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Qwic-Pic: Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencils - Some Thoughts & Comparison Swatches



My chums headed to Taiwan recently and thanks to a tip-off from Elaine (@elainnio on Twitter), we all got to know about these lovely coloured pencil liners. Amy (@purplio on Twitter) helped me pick up a couple - and now I'm regretting not picking up a few more shades.

I initially only asked for ONE liner - naturally, my choice was Turquoise but the more I looked at the swatches, the more I liked the blue and golden khaki so that went onto my list.

And out of the blue, Amy managed to psychobabble me into getting the Solone Liquid Eyeliner in Gold. 

The gold glitter liner is in a liquid dip liner form - the thin brush is similar to the usual dip liners we get in several other brands. The glitter - gold and some holographic glitter - is suspended in a thin clear base which makes this a versatile liner to own. I like using these types of glitter liners as an accent either on my upper lashline above my regular black liquid liner or drawn on a black gel liner at the lower lash line. I've tried this out since and it's pretty smooth and not gritty.


And now on to the Smoody Pencils - quite a cute name - makes me think of cows somehow .. in a good way though.

I love how the pencils look - the metallic pencils with the silver print and the hearts all over. It doesn't look or feel cheap at all.


And the pencils - totally phenomenal for the price we got them at. I think each pencil averaged under SGD$7 (the gold glitter liner included). Solone indicates that these can be used as liners or as shadows - I've only used them as liners hitherto but Amy has tried them as a shadow with great success too.


I picked Forest, Dark Night and Turquoise. Let's look at the swatches and comparisons for each shade.

If you only get one Smoody Pencil, it has to be Forest. It's amazing - a blackened khaki with lots .. LOTS of gold glitter that stays and stays and stays on the eye with no irritation. I used it on my lower lashline a couple of times with no issues. Be warned though - it takes quite a lot of cleaning with eye makeup remover and cleansing oil to totally come off.

I love these blackened shades shot through with gold and till I got hold of Solone Forest, MAC's Black Line (so precious when it was LE) was my absolute favourite and Gold Standard. After swatching it side by side with Solone Forest, for that price and the shimmering gold, I think I love Solone Forest more. Here are the comparison swatches with other blackened khaki eyeliners in my stash.


Then we have the pretty Dark Night

A dark but bright blue with silver and blue shimmer. I love blue eyeliners and mascara - so this one is naturally very lovely to me. Again, smooth on the lower lashline (and the waterline too but be careful if your eyes are even remotely sensitive). 

The other current favourite blue eyeliner I'm using is the Clio Gelpresso in Navy Chic. Navy Chic and Dark Night are not quite the same in shade or the glitter - pretty in their own right. Love both!


And then, we have Turquoise ... a green-toned turquoise beauty, shot through with gold glitter. Beautiful! Very very mermaid-esque and totally reminds me of how OPI's Catch Me In Your Net or Zoya Charla looks like.

The closest I had in my stash was MAC Pearlglide in Undercurrent, which turns out to be greener than Solone Turquoise. Solone Turquoise also looks a tad more metallic.

The other 2 shades I didn't pick up but have my eye on now are Red Wine (a black with red glitter) - which will pair perfectly with GA Eyes to Kill in Lust Red and the Silver Black which will be awesome with greys and pewters.

Thanks again to my chums for helping me pick these up! 


Thanks for stopping by and have a gorgeous week!


Disclaimer: All products purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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Hi, My name is Kas and I'm an eyeliner junkie.

Yep, I have a multitude of liquid and pencil eyeliners in a wide range of shades and I use them faithfully (I'm trying to get out of the guilt-trap) - upper lashline, waterline, lower lashline! So when there's a new eyeliner out, especially when it says "waterproof" and the magic word "sparkle", you know I will not be able to sit still and resist.


There are a total of 8 sparkly shades of the STILA SPARKLE WATERPROOF LIQUID EYELINERS and I picked up 4 - I purchased 2 via Iris who had them CPed (thanks Iris!) and I got the other 2 at Escentials @ Tangs yesterday.

They retail for SGD$32 here but Escentials is currently having a promotion (till 30 Jun 2011) where a purchase of 2 regular items entitles you to a 15% discount. So the price I paid for the 2 here was somewhat comparable to what I paid for those purchased in the US, where they retail for USD$22.


Here are the swatches of the 4 I picked up:


  • Bora Bora is the typical blue I'm drawn to - Cerulean, bright-in-your-face blue; it dries down to a lovely solid satiny finish

  • Electric is a sparkling bright green which applies a little darker but with almost a foil finish - the gold-green sparkles in this is lovely!

