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Makeup. Fragrance. Nails. Skincare Today is Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Last Saturday Iris and I attended L'oreal's preview event for 2 of their newest products - PERFECT CLEAN Facial Washes and YOUTH CODE range of skincare products.  The products can already be found in selected Watsons (we saw the face washes in Watsons Wisma Atria) - the official launch is slated for November 2010.  Let's check out 2 ranges of products!




There are different face washes in the PERFECT CLEAN range to suit a variety of skin-types - I'm really glad to see SALICYLIC ACID in 2 of the formulations - I realised that using face washes with SALICYLIC ACID and low levels of GLYCOLIC ACID keep the nasty bumps away.  Each time I stray away from such face washes, I tend to break out more often, especially around the chin and forehead. 


Each bottle of face wash comes with a little SCRUBLET. I appreciate the fact that the scrublet is tightly sealed by a good sticky sticker (the sticker only has contact with the bottle and not the scrublet) - that way, one can be assured that no itchy fingers are going to be contaminating the scrublet in the stores :)

As you can see above, the silicone scrublet is soft and malleable, with 500 soft, flexible bristles - rather than a harsh scrub, using the scrublet actually feels like a good skin massage all over the planes of the face and around corners like the nose.  The aim of the scrublet is to provide a thorough cleansing to help eliminate deep impurties. 


The Perfect Clean range that is available for sale in Singapore is the European version and is manufactured in Germany.  I have one of the face washes from L'Oreal which features a similar concept, that is available in the US - that range is known as GO 360 (Degrees) CLEAN and contains 178ml of product. 


Here's a comparison shot between the PERFECT CLEAN and the GO 360 (Degrees) CLEAN and some basic comparisons, off the top of my head:

  • The GO 360 (Degrees) CLEAN features an oval-shaped scrublet with 2 sizes of bristles - there are bigger and thicker bristles on one end of the scrublet; the colour of the scrublet also corresponds to the colour of the bottle


  • However, all the scrublets in the PERFECT CLEAN range are white and the bristles are uniform. 


  • The consistency of both the face washes seem to be similar - a little on the runny side. 


  • The GO 360 (Degrees) CLEAN cleanser I have, smells the most similar to the PURIFYING Foaming Gel Wash (BLUE) in the PERFECT CLEAN range - both have salicylic acid and menthol.


As you can see, I have used only about half the GO 360 (Degree) CLEAN face wash - I was "saving" it since I decided I liked it and would not have access to it again.  Who'd have thought L'Oreal Singapore would bring this range in? :D



So far, I've been trying out the PURIFYING Foaming Gel Wash (WHITE BOTTLE) (since I'm a little spotty at the moment) and I really like it. Here are some of my initial thoughts:

  • Just a tip : make sure you hold the bottle upside down when opening it (as it the cap facing the ceiling?) - I wasn't thinking and flipped the cap open when it was pointing downwards and managed to make a little mess at the sink (not to mention wasting a little product). 


  • A dollop that's the size of a 20-cent coin is really sufficient for the face and neck as it foams up really well on both dry and moistened skin


  • The PURIFYING foaming gel wash feels coooool as I massage it on my skin (likely because of the menthol and peppermint leaf extract) - a real welcome refreshing pick-me-up (or in my case "wake-me-up") in the afternoon.  And despite the menthol and peppermint, it neither smells like a men's facial wash nor like toothpaste!


  • I tried a few motions with the scrublet - I like the circular motions the best


  • And we all know what a fan of fine sea salt I am? I tried it with the PURIFYING Foaming Gel Wash with a bit of fine sea salt (WITHOUT THE SCRUBLET) and WOW! I really liked how soft and smooth my skin felt after that. I think that's a new favourite combination of mine! 


The PERFECT CLEAN range of face washes retail at SGD$14.90 per 150ml bottle, exclusively at Watsons. 





YOUTH CODE has been formulated after a decade of research in 'skin repair genes' - according to L'Oreal's research, mature cells that have been damaged by external aggressors (e.g lack of sleep, pollution, lack of nutrients, etc) produce proteins at a slower rate than younger skin (5 times to be exact) - such proteins are necessary for skin repair and renewal.  Without natural skin repair and skin renewal, skin exposed to all these external aggressors is likely to lose its youthful and fresh appearance faster.  

