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Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend MAC's SS11 Trend Presentation held at the National Museum of Singapore. This was a first for me and an eye-opener :)

The beauty mantra for this season - "brave statements, experimental textures, handsome femininity" and artistry


The Trends Presentation was helmed by the suave and very affable ROMERO JENNINGS, a SENIOR ARTIST from the MAC PRO TEAM in North America - Romero has been doing makeup for A QUARTER OF A CENTURY - 25 years (!!!) and has been with MAC for 17 years already.  His makeup mantra is a perfect match for this season's trends - he strives to be innovative and is constantly on the lookout for new and creative ways to use makeup.  Romero has worked with celebrities like Tim Gunn, Cindy Lauper, Ciara, Solange Knowles, Mary. J Blige and has also been involved in Editorials in international magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Glamourous.

I couldn't help notice that Romero has a wonderful complexion - it looked smooth, luminous and practically perfect *keels over in envy* ... and its a nice shade too! LOL!



There are a total of 4 key trends in for Spring / Summer 2011 - POP-CLASSIC, ICE-DREAM, RAW-FINED and TERRA-COPPER - notice all the names of the trends are hyphenated and in some sense contrasting? Take RAW-FINED for instance - it conjures up images of RAW, NUDE, BARE and yet, REFINED and POLISHED.  Likewise for ICE-DREAM - ICY, COOL, PALE and yet, SOFT, DREAMY, FEMININE?

I think this leaves much room for personal interpretation on the trends which might make it accessible for everyone and not just a look that is restricted to the fashion runways or magazine editorials.

Let's take a look at some aspects of the demonstrations:



POP-CLASSIC comes across as feminine but with an edgier vibe - the trend is inspired by the fashion idea of "colour blocking" and translating it on a complexion that is illuminated and yet low-key. Super saturated colours in a variety of textures were seen (mostly focused on one part of the face like eyes or lips) balanced off by clean, fresh complexions.


Here the the model sported intense blue eyeshadow (the TV monitor somehow reflected it as purple) and to both contrast and complement the blue eyeshadow, Romero applied lashings of GREEN mascara - Opulash in ARMY OF AMAZON, from the upcoming Wonder Woman Collection.

Then Romero next applied Cream Colour Base in PEARL along the tops of the model's cheekbones and down her nose-bridge, which made her softly radiant.




ICE-DREAM features pastel shades but used in a much more punked-up, avant-garde way - the result is chic, futuristic-mod looks that incorporate delicate shades like lilacs, lemon, pistachio and marshmallow, with an emphasis on textures like mattes or glosses. Again, these colours are complemented by a complexion that is clean, fresh and perfected with gentle takes of nudes and taupes.  Rather than the innocent "bridal" type freshness, these are feminine looks that have an edgy bite.

For this look, Romero created a lovely deep lilac eye on the model - not just with a plain simple lilac eyeshadow but an ingenious combination of blue eyeshadows and fuschia pigment.  He also used an opalescent lipgloss - I think I heard "Painted On" ? (but I could be wrong) - he emphasised the importance of such a lipgloss shade that can be used in looks that need a more natural lip (worn on its own) or when applied on top of lipstick, for a more dimensional look.




RAW-FINED is about contrasting textures of mattes and glosses on a complexion that is mostly nude-looking - the looks created often look like touchable, bare skin, but have been nourishingly prepped which again, plays up natural feminine beauty. Think natural skintones, healthy skin that glows.


Here you can see the natural tawny shades used on the model's eyes and the distinct contouring along her cheekbones for definition and dimension.  Romero feminised the matte look with a peachy-nude lip, in MARQUISE D' lipstick, topped off with an opalescent gloss




TERRA-COPPER is about modern gilded, bronzed visages - sculpted cheeks in honey and buff tones, lips lacquered in caramels and complexions that glow as if they've been sunned that require contours and highlights in all the right places. The end result? Warm, defined, scuplted looks that scream chic and not overly "makeup-py"


Here, Romero spruced up the model's nude eye with Superslick eyeliner in Marked for Glamour (bright gold). Romero mentioned that using eyeliners as eyeshadows make eyes pop and the effect created tends to last longer. The model was also seen sporting a deeper lip, glossy lip that made the entire look polished.




I mentioned that Romero used a couple of products from the WONDER WOMAN Collection during the demonstrations - here are some images of the products he used.  Since these were being used on the models and Romero was careful with using disposable applicators, I wasn't sure if these were testers and if they could be swatched - so I stuck to the "see, no touch" policy :P

Ok, so the moment I heard MAC was releasing Limited Edition coloured mascaras, I knew I was going to stalk for this collection (Ok, and also because there is a blue pigment, Ultra Marine). Sucker! I used to have a cornflower blue mascara from MAC many years ago and I loved it.  When I finally had more money and the guts to buy and wear them, they were no where to be seen.  This green looks like a bright vivid green (hopefully, it will not dry down near-black) - from the looks of it on the model, it looks like it might remain bright and vivid!


Some days back, Sophia, Sara and I noticed that in official images of the Wonder Woman Collection, the tip of the Penultimate eyeliner looked super-sized - more like a marker pen, rather than the slim felt-tip we've been seeing.  So we concluded it might be the way the eyeliner was photographed.  However, after seeing it in person, I think MAC really did super-size the felt-tip.



We also received a couple of Romero's favourite MAC products - these happen to be products that I personally really like and already use! Wheeeeeeee!

First up, Mineralised Blush in GENTLE.  I have a couple of Mineralised blushes like NUANCE, STYLE DEMON, LIGHT OVER DARK and I kind of regret not getting more of the first batch of mineralised blushes in the GRAND DUOS collection (those were sooo pretty!).



I have no regrets picking up the Superslick eyeliners that made their debut with the Fabulous Felines Collection - I also already have one in On The Hunt but I am glad to receive the 2nd one.  Its a rich black that dries to a patent black and stays on the whole day; the outer winged corner even lasted through some tears :P



I also really enjoy using the Haute and Naughty Lash mascara - I picked up one when it first launched in our counters here.  I personally think that MAC mascaras are by far the most affordable and really do deliver - they also tend not dry out in the tube as fast as some others

The brush creates 2 different looks - its only one brush but the smaller opening wipes off more mascara creating a slimmer wand for a more defined effect ( (DAYTIME LOOK) (top picture) while the wider opening, allows more mascara to remain on the wand for a more volumising effect (EVENING LOOK) (bottom).

Temptalia did a great job explaining the mechanics of the Haute and Naughty mascara which you can read about HERE

I like both effects but the Daytime Look is awesome for defining lashes and removing clumps - it separates and fans lashes out without dredging off all the mascara. And the mascara is a good, deep black, as you can see in the shot below


And finally, we have MOTH TO FLAME DAZZLEGLASS - its a neutral peachy-shade thats packed with silvery white shimmer and what looks like some iridescent purple-blue shimmer.


Hope you found the demos and trend information interesting.

Be sure to check out the link below where I feature some MAC looks and product breakdowns of each trend, as seen on the runway!




DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated to MAC. All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.


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