  • Sequins is a deep black with loads of silver sparkles; when it catches the light, it looks a little multicoloured too but I doubt it'd be that obvious on the eye

  • Royal - is amazing. Its a (duochromey) violet purple that flashes blue, pink and purple. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G


The other shades are ROCK CANDY (warm brown); FLASH (olive khaki); STARRY (gunmetal) and CURACAO (violet blue). Here are swatches of the rest of the shades



I honestly find it incredibly easy to apply - the pointy, slim felt-tip applicator deposits the eyeliner easily and the texture is such that its not dribbly and runny - the eyeliner stays and dries down exactly at the place you apply it.

In the shot below, I hurriedly applied BORA BORA to my lower lash line and I didn't have much application issues despite the frenzy.  I also found it remained budge-proof and intense several hours later


You can check out Iris' swatches and EOTD with ROYAL HERE


I love these as much as I love my MAC SUPERSLICK EYELINERS (I have them in GOLD, SILVER, PURPLE, NAVY and BLACK) - just as easy to apply and long-lasting. Several reviews have pointed out how these are both super similarly packaged. Case in point:

But I'm not complaining! I love them all!

Now, to conquer at least one from the MUFE range - a hot pink maybe? LOL!



Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!




DISCLAIMER: I paid for these products myself.  I am not affiliated to STILA or Escentials. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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Sorry, its been a while and I have quite a bit to share!


So story is this - I was out with Iris (of Rougedeluxe) on Friday evening and thanks to Mag (of Makeup Stash), I was invited along to the Launch Event of the FABULOUS FELINES (FF) Collection at MAC Ngee Ann City.  I think the only other MAC collection launch I've attended was the PRET-A-PAPIER event earlier this year?

It was really nice to be there - the music, the models, and MAKEUP!!! Mmmmm (literally, M M M! Haha!).  There was a mini-catwalk (CAT-walk!) by the 3 models who represented each of the colour collections in FF, Leopard Luxe, Palace Pedigreed and Burmese Beauty and we were all treated to a makeup demonstration by MAC's Senior Artist BENO LIM.  I've only heard of and read about Beno before and it was real nice to meet him - he was very friendly and even noticed that I asked the model what nail polish she was wearing and subseqently wanted to help me with my query :)


PS: I'm including links to Temptalia's entries on the review / swatches of the 3 colour collections for your easy reference :)



Here are some shots from the CAT-walk!

I was instantly reminded of Tyra Banks in ANTM - these girls are so "high fashion"! LOL! I like the 2nd shot!


Love the heeled booties! I'm ALWAYS envious of girls who can confidently walk around in stilettos!





The Leopard Luxe colour collection is all about a tan, tawny and golden colour palette. Beno showed the audience what at the products they can use to recreate the LEOPARD LUXE look - he used the Leopard Luxe Eyeshadow Quad and Pigment in OLD GOLD.  OLD GOLD is one of my favourite pigments - its a duochrome (or perhaps tri-tone?) golden-bronze base that flashes green and looks great paired with quite a number of other colours. 


You can check out Temptalia's review / swatches of the Leopard Luxe colour collection HERE




The Palace Pedigreed colour collection is much cooler-toned that Leopard Luxe - greys, deep blues, plums and burgundy.  For this look, Beno explained that Cunning lipstick paired with Burgundy lipliner creates the deep berry lip seen on the model - deep lips are always "in" for fall collections.  If I'm not wrong, the model's eyes have been lined with the SMOKY HEIR Superslick Eyeliner - a burgundy plum eyeliner with violet and plum micro-shimmer.


You can check out Temptalia's review / swatches of the Palace Pedigreed collection HERE and HERE




The Burmese Beauty colour collection is mostly teak-olive themed but I really like the addition of the duochrome teal-bronzey shade that's so reminiscent of CLUB eyeshadow (FYI, the specific eyeshadow is also called Burmese Beauty in the eyshadow quad). 

Beno also talked about one of MAC's new foundation offerings, the new Mineralised Cream Foundation (he's holding the compact in the shot above) - I swatched it at the store and I think it feels really smooth and goes on practically seamlessly (on my inner arm).  I am not too sure about how high the coverage is but its something I do want to check out sooner or later :)

In this additional shot of the Burmese Beauty model, you can see she's got her nails done in a putty, cement shade - its most likely EARTHLY HARMONY from the MAC Fall Winter Nail Trend Collection (check out my next post!).  It reminded me a lot of China Glaze INGRID (Vintage Vixen Collection) - however, Earthly Harmony has a much more lighter-toned base and rather than gold shimmer, it is chockfull of gold flecks that seem to give it a golden cast.



