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You might already know that I often head down to METRO (mostly METRO Paragon) during their 20% Storewide Sales to take advantage of the 20% discounts offered on Cosmetics and Fragrances - the 20% discount is one of the more generous ones available in our local department stores (I get a 10% rebate at Tangs and a 5% rebate at Robinsons with the respective credit cards) especially since it applies to ALL the Cosmetics and Fragrance brands.  You might know from several of my entries in this blog that I often satiate my cravings for Chanel at the METRO 20% Storewide sales and pick up other products from Estee Lauder, Lancome, Shu Uemura and even pressies for my mom and dad during these sales.  It helps that the 20% Storewide sales are often over a Friday, Saturday and Sunday which gives me ample time to plan my shopping list. The only thing that is scary is the lonnnnng snaking queues at the cashiers!

You can check out all my other entries in which I refer to deals or products available at METRO HERE


I've been using the METRO membership card since 2003 - it was a Graduation Gift from NUS to my cohort and I've held on to it since.  So you can tell that I've spent enough at METRO, *cough cough* to keep qualifying for the auto-renewal! :P 


Before I mention anything about the benefits of holding on to a METRO MEMBERSHIP Card, let's check out the BLUE and YELLOW price tag system (for the benefit of those who might be unfamiliar):

The price tag on the left with the little blue circle ($38) is the BLUE price tag; the one of the left with the little yellow circle ($70) is the YELLOW price tag.

Only certain brands like Elizabeth Arden (as can be seen from the price tag) and a couple of others are tagged with the BLUE-tag. 

Products tagged with a BLUE price-tag:

  • Allow the METRO MEMBERSHIP Cardmember to enjoy an instant 10% discount on the product all year-round


  • Allow customers to enjoy a DIRECT 20% discount on the product during the 20% Storewide Sales



Products tagged with a YELLOW price-tag:

  • Manufacturer Price-Controlled brands (such as Estee Lauder, Chanel, Christian Dior, Lancome etc)


  • Allow customers to enjoy an INDIRECT 20% discount (in the form of credit vouchers with no expiry date) on the product during the 20% Storewide Sales



NOTE: Products that are already special offers or discounted (say like coffret sets) are often tagged with a white price tag (no coloured circles) - these are usually not eligible for further discounts :) 



So, what are the benefits in holding on to a METRO MEMBERSHIP card such as the one above?

  • You can get a 10% discount instantly on all products tagged with a BLUE price-tag all year round


  • During your Birthday month, you get a 20% discount on all products tagged with a BLUE price-tag


  • During certain sales and festive periods, as a Card Member, you can enjoy exclusive Cardmember promotions and deals such as Purchase-with-Purchases


  • You will also be invited to exclusive Metro events, sale previews, Cardmember-only sales and Card member events


And how does one apply for a METRO Card?

I was lucky and received it as a graduation gift :).  However, if you accumulate S$300 Nett worth of original Metro receipts within three consecutive months and submit these together with the application form and you can receive your METRO MEMBERSHIP card.   





Apart from the METRO MEMBERSHIP CARD, there is also a METRO PRIVILEGE / GIFT card, which I received from METRO. 

It is a STORED VALUE CARD that comes with the same perks and benefits as having the METRO MEMBERSHIP card - as in you get to enjoy the same 10% discount on BLUE price tag items all year around, the same 20% on BLUE price tag items during your Birthday month, and all the other Cardmember perks like exclusive invites and so on.

The only difference is this - since its a STORED VALUE card, you need to STORE a MINIMUM VALUE of SGD$380 in the card and you have up to 2 years to use up the $380 you put in

Some people might baulk at the fact that SGD$380 might be a big amount of money to plonk down at one shot, its valid for you to use for 2 years and if you shop regularly at Metro, it might be well worth it. I was thinking of it in this way - some months, admittedly, I have more cash to spend (sometimes get bonuses, cash gifts or there were no big ticket expenses like car insurance renewal, etc that month?) but the month that there's a sale or say like the Holiday season, I'm a little shorter on cash because I've been hauling? The STORED VALUE card could be a way to save the money in advance to target for the holiday season shopping (or since we KNOW there's bound to be a 20% Storewide sale sometime around that season ya? *wink wink*).  So if you are the sort to really plan your shopping (I don't but I really should - some months I'm kicking myself for having been tooooo lavish!), this might be one way to plan your shopping :)

  You can download the forms for the 2 Metro cards and head down to any METRO store (Customer Service)  to apply:  


You can download the PDF version of the application form for the METRO MEMBERSHIP Card HERE 

You can download the PDF version of the application form for the METRO PRIVILEGE / GIFT Card HERE



I received METRO's in-house magazine / catalogue, METROPOLIS recently and here are some beauty and fashion products that were featured

I love the heels and the necklace in the last shot!


METRO just concluded one of its 20% Storewide sales over the Diwali long weekend (4-7 Nov 2010) but there is another event coming up next Friday 19 Nov 2010 - a one-night special event, the METRO LADIES NIGHT, where there will be a good number of deals and discounts going on.

More details on the METRO LADIES NIGHT + a Lancome Giveaway sponsored by METRO in a subsequent entry.


That's all for now - I shall be good this week and stick with my books mostly cos I want to attend the Metro Ladies Night for the sale - I've *cough cough* some *cough cough* products I NEEEEED to pick up ... ok, WANT to pick up since I missed the previous Diwali weekend 20% sale :P (GASPPPP!)

Will the hauling stop? Nopeeeeeee .... (I need a raise in my stipend pls!)



Hope you found this entry useful. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week :)


You can also check out Mag's (Makeupstash) entry on the Metro Cards HERE



DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated to METRO.  I was given the METRO PRIVILEGE / GIFT CARD - however, all opinions expressed in this entry are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.


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