (part of the Breast Cancer Awareness project) - the first set you see has the words "CLEANSE FOR HOPE" engraved on the tool itself.  According to the Sephora Clarisonic webpage, "Clarisonic is proud to support Look Good…Feel Better®, a national public service program created to help individuals with cancer look good, improve their self-esteem, and manage their treatment and recovery with greater confidence".  Now, that sounds really great! 

Both the sets come with either a set of Clarisonic products or Ole Henriksen / Dr Brandt / Peter Thomas Roth / Perricone products.  There is yet another set that comes with an extra brush head (a NORMAL head) and a set of Philosophy products.  But I'll likely just have to make do with the Clarisonic set that's available at our local Sephoras :)




This serum has Hibiscus, Brown Algae and Agrimony to reduce PUFFINESS and DARK CIRCLES for "CLEAR LUMINOUS EYES AS IF TIME HAD NO EFFECT ON THEM".  Need anything else be said? I'm totally sold on this!




When I went to swatch some of the COSME DECORTE lipsticks with Mag (Makeupstash) the previous week, the BA gave us some product brochures to look at and this caught my eye.  Kojic Acid (and arbutin) has been long lauded for its brightening properties and I stopped in my tracks when I saw this.  I suffer from a bit of uneven skintone (especially around the sides of my nose and around the mouth and I would like to have a more even skintone overall. 





Apart from the SERGE LUTENS NUIT DE CELLOPHANE fragrance I've been thinking about for the longest time, there's a new fragrance on my lem-list: MISS DIOR CHERIE Eau de Parfum.  It smells a little like the sweet fragrance in the Soap & Glory Scrubs only abt 1000 times more concentrated.  I've tried the tester on my inner wrists a couple of times when I was out and I like how it settles on me even after long hours



And finally - this is really ridiculous, but after seeing this ad in SWEET Magazine, I really want to check MARRY ME! by Lanvin out! Sucker!

According to online reviews (The Scented Salamander) MARRY ME! has notes of "white peach, bitter orange essence, freesias, white cedar, amber, musk veil, magnolia, jasmine sambac, rose petals".  Sounds great!



And that's all for this modest, little wishlist of mine! :P

What's on your wishlist for this Holiday?

Is there anything you've been wanting for a long time?



DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated to any of the product brands mentioned.  All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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Just a quick entry - you might have read all about our encounter with the supremely affable Eric Jimenez on Iris's blog. But it was a nice story so I shall tell it here again!


I wanted to head to Sephora Ion to pick up another something from SOAP & GLORY (in the upcoming post!) so Amy, Iris and I trooped over.  Once we got there, we realised (1) URBAN DECAY's NAKED Palette was no where to be seen and (2) URBAN DECAY's International Makeup Artist ERIC JIMENEZ was at the UD counter IN THE FLESH! (:P).  So Iris was like "you think I can take a photo with him?" and we all started trailing him as he walked to the back of the store.  And then me being me, started yelping at Iris to give me her camera so I can quickly snap a shot but I got impatient waiting for her so I whipped my camera out (all while half-running to the back of Sephora).  And then, I GET STOPPED BY A SEPHORA SA - I thought, "oh holy cow, I got busted for wielding my camera around Sephora".  And the girl sweetly asked, "you want to take a photo with Eric issit?" LOL! And the sweeeeeet SA ran to get Eric for us!


Eric came out allllll smiles and started talking to us like he's been friends with us for years! And the BEST part? Eric complimented me on my eye makeup!!! Woohoooo! I was sooo STAR-STRUCK and then he asked if the eyeshadows were from Urban Decay ... I was actually wearing MAC Teal and Pink Pearl (same combination and placement as in this previous LOTD HERE).  So we chatted and snapped some shots (thanks to Amy and the SA who helped us snap shots): 



Eric was very excited to share with us that URBAN DECAY's HOLIDAY 2010 lineup was real 'happening" - and we're still in the midst of the frenzy that's NAKED and the NYC Book of Shadows VOL III!  Anyways, so I checked out URBAN DECAY's website and found official promotional images of most of the new releases that Eric was talking about:

No more fighting with the UDPP genie-shaped bottle; Eric mentioned removing the small piece of plastic at the opening would make it easier to dig out the remaining UDPP from the old packaging but the new packaging will make life easier altogether :) (And I still have a BNIB UDPP in my drawer! Yikers!)