You can check out Temptalia's review / swatches of the Burmese Beauty collection HERE and HERE



The FALL WINTER NAIL TREND Collection was also launched around the same time as Fabulous Felines collection, and since the polishes were featured in the FF collection, MAC also treated us to complimentary express manicures - we were allowed to choose whichever shades that caught our eye.  I decided to be naughty and tried more than one shade in the end!


Middle to Pinky Fingers: CONCUBINE




And some shots of us at the event :

Mag & I


  Sarah & I



When news broke out of this collection earlier in the year, I was the most intrigued by the SUPERSLICK EYELINERS.  I always use eyeliner and I favour liquid eyeliners for my upper lashline and use the pencil eyeliners on my lower lashline. And better yet, I love liquid eyeliners with a felt-pen tip applicator! 


Incidentally, the SUPERSLICK EYELINERS were also singled out as one of the must-have items from the FF collection, as seen in the snippet below in the latest issue of the ISETAN Cardmembers' Newsletter:


However, having been on a horrific hauling streak these few months (and I seem not to see any slow-down :P), I decided not to whip myself up into a frenzy when this collection launched.  Thankfully, some of the pigments were re-promotes (I am a pigment piggy also) and I already own OLD GOLD and MAUVEMENT pigment (am thinking about Bloodline Pigment now but shall think harder still).  However, when Sophia and I went down for the TANGS 12% Cardmembers sale on Wed, the liners called out to me and I simply could not resist - I got myself 2, in PURE SHOW (GOLD) and SIGNATURE BLUE (BLUE)

I wanted to get more (I ALWAYS WANT to get MORE .. sigh), like the SILVER, GREEN and PURPLE but I held back.  Like a good girl. 

Lo and behold, I received a Goodie Bag from the collection launch (Woooohooooooo!!!) and it contained 3 SUPERSLICK EYELINERS!!! (Wooooohoooooo! Woooohoooooo!! Woooohoooooo!!!) in ON THE HUNT (BLACK), SMOKY HEIR (BURGUNDY PLUM) and NOCTURNAL (SILVER).  Thank you MAC!!!


Let's check out the eyeliner swatches (all light to medium swatches on NC43 skintone)





I noticed that the GOLD and SILVER shades in particular, had this foil-effect when swatched, more so that the BLUE and PLUM shades.  The BLACK has this shiny, patent look to it. 

Also, as you can see, SMOKY HEIR is not a straight up plum-burgundy shade - the swatch above shows that it has blue-violet and reddish-plum micro-shimmer.  Lovely!!!





And what is an eyeliner feature without some "commando-styled assault" on this blog, ya? LOL!

So I subjected a set of swatches to the running water and hand wash soap test.  I think they came out pretty successfull - elsewhere, there have been raves about the longevity of these eyeliners which are rather budgeproof once set and I just had to find out for myself!

No smearing, smudging, buding, running, whatsoever. At all. Temptalia also subjected the Superslick Eyeliners to the shower test and they didn't run or smear on her after she splashed her face with water.  You can read more on her shower test HERE


And this is after 2 rounds of vigourous rubbing with handwash soap.  Remember I mentioned that the black had more of a shiny, patent look than the others? Might that texture have something to do with the fact that it succumbed to 2 rounds of vigourous rubbing?


And of course, the fact that it succumbed is NOT A MINUS for it at all (not at this point, at least) - I am not going to be rubbing my eyes really hard with soap so I don't think this is a minus against it.  If anything at all, I think these 2 tests show how long-lasting and budgeproof the SUPERSLICK EYELINERS are.  Also, the eyeliners don't dissolve and run - they come off in flakes when rubbed hard. 



All in all, I'm totally pleased with my stash of the new SUPERSLICK Liquid Eyeliners.  I'm glad I got the opportunity to watch Beno in action and the models strut their stuff at the collection launch which I felt was one of the highlights of my week (that, and the touristy trip that Sophia and I took to Marina Bay Sands on that hot hot hot afternoon! LOL!).


I'm still thinking about BLOODLINE Pigment but can't decide just yet (and you'll soon know why *wink wink*).  But tell me, did YOU get anything from MAC's FABULOUS FELINES collection? Are you intending to haul from this collection and if so, what? 

That's all for now; thanks for stopping by!



DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated to MAC.  I only purchased PURE SHOW and SIGNATURE BLUE Superslick Eyeliners with my own money.  The remaining 3 Superslick Eyeliners were presented to me in MAC's Collection Launch Goodie Bag.

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Another haul post - I told Sophia recently that this year, I've been hauling and hauling and hauling and hauling - its really terrible.  But no point just saying "terrible" and then popping out to get something right? Just like how my MAKEUP MATH convinces me of how good a deal something is cos I've seen it in black and white, haul posts just show me how weak-willed I am and so I really detest doing haul posts! LOL!


Anyways, I just had to go check out the LANEIGE sale - I have a softer spot for Korean cosmetics (than Japanese cosmetics) because (1) hitherto, all my experiences with Korean brands have been rather good (touchwood!!! ptooi ptooi!) and (2) I think some Korean brands (Etude House, Beauty Credit, Nature Republic, Laneige) carry really nice colours - bright and shimmery (I'm in!). Also, I've tried the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack (thanks to Soph for the sample; I've since purchased full-size!) and the Waterproof eyemakeup remover which I reviewed here - I've had good experiences with both products so I'm rather comfortable with the brand.  I'm itching to try the Strawberry Yogurt Scrub next!


A bit of background: I checked out the previous Laneige sale last year, where I bought 2 lippies (2 for $15) and 4 eyeshadows (2 for $15 also).  Their lipsticks are smooth, pigmented and creamy and they have a good assortment of colours.  But I LOVE their eyeshadows - they're really super easy to depot and pigmentation is KAPOW! (at least for the colours I tried and bought) - I mostly have the eyeshadows from the SHIMMER range (they have 3 other ranges - Powder, Sparkle and Essence (which I think is cream shadows?).  These usually retail for SGD$25 each so at 2 for $15 ($7.50 each!), its a steal!



Bottom: DESIGNING EYES LINER IN 01 (Shimmering purple) and 02 (Goldy-brown)


I totally love the eyeshadows I picked out - Eco Green is a little iridescent and I am dying to try it over a black base and hopefully, it will be kapow! Shine Brown is totally gorgeous - I have very few browns in my stash but this is total love - its really "creamy" and has a golden, metallic finish to it and it must have been really popular since it was the last one available (Soph, :-(Sheer Lavender looks a little blah in the pan but when swatched, has this sparkly shimmer finish and seemed to be a little duo-toned (silvery, bluish purple?).  Deep Purple is a dark eggplant purple that has a slight magenta tone when light hits it (hopefully, the magenta tone shows up on the eye!). Also, the eyeliner swatches seem to hold up relatively well against vigourous rubbing and the glitter remained on my hand! And just for kicks - I was wearing purple eyes on Saturday and had used MAC RAVE Pearlglide eyeliner (purple) to line my lower lashline; then I topped that off with a layer of the Laneige purple eyeliner just to see if it will smudge and run everywhere - I was out from about 3 plus til 10pm and I just had my usual, regular smudges and no purple "clouds" under my eyes. Thankfully. Incidentally, these are felt-tipped and similar in shape to the L'Oreal Lineur Intense.


Ok, confess: I went to the sale twice! First on Friday after the MAC sale with a partner-in-crime, and then on Saturday with another partner in crime (who else?).  In the first pic, you can see the little green bottle of PORE TROUBLE EMULSION in the foreground? It was being sold for SGD$1 each (for 25ml) on Friday and people were grabbing handfulls but I didn't bother with it and just picked up my 2 eyeshadows and liners and left.  When I went back with Sophia on Saturday, these were being sold for SGD$0.20 each (5 for SGD$1!) - ridiculous pricing but who's complaining?!



OHHHH! And on my way out of the Laneige sale, a girl approached me and asked me if I was Kas! She told me that she reads my blog and I was soooooo over the moon! Haha! She mentioned her username was "LarissaX"? I now realise I didn't catch it properly and I was silly and forgot to ask her for her name.  But a BIG HI to you dear, and thanks for approaching me! You pretty much made my day! Ask Sophia, she saw me practically skip out of the corridor!




DISCLAIMER: All products featured were purchased with my own money.  I am neither affiliated to, nor is this a paid/sponsored advertisement by, LANEIGE. 


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Another Swatch-Fest entry, this time featuring ANNA SUI'S LIQUID EYELINERS N and L


NOTE: Again, is a swatch-entry, with a few details gleaned from the patient folks at Anna Sui; this is neither a review of the eyeliners nor I have tested these products on myself.  Also, the lighting in the store was rather yellow-toned - these might appear brighter in brighter light.