However, YOUTH CODE is not simply meant for mature skin - since its formulated to "wake up" the skin repair genes to "optimise gene response" and to "induce them to produce protein at a faster rate", YOUTH CODE can be used by anyone whose skin is constantly exposed to external aggressors. 


What's in YOUTH CODE that "wakes up" these skin repair genes? According to L'Oreal, YOUTH CODE has been formulated with:

  • Patented Pro-Gen™ technology – A Biolysat, or product of fermented Bifidus bacteria which has been found to trigger Keratin 6B gene expression, body chemicals which are involved in cellular renewal and promote cell barrier function so that the skin can retain moisture and defend itself from aggression. Pro-Gen™ technology works on overall skin rejuvenation. Improvement in the barrier function is an indication of skin’s capacity for recovery.


  • Adenosine – A constitutive component of DNA which has been identified as essential for cellular functioning which slows down the effects of aging by stimulating Pro-Collagen to support the skin’s structure and thereby reducing wrinkles



There are 3 products in the YOUTH CODE range - a Day Cream, an Eye Cream and a Concentrate. Let's see what they're like as well as some quick thoughts:



  • Apart from ADENOSINE, the Day Cream also contains CAFFEINE, which seems to be a popular ingredient in several anti-aging products.  Among others, it is known to aid in the better absorption of skin care ingredients.


  • While the Day Cream is water-based (that's the first ingredient on the list), it contains silicones - while the silicone elastomers give the cream a whipped and almost gel-like texture and a velvety-feel upon application, those who are allergic to silicones in skin care might want to take note of this.


  • As you can see in my "swatch" shot above, the Day Cream has a very light texture and absorbs into skin rather fast - I don't notice any sticky residue or any greasy feeling on my hand after trying it on.


  • YOUTH CODE Day Cream retails at SGD$42.90 for a 50ml glass-jar





  •   Apart from ADENOSINE, the Eye Cream contains several other natural ingredients such as HONEY, ALGAE EXTRACT, RUSCUS ACULEATUS ROOT EXTRACT, SOYBEAN PROTEIN, CAFFEINE and so on


  • Like the Day Cream, the Eye Cream has a similar, whipped, gel-creme like consistency and applies similarly with a velvety smooth feel. 


  • The cream itself is a pale peachy-nude shade (it says "slightly tinted" on the box) but I don't notice any particular colour effect on my skin


  • The Eye Cream retails for SGD$42.90 for a 15ml glass-jar






  • It is said to be an oil-in-water emulsion but when applied, it feels like a gel-creme and like the Day Cream and Eye Cream, applies with a velvety-smooth finish. 


  • The Concentrate is meant to be used in specific areas of concern - like forehead, laugh lines, around the mouth, etc. 


  • It comes in a 30ml black, squeeze-tube with a thin nozzle that allows one to control the amount of product being squeezed out.


  • The Concentrate retails at SGD$45.90 for a 30ml tube




What I noticed about all 3 YOUTH CODE products is that while they contain 'fragrance' (listed in the ingredients list), I do not detect any obvious or particular fragrance.


I also noticed that all 3 products (even when layered atop of each other, as we did at the event), they tend to be rather easily absorbed into the skin and do not seem to leave behind any obvious residue or greasy-feeling. 


All 3 products are manufactured in Germany and we were informed that Singapore is the first country in the whole of Asia where Youth Code is available.  


While YOUTH CODE products are not exactly inexpensive at just under $50 per product, some might find it to be a slightly more affordable alternative to other anti-wrinkle skincare products offered by other high-end brands such as Estee Lauder, Lancome, Clarins and so on. 


Also, since it is more of a rejuvenating skincare line targeted to "wake" skin repair cells up, it appears to have a lighter texture as opposed to the richer formulations found in anti-aging products.  To this end, this range might interest people who want to start including such rejuvenating products (but are not ready for heavier anti-aging formulations) into their skincare regime. 


Are you currently using any anti-wrinkle or rejuvenating products and what are your specific areas of concern? I always fret about my under eye area and am always looking for a good eye product that will help with fine lines and dark circles!


Hope you found this entry useful.  Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!



DISCLAIMER: I did not pay for any of these L'Oreal products.  All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced by anyone. 


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