These look interesting! I've never actually worn any of these non-permanent tattoos ever.  Wonder how much these will retail for ....



#1: Model has very pretty eyes (jade irises?) 

#2: I'm such a sucker for this teal-blue and antique gold combination and I think this looks really great.  For this shot that is .... I wonder how one would look like for real, on both eyes ... Do I DARE?! (Maybe I'll try this out for fun!) ...   




Eric also mentioned a BLACK PALETTE - a 6-pan eyeshadow palette that features a pure black eyeshadow and 5 other black + coloured shift eyeshadow shades; he mentioned that its a "very strong" palette.  I don't seem to see it on the UD website but Temptalia has swatched / reviewed the palette HERE

Promotional Image courtesy of Temptalia




And while I was checking out the UD counter at Sephora and then the UD website and one of Temptalia's recent LOTDs, a long-time lemm for UD's HEAVY METAL Glitter Eyeliner in DISTORTION was rekindled .... such a frou-frou lemm but its sooo sooo very pretty. I mentioned it to Iris who gave me that knowing look! Haha!

The eyeliner is full of iridescent and opalescent glitter so it looks awesome when layered over other eyeliners and when it catches the light - I have a soft soft spot for anything opalescent! Temptalia used it in a recent LOTD HERE, over a blue eyeliner and that was the first thing my eyes zoomed to.  You can see clearer shots of the entire range of the UD Heavy Metal Glitter eyeliners in her review / swatches HERE.


Sooooo, any of the URBAN DECAY's new releases caught your eye? Have you tried any of the HEAVY METAL GLITTER EYELINERS and if so, what did you think of them?


(I'm still dreaming of UD's Distortion glitter eyeliner .... cos my mental image of my bank account is well ... DISTORTED ... :P)



DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated to URBAN DECAY.  All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.



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You know, I REALLY should have my nose buried in my readings but my mind is wandering everywhere else so I thought I should consolidate a wishlist and sort of "get it out of my system".  Or it could entirely backfire and make me crave for them even more ... oh well, shall take a chance with that! :P 


Of course, a lot of the lemmings are brought on by swatches and nice photos we see on several blogs, most notably on Supra-Lemming-Mothership Temptalia, and there's a good chance I might skip some stuff on the wishlist when I see them in person, either because #1) I decide to be sensible and not nutsy; #2) I am 'meh' about how it swatches on me or #3) because the bank account is up in arms, protesting away.  Most likely, Reason #2 and #3 will come out trumps :P




Here goes!


(Note: I've added links to Temptalia's reviews for easy reference also :D)




Sigma Brushes - F35, F25 and F05







I don't have any tapered blending face brushes at the moment and I've read a good number of rave reviews on the F35 and F25, as well as the MAC counterparts.  As for the Small Contour F05 ... well, I just want it! I've been using the Sigma F30 Large Powder Brush consistently and I really like how soft and fluffy it is so I am fantasising about applying blush with the F05 :P 









From the Venomous Villain (VV) Collection, I'm really really really keen on the 2 mineralised eyeshadows, MY DARK MAGIC (Purple-Pink) and SHE WHO DARES (Blue-Green), pictured below.   I have been a fan of MAC's mineralised eyeshadows for quite a bit and unlike many who find them troublesome, fall-out prone, gritty, I really enjoy using them (I just counted and I have 12! 9 duos (various collections), 2 singles (Style Black) and 1 quad (Colour Craft) ... that's not a bad thing right? Pls tell me I haven't been bad ...





Temptalia's review and swatches of the Maleficent sub-collection is available here







I'm also very interested in TOXIC TALE lipstick from the Evil Queen sub-collection from MAC's VV collection.  I've been looking out for nice, opaque coral lipsticks but so far, those that I currently have, pull either a little reddened (like MAC Viva Glam Cyndi) or a pinked (like OCC Lip Tar in Grandma and Chanel Rouge Allure in Genial).  From Temptalia's swatch, Toxic Tale looks like a strong orangey-coral and I hope it will show up on me like a straight-up coral  



 Toxic Tale Lipstick swatch is on the right 






From the same sub-collection, I'm also itching to swatch BITE OF AN APPLE BLUSH.  I really don't NEED another blush but it looks soooo pretty in the swatch! Then again, I don't NEED any of the stuff on my wishlist either but ... never mind, let's not go there....  