There are 2 ranges of liquid eyeliners - N consists of "spiced sweet colours" while L consists of pop-candy shades.  Again, like the mascara tubes, the colour of the eyeliner is  reflected in the packaging itself which makes life easier for Little Miss In-A-Freaking-Rush(s) like me.  The applicator is a very slim, fine brush - somewhat reminiscent of MAC's LIQUIDLAST eyeliners.  I had no difficulty swatching the thin lines on my hand - I found the formula smooth (no gloopy messes, thank you!) and the texture was neither too thick nor too runny.  What really got me excited was the psychedelic range of pearly, shimmery colours! Now, you know that get's my pulse racing! Let's check them out!


TOP, L-R: Blue (N;100); Brown (N;500); Purple (N;200); Yellow (L;850) Turquoise (L; 150)

BOTTOM, L-R: Purple Brown (N; 201); Pink (N; 300); Ruby (L; 350); Red (N; 400); Black (N; 001)



The liquid eyeliners are water-resistant (NOT WATERPROOF) and oil-resistant - I'm a little bummed that these are not waterproof and I wonder how these will wear - the saving grace is that they are oil-resistant; but since these go atop of eyeshadow that's been primed, I suppose there might not be any problems? Unless of course you get caught face-up in a thunderstorm or decide to take a dip in the swimming pool.


Notwithstanding this, I am totally taken by the one in Turquoise (any wonder?)!!! Like the red mascara in the Super Mascara DX Waterproof range, I also am mad curious how one can pull off red eyeliner - perhaps, one day when I'm totally free (in May?) I might pop down and implore the BA to try the red mascara and eyeliner on me? That'd be fun! 

The Anna Sui Liquid Eyeliners retail at SGD$33 each.  Have any caught your eye yet?



DISCLAIMER: I am neither affiliated to, nor is this a paid/sponsored advertisement by, ANNA SUI.  The opinions reflected here are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

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The folks at L'OREAL SINGAPORE very kindly sent me a couple of MU products to try.  You might have already seen my review on the Double Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara earlier. 

Among the goodies they sent me was this Super Liner 24H - WATERPROOF GEL EYELINER (BLACK).   I checked with Robinsons and it retails for SGD$21.90 (for a 2.8gm pot)



The eyeliner is packed in a black and gold box that is double-sealed with cellophane - that's something I noticed with all the L'Oreal products that I received, making them all uber tamper-proof, which is a good thing. The eyeliner is apparently intended "For Japan Only" and as such, both the box and the eyeliner pot have both English and Japanese text.  The box also has instructions on how to apply the eyeliner - the instructions are rather generic and don't quite give you any "backstage" or "makeup-artist- to-the-stars" kind of application tips (which I've reproduced here in its entirety):

Step 1: Dip your brush into the jar to select the right amount of gel

Step 2: Wipe off excess on tissue if necessary

Step 3: Use the high precision brush like a pencil to draw the line along your lash line.


The eyeliner itself is housed in a little transparent glass pot with a black plastic screw-top cap; the screw top cap allows you to close it as tightly as you can twist it (I've had an eyeliner jar that opened with just a gently swipe, so this is a good thing).  The bonus? There is a decent-sized eyeliner brush included with the eyeliner.  What I really appreciated about the brush was that it was a good size - it was neither teeny-tiny like foam applicators are nor was it long like a normal brush.  I'm short-sighted so I need to go close to the mirror to see where I'm applying my eyeliner - brushes that are too long just knock into my mirror! The other thing is that the brush bristles are not wimpy - they hold their shape well even after spot cleaning (I used my MAC brush cleanser) and do not end up flayed, scraggly or scratchy .




The eyeliner is a gel formula.  True to that, the eyeliner is smooth and spreads easily - a rather emollient texture.  In fact, when I was playing around with it at first, I spread some out on my hand (like I would for an eyeshadow base) and it spread out easily and evenly, leaving no patches.  Both on my hand and on the eye, I did not notice any dragging or skipping.  Given the emollient texture, it just needs a spot of time to set - I didn't notice that I had to wait any longer than usual when I apply my other gel or liquid eyeliners.  The eyeliner is also very pigmented - its a deep, flat black-black and there's no grey, green, brown tones here. 




Of all times, I decided to try using this last Friday when I was running to school.  The other thing is that I'm not totally good with gel eyeliners - I find it easier to get a defined, straight line with a liquid liner (which is what I always use).  So application wise, I had to make sure my hand was totally steady and I did it slowly (not a good thing when you're running late!).  Given that its quite emollient, I made the mistake of not wiping off excess product and managed to smudge the inner corner of my eye a little (that's what happens when you diss product application instructions).  As previously mentioned, its very pigmented and sets relatively fast so I had to move really quickly to clean up the smudge (I used a Q-tip moistened with a little alcohol-free toner).  Since I'm not very fantastic with gel eyeliner application, I decided to switch to my MAC 212 eyeliner brush so as to ensure a clean, defined line (as clean as possible) on my lash line; I switched back to the L'Oreal brush to wing out the eyeliner at the outer corners of my eye.  Perhaps someone with steadier hands (and more confidence and TIME!) might be able to use the L'oreal brush throughout the entire application process.  I do intend to try to apply it using only the L'Oreal brush later. 


The pictures below are to show you how the eyeliner looks like when applied on the eye.  Like I mentioned, there was no skipping or dragging of the liner and even a neophyte like me managed to get a relatively decent line and wing.  I wore the eyeliner from about 345pm and only cleaned it all off after dinner, at about 1130pm - that's almost 8 hours of wear. I did not notice any fading, flaking or smudging of the eyeliner on my eyelids or undereye area.  However, the wing on my left eye faded just a smidgen given that I had fidgeted a little with it. 

This shot was taken immediately after application. 


This shot was taken at about 1130pm that night.  


Another shot taken at 1130pm.  If you can see the teeny pink arrows, you can tell that my blue pencil eyeliner has smudged in my out eye corner and has disappeared a little along the waterline 




If this eyeliner came alive, it think it might want to slap me for 'torturing' it! Now, the eyeliner is touted to be smudge-proof and give you 24 hours of wear - there's no way I can test that since I NEVER, EVER go to bed without washing off my makeup.  So I decided to subject it a different test.


TEST #1: L'Oreal Eyeliner (without base or eyeshadow)


I used the L'Oreal Brush to swatch the eyeliner (normal intensity) on my inner arm


Then, I used my herbal bath soap (the anti-bacterial and deep cleansing type) and applied it all over the eyeliner swatch and rubbed it vigorously with my fingers (like how you would soap yourself in the shower) and rinsed it off. The result?



Test #2: L'Oreal Eyeliner (with eyeshadow base and eyeshadow)

This time, I treated my hand like how I would my eye.  I applied a thin layer of Too Faced Shadow Insurace, a good swatch of the Ed Pinaud eyeshadow in Green and then the L'oreal eyeliner.  I made a few swatches with the eyeliner - the one on top was a thinner, lighter swatch, while the middle one was a heavier swatch, similar to the intensity of which I would apply to my eyelid. 


Let's see what happened when I vigorously rubbed the same soap over the swatch and rinsed it off?



Observations from Test #1 and 2:

As you can see, lighter swatches of the eyeliner tend to get a little "eaten" up by my super soap, whilst the heavier swatches are more or less intact, albeit, a little faded.  I honestly think that the eyeliner is long-lasting and pigmented enough to have more or less withstood all that soap, water and rubbing.




So both the EOTDs featuring the eyeliner and the above tests indicate that the L'Oreal Super Liner 24H is really rather decent - I really appreciated the fact that the intensity of the colour didn't fade and that it didn't smudge all over my eye and undereye with 8 hours of wear on oily eyelids on a hot day (I even had dinner at a zi char stall!).  While the eyeliner held up relatively well against my soapy assault, it came off rather easily with a waterproof eyemakeup remover and cleansing oil (my usual cleansing routine). 


At SGD$21.90 a pop (or SGD$17.52 if you wait for a 20% sale at Robinsons, Metro, Watsons, etc) for 2.8gm, its also a cheaper alternative to the MAC Fluidline (Blacktrack) which costs SGD$28 for 3gm.  Of course the MAC Fluidlines have their own positive attributes (and some will say, are in a class of their own!) but if you're someone who is new to gel eyeliners and wants to experiment OR if you don't use gel liners too often and thus don't wish to plonk down too much moolah, this might be something you can consider.  I can't say for sure how fast this will dry up in the pot given that I have it for less than 2 weeks but like I mentioned, since the cap allows it to be tightened really well, it might last quite a bit. Just a point to note: when I let the brush uncleaned after usage, I noticed that the eyeliner hardened a little on the brush, making the brush hard and pointy (but this goes away once you clean the brush); so if you're swatching this eyeliner with the brush at the store, you might want to keep this in mind.


Some folks may want to know how this holds up against the Maybelline Gel eyeliner - I can't make the comparison since I don't possess the Maybelline version. But you can check out reviews of the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner by Diana and Sophia.