 Temptalia's review / swatches of the Evil Queen sub-collection is available here



And I have Viva Glam CYNDI lipstick, so I should also get hold of the matching lipglass, right? Why deny the pairing? Hee heee ... but it IS very pretty and I can imagine layering it atop several lipstick shades I already own!  

  Temptalia's review / swatches of the Viva Glam lipglasses are available here 



And then we have the Urban Decay Palettes.  I remember promising myself not to get all excited over UD's arrival in Singapore and practically within week I saw it at Sephora, the UD Deluxe Eyeshadow palette came home with me. The same thing with the Alice In Wonderland palette (@ Iris and Sophia - which I have been using by the way! :P).  Ditto for the NAKED Palette ... 



When I first saw photos of it, I thought it was very pretty but somehow, I didn't "feel" too much for it since I traditionally shy away from nuetral shades.  Then with the arrival of my SLEEK Makeup palette in STORM, I decided to try out the bronzey, goldy neutrals with a darker bronze brown crease and decided I quite liked how it looked.  And I used all the more neutral shades in the AIW palette and again quite liked how it turned out.  Many more swatches and photos of the NAKED palette later, I want one too! It helps that the shades are mostly pearlised / metallic looking, which really appeals to me!




Temptalia's swatches / review of the Naked Palette is available here  






And of course, this is a no-brainer! I LOVE the colour selection here! This I W.A.N.T!!! 


 Temptalia's swatches / review of the UD BOS III is available here


Of course, looking at all the UD palettes I have (shall have? optimistic much?!), I think I shall have a life-time supply of eyeshadows in SMOG and SIN :P



And finally, perhaps one of the most sensible things on my wishlist and something I definitely NEED is the MUFE CAMOUFLAGE CREAM  in ORANGE (I somehow couldn't find a photo of it in Orange though)



Given my dark undereye circles, I realised that using a orange-toned corrector underneath my concealer works better and prevents the concealer from looking greyed out.  Currently, I use BOBBI BROWN's Corrector in DARK PEACH but I realised that given it creamy consistency, I can only use it with certain types of concealers like the MUFE Full Coverage concealer and my others from MAC which are also a little creamy have been neglected (since creamy + creamy = slip and slide).  The MUFE CAMOUFLAGE CREAM has a stronger orange tone and a thicker consistency which likely will not let the other concealers slip around.  The only problem? The MUFE Camouflage Cream in Orange has been OOS at MUFE for the longest time and I've just left my name and number with them again this morning.  Hopefully, it will arrive in the upcoming shipment. It IS available in the 5-pan Camoflage Cream set though, but the 5-pan set has other shades which I am a little afraid to mix and match myself.  The other alternative is MAC's CORRECTOR in Orange but unfortunately, that belongs to the PRO line which I currently have zero access to. 






Ohhhh .... and like I said, I don't NEEEED some of the stuff on my wishlist? Well, here's just one itty-bitty reason why ....



When ordering during the spree I held, I really wanted to pick up the ORIGINAL and SUNSET palettes but convinced myself otherwise and decided that I should try the palettes for myself and see if I like the texture, etc.  Unlike NARS blushes which I had the fortune of trying Orgasm before I went on a NARS rampage, I hadn't really swatched any of the SLEEK palettes myself.  So after I tried ACID, CIRCUS and STORM, I was kicking myself for not picking up the ORIGINAL and SUNSET palettes.  Opportunity came by through an acquaintance headed there and I decided to politely request for a CP (hee hee) of (only) the ORIGINAL palette (I thought not to push my luck!).  Boy, have I zero-regrets! I honestly really like how the Sleek palettes apply (I usually use them with a wet brush) and am super thrilled to hear that a kapow LE palette (somewhat like the LE GRAPHITE palette) should be released soon! Wheeeeeeeee!  



 Ok, so that concludes my terribly terribly long wishlist ... and we're not even talking about the Holiday 2010 collections yet! *grimace* So I really should be sensible with this current wishlist cos I DO need to eat, pay for petrol and parking, handphone / broadband bills, and save money for a rainy day!!! Haha!   

Well, I've shared my current wishlist and my latest acquisition ... what's on your wishlist and have you made any giddy-inducing hauls recently?  



 DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated to any brands featured.  


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