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Hallo Everyone!

I've had the ELF EYE TRANSFORMER for a little while and decided to review it.  It appears to be a rather popular item, seeing that several beauty-blogs have also reviewed it, but here is my take on it =) 

First impressions - I thought they could have come up with a better name for the product instead of EYE TRANSFORMER (made me think of the cartoon about vehicles that transform into robot warriors?).  At the back of the packaging, there is a shade name (although there seems to be only one variety available): "Pastel Illusions".  Now that sounds better than Eye Transformer, doesn't it? For a budget brand, a better marketing strategy might be to come up with more attractive, exotic sounding names; but I don't think they quite worry about that, since their selling point is above-average quality MU at unbelievably low price-points (mostly between USD$1 - 3).  


So what does it do? According to the ELF website, the Eye Transformer can:

"Convert your shadows into brand new shades with these four opalescent shadows. Wear alone, under, over or in combination with your other makeup. The opal tones transform your dark color into a new shimmering hue. Wear alone or in combination with your favorite eyeshadow or liner color to transform the shade. Simply blend in with other color to create your unique hue."




Image taken from http://www.eyeslipsface.com/studio/eyes/eyeshadow/eye_transformer



As many have noted, many ELF compacts are reminiscent of NARS packaging - rectangular, sleek black compacts with white lettering; I very sadly DO NOT OWN any NARS products *wail* and cannot judge for myself. The Eye Transformer has a small see-through window where you can see the product. The flip-top compact opens to reveal a rectangular mirror - I must point out that the mirror is of good quality; its not one of those that distorts or magnifies your reflection.

There are 4 pans of the opalescent shadows - GREEN, ORANGE, PINK and BLUE.  The total product weight indicated is 10gm; each pan is thus reportedly 2.5gm each.  For reference, MUFE eyeshadows are also 2.5gm but the pan sizes are very very different; it could be that the ELF Eye Transformer pans are very deep (as opposed to the flatter, shallower MUFE pans?)




The Eye Transformer also comes with a little brush.  Usually, I almost immediately toss brushes that come with compacts / palettes, given that they're often of lousy quality.  Can't say the same for this one - the brush, while TINY, is well made and very soft.  It is like a miniature version of the ELF Studio Line Eyeshadow C Brush - below are some pictures which demonstrate the likeness. 


See how tiny the brush is?

 L-R: ELF Studio Line Eyeshadow C Brush; Brush that comes with Eye Transformer 


There is no discernible scent at all.  


Texture and My Method of Use:

For such an inexpensive product, I was expecting the opalescent shadows to be powdery and leave a tonne of fall-out.  Boy, was I wrong - I have zero fall-out with it and while the shadows seem powdery when you swatch it on your fingers (i.e just swipe the product with your fingertips), they blend very smoothly on the back of my hand and eyes.  On their own, the colours are not strong at all; in fact, it might be a little difficult to differentiate them, especially the orange and pink.  Below is a heavy (dry) swatch of the 4 opalescent shadows WITHOUT ANY BASE.
Swatches of Eye Transformer without any base
The shadows can be used to transform either an eyeshadow or an eyeliner.  Like other reviews have mentioned, I find that the best effect is obtained when the opalescent shadows are layered over a deep BLACK eyeshadow or eyeliner. The deepest black eyeshadow I have in my stash in the Ed Pinaud baked eyeshadow (which I usually use foiled) and my deepest black eyeliner is the Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof eyeliner in Black Party.  Below are swatches of the black eyeshadow and black eyeliner that have been "transformed" by the Eye Transformer.
PS: The pictures are not of the best quality, but I hope you can see the "transformation" =)





For application on eyeshadow: It seems to work well with any brush; so far, I've tried it with the ELF Studio Line Contour brush and Small Smudge brush. I've even tried to blend it with my pinky finger and had no application issues.  I find that the intensity of colour can be built up by layering it on a few times and blending it with the eyeshadow. 
For application on eyeliners: I've used it with my small angled brush and the miniature Eyeshadow C brush that came with the palette.  For obvious reasons, it worked better with the small angled brush =)

 As you can see, it actually works well - its great for smokey eyes with a colour-kick or to coordinate your eyeliner with your eyeshadow, if you don't already have coloured eyeliners. The opalescent effect really makes the colours pop on the deep base; the tranformers are also pigmented enough to totally change the look of the black eyeshadow and eyeliner - it is neither faint nor pastel.  Personally, I prefer the effect of the BLUE and GREEN transformers; the PINK is nice but I think MAC's PINK OPAL pigment creates a similar effect, albeit more intense.  I found the ORANGE to have a sheerer effect and it doesn't stand out as much as the BLUE and GREEN; perhaps I need to play around with it more to see how I can better it. 
When I bought it, I was hoping that it would create sort of a duochrome or even holographic effect (flashes different colours at different angles) but I'm happy with the opalescent effect created nonetheless.  I've been using this to jazz up my black shadows and liners rather often.  
Its a good product to have if you can get your hands on it and at USD$3, its definitely value-for-money.  I would love it if ELF would create another palette with another 4 colours - let me help them decide: GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE and PURPLE!!!
Do you like what you see? Would you get it?


Email |




This is another entry in the SHARE series.  This time, I thought it might be useful for all of us to share details on how we clean or correct MU boo-boo(s).  I think most times, most of you get your MU on great and don't need to fuss around with correction / adjustment; but I think somewhere along the way, you'd have experienced such frustrations at least once or twice? Even if you haven't (you're awe-inspiring, in that case!), you can also share any tips you might have heard about with us =)

My personal boo-boo - Liquid eyeliner.  I always use a deep black liquid liner to line my upper lash line and often do a winged-out line.  In certain circumstances, as listed below, my winged-out line (or even the lash line) looks like I attempted my eye-MU on board a tugboat in the choppy waters off Batam. Crooked lines, uneven wings, splatters on my undereye areas, blobby-globs instead of wings.  Sigh.

Circumstances Inducing Tugboat-Styled Eyeliner:

  • Very tired, little sleep leading to (A) unsteady hands and/or (B) swollen eyelids
  • Funky eyeliner brush / felt-tip (time to throw out but no heart to do so)
  • In a super-rush (9 out of 10 times)
  • Distracted (more likely JOLTED!) by mom or pop asking me (to do) something or to hurry up
  • Just not my day!


So you can imagine my elation when I found the SEPHORA MAKEUP ERASER at Sephora for about SGD$12 sometime back - as in the picture below, the Makeup Eraser is styled like a chunky marker with a felt-tip that is moistened with MU remover (exactly like how a marker pen works; no twists, clicks, etc).   


Sephora Makeup Eraser

Image taken from http://www.sephora.com/assets/dyn/product/P41973/P41973_hero.jpg 

It worked rather fine BUT the MU remover was a little on the greasy side.  After correcting my winged-eyeliner, it left a little patch on the side of my eye and when I tried to dab it off with a cotton pad and powder it over, it looked a little blotchy. Not a good look - there are enough imperfections as it is. Even other eye-makeup removers in gentle (non-waterproof and supposedly, non-greasy formulations) left a little oily film that only messed up my eyeliner further.

So out of desperation one day, I reached for a small bottle (a GWP) of an alcohol-free gentle toner from Clarins (the yellow one) and dipped a cotton-bud into it - lo behold, the toner (A) cleaned up the mess fine; (B) did not sting or smart; (C) evaporated quickly and left no oily film on the area applied; and (D) did not leave any funny blotches or patches when I tried to powder the area over.  When that little bottle finished, I turned, with some hesitation, to another GWP non-alcohol based toner from Lancome - Tonique Douceur (Hydrating Lotion with Gentle Plant Extracts; Alcohol-Free).


And I got exactly the same results.  The 2 pictures below attempt to show you how the alcohol-free Lancome toner "slides" cleanly through the eyeliner swatch.  If you look real close (I'm not sure if the pic quality allows you to see it) but I have some roughly-cleaned swatches on my hand that is also cleansed by the Lancome toner.



Now, don't get me wrong - I'm not promoting this as the best method to clean up eyeliner boo-boos but it has worked well for me so far without any noticeable adverse effects; of course, I don't use these on a regular basis (I'm not thaaaat clumsy with my eyeliner).  But you might have noticed that I stressed on the fact that these are alcohol-free toners - alcohol-based toners are drying and will irritate delicate skin around the eyes.  The 2 toners I've used before are more like botanical hydrating lotions. 

So, if you disagree with the way I've been cleaning up my eyeliner boo-boos, I would love to hear any suggestions or product recommendations you might have come across.  It would also be great to hear your methods or experiences in cleaning up MU (eyeliner or anything else) boo-boos. 

Thanks for reading and do SHARE!!!


DISCLAIMER: The products featured in this entry have either been purchased with my own money or were gifts with purchases also made with my own money.  I am neither affiliated to, nor is this a paid / sponsored advertisement by Sephora, Clarins and Lancome


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